Thursday, October 06, 2005


Don't get me wrong, I like the show Alias just fine. I like Jennifer Graner just fine, though I am not quite as ga-ga over her as many men in America are. THe show went down hill a bit after two spectacular seasons, with occasional great episodes along the way. Last year improved a bit and the ending had the show poised for a season to rival the early ones.

I am a bit derailed by the whole pregnancy bit. I agree that it is a great idea to incorporate it into the show. In reality I could see a cia agent in this case taking a greater role "behind the scenes" with intermittent inclusion in non-dramatic/perilous tasks. All to have a hugely trimuphant return when the baby is born complete with guns "ablazin' " and butt-kicking.

Unfortunately, as is often the case JJ Abrams and I do not have the same vision. It looks like they are going to have her cont ridiculous stunts throughout the pregnancy. This is insane and so far to the unrealisitic spectrum that it distracts me from the show. I wish they had followed the idea I mentioned above and use this season as an opportunity to develop another character or even introduce another hot substitute ass kicker with conflicting personality with Sydney.

i hate to complain too much before I have seen exactly how this all pans out, but hey it's my nature.


Piccu said...

I believe they are going to introduce some new characters. In fact one will be introduced tonight; Balthazar Getty is joining the show. I also read somewhere that Rachel Nichols will be joining the show. I believe that Jen Garner will be taking things slow on the show and in real life. I believe Getty and Nichols are the subs you asked for.

By the by, if Jen Garner doesn't do anything for you, then marriage has truly emasculated you.

BRATCH said...

I firmly believe that we are all missing the big picture here. This is all Ben Affleck's fault.

He insists on reigning down blows upon the world with movies like Gigli and with the impregnation of Jennifer Garner which in turn ruins one of the few TV shows I enjoy watching. Keep an lookout on Affleck.

I've looked into his eyes. He's pure evil.

Oh yeah Merlin, if Jennifer Garner doesn't do anything for you... I can't even come up with anything funny to say because it's not funny, it's just sad.

Travis said...

Jen Garner does nothing for me either. Never has. Katie Holmes used to be more my type, but since she hooked up with Tom Cruise, I don't find her attractive either.
That pretty much leaves Jennifer Connely to carry the torch.

Piccu said...

The case has been proven. Single Jen Garner. Married guys...nimrods.

Katie Holmes still gets it done, although being attached to Tom Cruise for longer than a few years will ruin her.

my_merlin77 said...

Now wait just a minute! I never said she was "butt ugly." Just of all the mvie stars and models covering the covers of magazines out there, Jennifer Garner is not my favorite.

Another very important point is that her stock as rapidly dropped since she has associated herself with Ben Affleck.

No way anyone should want his sloppy seconds. Hell, Jo Jo is better looking than that clown is.

BRATCH said...

So Merlin, you've opened this can o' worms, who is your favorite? Tee Hee.

See how French Toast digs that one.

I'll tell you right now that Nip/Tuck is the best show on TV simply because Rhona Mitra is on there. I'll admit I like her more than Jennifer Garner, but Jennifer Garner is up there near the top of the list.


Piccu said...

Jessica F. Alba. WORD!