Thursday, October 13, 2005

Greatest Horror Movies of ALL TIME

Just before I settle into an all night movie watching bash, I think it good to reflrect on some of the best horror movies of all. To make my list they have to be the scariest or at least in the best tradition of what a horror movie should be. Some of these movies did not out right scare me but put me on edge for some time to follow. Keep in mind that some of these while not explicitly scary just seem to exemplify what a horror movie should be.

1. Halloween
2. Exorcist
3. Night of the Living Dead
4. Halloween Part 2
5. Friday the 13th
6. The Ring (when seen in the movie theater)
7. The Changling
8. Silver Bullet
9. The Omen
10. Texas Chainsaw Masacre (the orginal)

There are many movies that easily rival the bottom half of the list and I could be swayed to rearrange some of them. I have to add that these movies also deserving mentioning as scaring me at the time I watched them include: Silence of the Lambs, Pet Cemetery, Blair Witch Project, Event Horizon, and many others.

Happy Haunting.


BRATCH said...

I know the Exorcist has to be on the list but, once again, Exorcist III was way more terrifying.

I liked 28 Days Later as well. I think that ultimately movie studios will be able to make horror movies the likes of which we've never seen if they'll put their mind to it.

Imagine Exorcist with the technology we have now. That's why I thought that The Exorcism of Emily Rose was good. Granted the exorcism scenes were nearly as over the top in terms of spinning heads, tons of make up and crazy acts with crucifixes, but I thought they were as good as they could possibly be.

Piccu said...

How can you have a scariest movies of all time list and leave off Suspiria? It was an Italian horror masterpiece.

my_merlin77 said...

I liked 28 days later as well, and I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I've never seen the exorcist 3.

Travis said...

Scariest scene in 28 Days Later? Opening scene. I didn't know full frontal male nudity was in the movie, and they stinking opened the film with it.

Good scary movie.

One of the worst I've seen recently, Cabin Fever. Good concept gone horribly wrong.