Thursday, October 06, 2005

What do you get when cross a Tom Cruise with a Katie Holmes?

I heard on the "news" (I do use this term loosely when talking about the Today Show) that Katie Holmes is pregnant. In the midst of choking on my egg, french_toast looks over at me and makes the comment "I hope she doesn't get post partum depression (ppd)." Now this whole story raises virtually an infinite number of issues with me. Number one: how perfect would that be if she did infact get ppd. We would see if vitamins do indeed cure the problem. Issue number two is who got her pregnant? Tom Cruise is gay right? At least this was the hear say report I got from someone who went to high school with him in Louisville. Issue number three I have had and believe since the beginning of the is whole thing: I think this is a ploy for advertising. You then will surely reply "You actually think she would go as far as get pregnant as a publicity stunt?" Now out here in the real world, normal people would probably not take it that far. In Hollywood where the collective maturity age of most of these people is about twelve and a half; it wouldn't suprise me.

Let's run a few numbers here. 1 hollywood superstar + 1 hollywood superstar = $$$$$$$$$$. Hmm..... I am a chemist not a mathematician but by god it looks like the numbers all add up to me.

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