Monday, October 10, 2005

Movie madness Part three.

As the final stages of movie mayhem are approaching, we are beginning to put some finishing touchs on planning our fun.

1. Movie issues: we need to decide which ones we want to watch so that can snag them this Thursday. With that Which are Piccu and Bratch bringing from their own collection and which are coming from mine (look back at my first post if you can't remember which I own). I suggest we list movies in must haves, go either ways, or absolutely nots.

Must have for me: Friday 13th 4 or 6 (will see which is there and use my judgement if both are), The Fog

Either way: Wrong Turn, Halloween (which one(s) I have first 4 and H20), Shaun of the dead, Dawn of the Dead, Black Christmas, The Thing, Night of the Demons

absolutely nots: Halloween 3

I am flexible on this and don't know if it makes a difference which we get, but Friday is the last night after we go to dinner and potentially there will be the three of us and one more guy from church. Saturday is day at the lake, cookout and then just 2-3 movies with potentially several extra people.

2. FOOD-- Friday night will be at the Beacon. It is the greasest food that will take a year off each of our lives. Saturday will be cooking out and the bulk of the snacks and desserts (though some will be around on Friday). If you can travel the potatoe salad in a cooler then that is fine if not let me know what you want to bring, if you would prefer you can bring the chips, buns or just make a small contribution and we can do the grocery shopping.

3.Strippers-- french_toast isn't down with this yet so that may be out


BRATCH said...

Sounds like French Toast will actually warm up to the stripper idea just to get some more estrogen in the house since she seems like the only woman that will be there.

By way, have any idea when you all are going to be getting to the cabin? Piccu and I are figuring on leaving about mid morning, but since our identifying of the cabin hinges on seeing your car(s), they'll need to be there.

Piccu said...

We have a mutual friend who can make us some DVDs that we do not have to worry about returning and can keep and watch at another scary movie marathon. So I may go rent some and just have them as backups or other choices. As for the Friday the 13ths, you and French Toast look for 4 and 6 up there. I do not believe we have them here. I will make a stop at Video Exchange and see what they have to offer. I know we can get Shaun of the Dead.

You bring Halloween 1 and 2. Has everyone besides Bratch and me seen The Ring 2? We haven’t seen it. High Tension is unrated and supposed to be sickly gory, what about that? There are other newer movies that are out that I won’t remember until I see them at the store. I think we have seen most of the older movies and may want to try some newer ones out that people have heard of but haven’t seen. I will look for The Fog, but not sure I can find it to rent on DVD.

As for food I believe the tater salad can be arranged. I am going to bring some brats and sausage. If you want to get everything else and then every one split the bill then that is fine with me.

my_merlin77 said...

Ok, here is the plan. I feel certain I have a better shot at some of these movies here in Columbia, so you see what you can find then let me know which ones you need me to try to get here. I am sure that The Fog is here. I am ok with any of the others, but since you are possibly getting a few to keep as backups then lets only try to rent the ones we know we want to watch and use the taped ones as back ups. As far as Saturday night goes, keep in mind that we can go to the local blockbuster and "reload" if need be. I am going to get the address to the cabin hopefully by tommorrow evening. The only stipulation is to try to let me know which movies so I can get there in time. Let me know what time you will leave and we'll be certain to get there first.

BRATCH said...

I can tell you right now that 10 or 11 a.m. will be the latest. Most likely 10 so we get down there fairly early. We are going to stop somewhere for lunch probably around noon and then we'll be heading straight in. I appreciate the address. It will significantly improve the ease of location.

Piccu said...

I am going to rent 3 or 4 movies today and have a mutual friend break the law and copy them for us. I am looking at High Tension, The Ring 2, and a couple of others if I like the selection. Not sure if I will be able to get any older movies on DVD, but I will look and should be able to get you a list of what we will have Weds or Thurs morning.

Piccu said...

I rented 6 DVDs today. I got the unrated versions of The Ring 2 and High Tension. I also got Shaun of the Dead, Amityville Horror, and The Fog.

I also rented a movie called Dead and Breakfast that I had read about on They said it was a comedy/zombie movie. It may be crap.

I have all those plus Black Christmas on video cassette, an old school slasher flick. You bring Halloween 1 and 2 and look for Friday the 13th 4 and 6.

If when you go out to look for movies, you find a good selection of older movies, rent all you want and we will be sure to watch yours because we can watch the ones I got anytime. I have got the newer ones covered.

This is all assuming that our mutual friend gets them copied for us and they work.