Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I hate Good Morning America

Jessica Yellin (her name is honestly "Yellin'") this morning was live on GMA reporting on the CIA leak at the White House. Before we get too far, understand that this leak has been skyrocketed out of proportion. It was the leak of a non-covert CIA operative, which is not a crime. A non-covert operative who did a photo shoot with her husband for a popular magazine BEFORE the leak.

Now that we've established that this entire investigation is as big a waste of time as the merit system investigation of Governor Fletcher's administration in Kentucky, let me get to my point. GMA is pretty dead on obvious about their bias against the Republican administration. I say Republican, because I don't think they care if it's George Bush or Abraham Lincoln, they just don't agree with conservatism.

This morning Yellin reported that there is a huge uproar because Cheney's top advisor, I. Lewis Libby, may have posessed documents of a conversation he had with Cheney where Cheney actually was the source of the leak. The real story to follow would be that Libby had testified he heard of the operatives name from the press, so he possibly has perjured himself.

Following that story, I would completely understand. That's news. Instead they focus on Cheney, claiming he's at fault. Now, follow me here, the vice president has every right to know a CIA operatives identity. He's one of the few who can. He also has every right to discuss that with his closest advisors. ABC even said this DURING this very report. Then they went on to talk about how Cheney is now at the center of this storm and how indictments are pending.

Cheney, my friends, did nothing wrong here. The only thing newsworthy is the possible perjury of Libby, but ABC turned it into another story of how Cheney is evil and it's all his fault. That is lying. Straight up, and without question, it is lying. Someone needs to start calling out the media. It's getting absolutely ridiculous.

I understand if you don't like Bush. Hey, I'm a republican, and I don't really like Bush myself. But the media cannot divorce itself enough from their own political biases to report a story factually without adding in made up components to make the public think that either Bush or Cheney is ultimately at fault. They've done it over and over, most recently with this CIA leak and with Hurricane Katrina. I hope most Americans are smart enough to see through this, and the ratings of network news sources seem to indicate Americans are that smart. But you have to admire the networks, for sticking to their guns and continuing to offer you inaccurate news at their own expense.


BRATCH said...

You have called out the media, Sivart. That's why we are here. Maybe not exclusively, but that's how blogs can be important.

I saw the story you were talkinga about this morning and I thought it was a little bit of a stretch.

However, I don't think that GMA is against the Republicans so much that they are looking for a big story involving the presidency.

I've said it a thousand times, the American media loves nothing more than to find dirt on its leaders. Regardless of who is in the Whitehouse, everyone want to be the next next Bob Woodward and see if they can publicly remove a president or leader from office.

Travis said...

I do believe it's a liberal bias, but it may simply be a Woodward/Bernstein complex. (I guess that makes you Deep Throat.)

But I digress, it's a non-story and what's worse than the media coverage is the amount of taxpayer money being spent to investigate it. Ditto with Tom Delay in Texas. Ditto with Ernie Fletcher in Kentucky. Ditto with the 2000 election in Florida. Ditto with the Hurricane Katrina investigating committee.

One needs only take a small look at what our government really does with our money before they are outraged and disgusted. Taxes fund the running of the country. Exorbitant taxes fund the ruining of the country.

BRATCH said...


Piccu said...

The same can be said for the tax money spent on the investigation into Clinton, whether it be Whitewater or Lewinsky-Gate. No matter who is in "power" the other side will try to find anything to make them look bad.

The media needs to have a story and if something is not juicy enough, they will add a little juice. Liberal or conservative, the media can blow anything out of proportion.

Travis said...

Well let's remember here the problem with this particular report is that she contradicted herself seemingly in an effort to make you think Dick Cheney was guilty of something. When in fact, he is not.

As I've said many times, the Lewinsky investigation was a tremendous waste of time because it didn't affect the running of the country. And while Clinton was clearly guilty of multiple counts of perjury and obstruction, I just didn't care because the issue he was covering up was nothing to me.

Whitewater is a different story. That victimized a lot of people. I expect the parties to go after each other, but the journalists should show a hint of integrity and quit trying to stear public opinion in their favored direction.