Thursday, October 27, 2005

Adult ADHD on the way up

I really should say that the use of stimulants is on the way up. According to the NY times article I linked, the use of stimulants in adults doubled in the country. Four states led the way with more than double at a 117% increase, and of the four guess who was in there? Yeah you got it, Ky. There are multiple theories as to why this situation might be. The article sites the idea that stimulants promote weight loss and many adults want the easy way out. I don't doubt this to contribute, but I also recognize that many of these meds are amphetamine based. Hmm..... people wanting amphetamines? Why would that happen? I like to recognize the possibility that with the growing awareness of ADHD, that there may be at least a few people that flew under the radar during the formative years and then actually gained benefit from the meds.

As an aside, I like to put my two cents in on the diagnosis of ADHD. I think that it is grossly misdiagnosed; not overdiagnosed. Meaning That many people who are given meds don't need them and many people who need them aren't getting them. I certainly don't think that every kid should be on them, but for those it helps, it's a great thing.


Piccu said...

Well, when you practice a fake science like psychiatry, anything is possible.

Whatever happened to good old fashioned vitamins and exercise to cure our mental problems.

Travis said...

And say your prayers little Hulkamaniacs!!!