Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 28 is in the air!!!

In the latest episode of the BGRs, Julie burns her thumb off, Lee hates AT & T and Wal-Mart, and there is some car talk.

In music the BGRs discuss GH Rocks the 80's as well as other GH news, in movies Lee and Dustin talk about The Simpsons movie and Lee watched 75 other movies this past week, and in TV the BGRs discuss Rock of Love, Damages, Mind Control with Derren Brown and Saving Grace.

The highlight of the show this week is the unveiling of Lee and Dustin's guilty pleasure songs. These are the songs they are embarrassed to say they love.

Should be great radio, huh? So we want to hear from you, the listeners. Tell us your guilty pleasure songs. I am talking about the songs no one knows you secretly love. Email us at bombaygunrunners@gmail.com or message us on our myspace page. And while you are at it, add us as a friend on your myspace page and become a Junior Lil' Gunrunner. You know you want to. As always, you can get our podcast on iTunes or at bombaygunrunners.com.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

In Soviet Russia Airlines Pay YOU

Forgiving my horrible Yakov Smirnoff joke, I found this simple little story on Yahoo! as to why Russian airlines are in trouble. If Tony Kornheiser and John Madden won't fly in these United States, I don't think they'd dare enter the formerly soviet skies.

Licenses are given with only 1/3 the amount of flying time as here. Instructors get paid about $2 a day. They use very old and outdated aircraft. It goes on and on. Freaky stuff.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Call It What You Will, BET is Doing Something Right

Initially the show was to be called, Hot Ghetto Mess, after the website that inspired it. Instead it debuted last night on BET under the name, We Got To Do Better.

Let me say, this was the first show I've EVER watched on BET. And I loved it. The show is self-described "pure social commentary" about problems that exist in the black community. The show's producers say what they're doing is no different than what Bill Cosby does, highlighting shortfalls of the black community with the hopes of inciting change.

So what happens? People complain. One blog has been complaining about this show for two months without ever having seen an episode. Why are some people in the black community so afraid of changing for the better?

I applaud Bill Cosby and those at Hot Ghetto Mess/We Got To Do Better for saying things that need to be said with voices that need to be saying it. You're talking about successful individuals who want to improve their community. There's nothing at all bad about that.

Watching the show last night they would go on the street and ask simple questions of people on the street. Mostly they asked blacks, but they also asked whites and others. Things as easy as, how many blacks are on the Supreme Court. One girl said 10. No wonder they call the show, "We Got To Do Better." No one knew when slavery ended. Sad.

It's a show that could be done with any ethnic group. But having something like this on BET is a positive step. Let's just see how long it lasts and how much its lauded or loathed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Superhero/Super Villain personality quizzes...

This might be something we do for the Bombay Gunrunners podcast, but it's pretty cool. There are two personality tests each with a series of questions.

The first is a Superhero personality quiz. After you answer the questions about yourself it will tell you how closely your personality is to the personality of a list of super heroes.

The Super Villain personality quiz. Same concept but it tells you how closely you resemble super villains.

Check out quizzes and post the results as a comment.

Wanna see something really wierd?

I've stumbled across some crazy videos in my day. Some stupid, some dangerous, some dangerously stupid and some funny.

However this video could be classified in all of those categories and thrown into the odd category as well.

Below is a video of what appears to be inmates in an Asian prison reenacting Michael Jackson's Thriller video. Complete with one inmate in drag.

They are pretty dead on with the dancing. Note about half way in the main dancer up front is dead tired and soldiers through.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Longbow Apache helicopter

For those of you who listen to the Bombay Gunrunners, you'll hear me talk about the aviation camp that I covered here in the OC. The highlight of the camp was the Longbow Apache attack helicopter that the Army was gracious enough to send in for the kids to see and get into and learn about.

Here are a few photos from the experience.

The pilots that brought the chopper in were a part of the 101st Aviation crew known as the Killerspades which is totally cool. Notice the aces and 8's dead man's hand.

Here is the chopper taking off. It had some dummy Hellfire missiles and dummy rocket arrays loaded on. One type of rocket they use contains 1,100 three inch needles and it is designed to explode in front of the target so it releases the needles onto the target. Insane.

Here they are hovering in front of the kids. Notice the 30mm cannon below the front pilot is tracking with the front pilot's head. Wherever the front pilot looks, the cannon instantly follows his sight. So when he wants to shoot something he simply has to look at it and pull the trigger.

They took the Apache out and came at the crowd and banked hard away from us. This helicopter is scary when it goes over you, but the crazy thing is that when they get about a mile away you can't hear them at all. It's not really all that loud even though it had two 17,000 horsepower turbine engines.

Here the chopper is coming back at us for a second pass. They obviously couldn't show us how maneuverable the Apache is, but each blade on the main rotor and tail rotor can twist and change angles which most choppers can't do. With that and the power it has it is actually able to do an upside down loop.

They headed off to Fort Campball after this pass at a high rate of speed.

It was a really cool day and the pilots went over just about everything they could about this $35 million helicopter. It even gets email so they don't have to use their radios.

Listen to the Bombay Gunrunners podcast for a little more about the day.

Manly Men of Mankind... First member from the OC

Manly Men of Mankind, meet the newest member. Uncle Herbie.

Uncle Herbie didn't wrestle a rabid rodent as some of our members, but his story is real and unbelievable. But most importantly it happened here in the OC and Herbie is related to a couple of the Bombay Gunrunners.

Anyway, Herbie was doing a little bushhogging, which is the manliest of all the mowing a man can perform, and of course he was on a tractor when he was doing this. He was mowing on a bank when the tractor began to slide sideways down the bank.

Fearing that the tractor was going to turn over as many of us that have ridden a tractor have had happen, Herbie jumped off the tractor onto an asphalt driveway.

As he landed onto the asphalt driveway, the top of Herbie's tibia at the knee pretty much exploded and the bone split in half.

He quickly collected himself and noticed that the tractor he feared was going to turn over actually didn't and since it was still in gear was still going without a driver. From there he actually got to his feet, caught the tractor and actually jumped back onto the tractor and regained control.

After taking the tractor back to the house he passed out from the pain of his severely damaged leg.

Doctors had to take his leg and screw the tibia halves back together, put a cap on top of it and use bone cement to replace the fragments in what was most likely a lengthy surgical procedure.

He is still in the hospital but is expected to get out in a day or two.

Either way, he's Batman in my book.

The Manly Men of Mankind honor Uncle Herbie as our first member from the OC.

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 27 is in the air!!!

The latest episode of the Bombay Gunrunners is in the air and for those of you who are pansies, it is not as supersized as the last few have been. I know some of you have soooo much going on in your lives.

In this episode the Gunrunners discuss Lee and Dustin's mob uped insurance agent, drug bust in the OC, Dustin flies an Apache Long Bow helicopter, cockfighting in London (KY that is), and a fireworks injury (not any of us, sorry).

We also discuss VH1's Rock of Love and Big Brother 8. Then in movies we discuss Munich, Support Your Local Gun Fighter, Rashomon, God Forgives, But I Don't and Julie asks Lee about a pile of DVDs she stole from a friend.

In music the BGRs give you a pick hit of the week and take you back to 1982 with some classic rock while they blast through crazy news of the week.

We then wrap up the show with some great email and comments. Speaking of great email and comments, email us with anything at bombaygunrunners@gmail.com or make a comment or message us at our myspace page. You can also check us out at bombaygunrunners.com. Now let us hear from you and we will make you famous or at the least relatively known.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Piccu's Summertime Movietime Picks O' the Week for July 21-28

It’s that time again; time to get your fill of classic movies to while away your summer. Unlike Julie and Pat I know that you readers have a little something I like to call class and like to hear about the classics that will ultimately make you a better human being. As always these movies will be shown on TCM at the times listed below. Now on to the movies.

First off we have Angels with Dirty Faces on July 21 at 8 AM EASTERN. This is a good old fashioned gangster movie starring James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. You can’t get better than that. This movie pits childhood friends, one a hoodlum and one a priest, on opposite sides of the law, who are fighting for the loyalties, and in the case of the priest, the souls of a young street gang. This is not the best Cagney gangster film but if you have never seen him in action, this certainly will not disappoint.

Next on July 21 at 4 PM EASTERN we have Thunder Road. Robert Mitchum is the star of this movie about a Kentucky moonshiner who battles a Chicago gangster. This movie is full of fast cars and white lightening. This is a pretty good movie, but it will be better for those of us who are actually from Kentucky. Watch because Robert Mitchum is a badass, that’s reason enough.

On July 22 at 6 PM EASTERN we have the great From Here to Eternity starring Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift and Frank Sinatra. It also has two great female actors in Deborah Kerr and Donna Reed. This movie is about enlisted men in Hawaii who fight for love and honor on the eve of WWII or that how TCM explains it. This movie has the goods. Montgomery Clift is one of the all-time great brooders. Nothing seems to satisfy him. Burt Lancaster is a man’s man and doesn’t mind stealing someone’s wife if he has to. And Sinatra gives his best performance in this film. Love and war make two great subjects for a movie. This movie was number 52 on the original AFI 100 Films and somehow it dropped off the list for the 10th anniversary. It almost invalidates the new list, this is a great movie.

Also on July 22 at 8 PM EASTERN you can get your baseball fix with The Pride of the Yankees starring Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright and one of my all time favorite character actors Walter Brennan. This movie is about the life of New York Yankee legend Lou Gehrig and the ending of his baseball career by a crippling disease. This was the movie that made me a Gary Cooper fan. Cooper plays the part perfectly and as you watch it you forget it is a movie and start to see it as a documentary. Also look for a cameo from another Yankee legend, the Babe.

We now jump ahead to July 26 at 1 AM EASTERN to a musical by the name of Tommy. Yes, it’s that Tommy. The Who’s rock opera was made into a movie and it is a weird one. It stars Ann-Margret at her hottest (unfortunately her singing leaves a little to be desired because of too too much vibrato). It also stars the Who’s Roger Daltrey as the title character Tommy. As I said it is a weird movie but it is a movie loaded with great songs. A must see for Who fans and maybe a nice curiosity for everyone else.

Finally we have July 28 at 2 AM EASTERN as a part of the TCM Underground, A Bucket of Blood. This movie stars Dick Miller as wannabe hippie who has a very interesting way of sculpting. This movie must have been made at the height of all that pretentious hipster crap. You know, all the existential and “Daddy-o” junk. It is weird and disturbing and was crafted by the king of the B-Movies, Roger Corman. For fans of cult movies or just plain weird movies, this will be an enjoyable experience,

That’s it for this week so enjoy the feast I have laid out before you. Until next week, keep your hands in the popcorn and your feet stuck to the floor.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First Lifetime Ban from the MMM

The Manly Men of Mankind, in conjuction with Huevos International and the Hairy Knuckles Foundation, would like to hereby announce that Michael Vick has been banned for life from any MMM functions or rosters.

Seriously, if all this is true, and there's an awful lot of smoke if there's no fire, then I hope he gets a maximum jail sentance. And I'm shocked they couldn't come up with some animal cruelty charges to tack on to Vick's conspiracy and sponsoring indictments.

Read the link by clicking on the title of this post if you're not up-to-date on the Michael Vick dog fighting case. The cruelty they're talking about here is almost unspeakable. Drowning, electrocuting, shooting, or other executions of the dogs AFTER you forced them to fight each other.

Wounded dogs, undernourished, killed, beaten, etc, etc, etc.

The Vicks are proof that sometimes being a lowlife is a genetic trait.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Manly Men of Mankind Welcomes Ben

Our first Aussie has made it into the Manly Men of Mankind Club.

Welcome Ben Czislowski. Ben is a rugby player. Already he's an honorary member. But Ben is much more than an ordinary player. Ben had a clash with an opponent (from the Tweed Heads...and you thought Florida Marlins was gay!) For three months Ben kept competing despite some headaches.

Why was Ben's head aching? Because a doctor later found he had his opponent's tooth embedded in his head. A tooth embedded in his HEAD! And he kept playing! For three months!

The Manly Men of Mankind happily coronate Ben Czislowski as our first Australian member. Man on!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Proof positive You Get What You Deserve or Yamma Hamma!!! Why Do People Run with the Bulls Part 2

I will have more on this story on the upcoming Bombay Gunrunners podcast. But this picture pleases me to no end. Two brothers decided to go to Pamplona to run with the bulls to celebrate one of the brother's successful battle with testicular cancer or something like that. Well what happened gives new meaning to killing two birds with one stone. Click here for this picture and delight in the fact that these idiots were not killed but surely had some excruciating pain. Pay close attention to the horns and where they are.

When you are done with that you can check out this moron who had to recieve medical treatment after a good goring. This guy is unrelated to the two numbskull brothers except that they are all good candidates to be weeded out of the population due to Darwinism.

Snort it in...it always goes down smooth.

The Greatest Sing-a-Long Song of all time?

What's your favorite sing-a-long song of all time?

No Piccu, you singing "I Feel Pretty" in the shower doesn't count.

I'm thinking songs like LOLA, She Talks to Angels, Hey Jude, or Margaritaville.

No Bratch, you singing "A Spoonfull of Sugar" in the truck doesn't count.

Maybe you like All My Rowdy Friends, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, or I've Got Friends in Low Places.

No Me, me singing "Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man" in the car doesn't count.

Country, rock, folky, gospel, whatever. What's your favorite?

Yamma hamma!!! Why do people run with the bulls?!?

It's summer, you are in Spain, Pamplona to be exact, and you are looking for something to do. What jackass in his right mind decides to run with the f'n bulls? I see no reason for anyone to do this and I always root for the bulls in this tradition. You may say that is harsh or cruel, but after the running of the bulls is over, all the bulls who make it to the bull ring are then killed. So as far as I see it, if the bulls are going to die no matter what, then they might as well get some of the killers.

That was all a big set up to a victory for the bulls. Chris, our Senior Junior Lil' Gunrunner Pacific North West Coresspndent sent us this pic. It is not bloody, but if you look closely you will be disturbed at first, but when you realize that bull was then later killed, you will feel justified.


Bombay Gunrunners Episode 26 is in the air!!!!

The latest edition of the Bombay Gunrunners is in the air!!!

This week the Gunrunners discuss another bank robbery in the OC, Big Brother's latest psycho, Guitar Hero and Rock Band news, Marilyn Monroe vs. Chewbacca, Optimus Prime vs. Megatron, the yard police, and a $19 million terlet.

Beware, it's supersize. The show, not the terlet. We also discuss fantasy girls and would like our listeners to email us their fantasy girls or guys for the ladies. Email us at bombaygunrunners@gmail.com or contact us on our myspace page. You can also find us at bombaygunrunners.com.

Snort on that!!!

Piccu's Summertime Movietime Picks O' the Week for July 16-21

Well, better late than never I always say. I guess I forgot to leave you with your weekly Summertime Movietime picks last Friday so I will make it up to you by posting them Monday, today. All these will be found on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) or Netflix or wherever else great movies are found.

On July 19 at 12 AM EASTERN you can watch one of my favorite war movies in All Quiet on the Western Front. It tells the story of some young German soldiers in WWI. It is very interesting to see how the other side was affected by this huge war. It shows us that even though we are in war and fighting an enemy we hate, the soldiers of the enemy are just as human as our soldiers. It is a great film and really makes an impact. This film was number 54 on the original AFI 100 Films list.

Also on July 19 at 9:15 AM EASTERN you can see a crazy what if type movie in Fail Safe. It stars Henry Fonda as the president of the U. S. who has to make hard choices after a failure in the U.S. security systems threaten to start WWIII. This movie also stars Walter Matthau and Larry Hagman. I watched the movie a few years ago and it was a tense and suspense filled couple of hours. This movie could be called the serious version of Dr. Strangelove. This movie shows just how frighteningly one computer malfunction could end the world.

Also on July 19 at 6 PM EASTERN TCM presents a movie I just recently watched, The Thing from Another World. This movie is about UFOs and aliens in the Arctic. Some of you may have seen UFO and alien movies from the 1950s and for the most part they are crappy. This movie on the other hand is not one of them. I thought this move was the best 1950s alien movie I have seen. It is creepy and suspenseful without being hokey and over the top.

This movie stars James Arness, who went on to later fame as Marshall Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke, as the monster. This movie was produced by the legendary Howard Hawks and some historians believe that, even though the credits say this movie is directed by Christian Nyby, that Hawks himself had the most input on the direction of this film. That may explain why it is so good. A must see for sci-fi fans and Hawks fans. Also this movie was remade by John Carpenter and renamed The Thing and from what I hear it is as good or better than the original.

Lastly we have a movie that is part of TCM Underground which means it is going to be weird and or freaky. On July 21 at 2 AM EASTERN you need to watch a movie called I Bury the Living. This is a cult movie starring no one you know, but the story is excellent and after it is over you will wonder why someone hasn’t remade this film with a big Hollywood budget. Here’s the setup, a cemetery keeper thinks he can mark people for death. Pretty simple. It is low budget but is very intriguing and has a twist ending that may take you a few rewinds to totally grasp. Who could ask for more?

Well, there you go, a mini version for this week. If I can remember I will give you some more for next week on Thursday or Friday. Until then, keep your hands in the popcorn and your feet stuck to the floor.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here is some speed. Like 253 mph.

After seeing the fake Ferrari in Paris video. This is the real thing.

This is ridiculous, but very real. Turbo charged 16 cylinder engine, 1001 horsepower.

I wouldn't really want the car, but I respect it.

Manly Men of Mankind Club (Nominee)

I was sent a link to this video from Chris our Senior Lil' Junior Gunrunner and Pacific North West correspondent and it be may the newest member of Travis' elite Manly Men of Mankind Club.

In this video you will see a couple of guys who strapped together about 1,000 Roman candles and lights them all. For someone who looks at the 4th of July as second Christmas this warmed my heart and to be honest lit a fire in my loins.

Snort this!!!!!


Here's a video I had heard about a while back but never checked out, until today. I was listening to the Adam Carolla Show from yesterday and on the show they had a guy who broke the Cannonball Run cross country speed record by traveling from New York to LA in 39 hours (yes apparently the Cannonball Run is still in existence). During this segment they discussed this video and I searched it out and found it.

In this video you will see a Ferrari speeding through the streets of Paris. I mean SPEEDING through the streets. The car only slows down slightly for turns and early morning garbage trucks. The only sound you will hear is the revving engine and the squealing of tires. Oh, and maybe your heart. If you are a car guy or would like to see what it would be like to dirve with reckless abandon through the City of Love from a car's eye view than you should check it out.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

You May Be a Christian, But You're Not Really


I'm not a fan of the pope. I realize that men in cloaks with collars may wake me in my sleep and kidnap tonight for saying that, but I'm not. I don't believe God instituted a man on earth to be revered and respected as the mouthpiece for God. I believe the Holy Spirit was left for us, through the Word of God, the Bible. And that's all we need.

Now people may say, "what's wrong with the pope? His Popeness?" Well when he comes out and makes a statement than non-Catholics aren't true "churches" I have a problem with that.

He states well that Christ founded only one church. Very true. (Matthew 16) And I have no problem with people who think that their faith is the only truly correct one. Obviously you believe your church/congregation is doing things right, or you wouldn't be there. But this is an awfully divisive thing for the spiritual leader of a religion to say.

While we ought to be unifying, and the pope says he's willing to work toward that, he says if you don't believe in him, then all bets are off.

I suppose it's all pretty much common sense, but I just can't believe he said it out loud. And documented it. Then released it.

There is nothing in the bible that indicates you need an interpreter, that you need a pope, or anything like that to worship God and be saved from your sins. Nothing. Sorry Mr. Pope.

Bishop: I really enjoy working with young people such as yourself down at our new Youtheran Center... Why don't you drop by sometime, eh?
Danny Noonan: I've often thought of entering the Priesthood.
Bishop: Oh, are you a Roman Catholic?
[Danny nods]
Bishop: Oh, then I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you can't come.

Guitar Hero III news from E3...

Interesting stuff coming out of E3 this week about Guitar Hero III. E3 is the big electronics and gaming convention for venders and companies in this business.

Anyway, this story is about the new battle mode in GH3. They also touch on how the co-op mode from GH2 will be extended so two players can go through career mode instead of just quick play the songs.

I also saw a little nugget about the controllers. More specifically the Wii controller which I don't really care about. But they talk about all the guitars that will be available for GH3 as well right here. Judging from the fact that the Wii-specifica guitar has a Wii-mote in it, it appears that they are making a Les Paul guitar controller and a controller modeled after a famous Kramer guitar. I don't know what the original model was called, but Kramer is making a new version of this guitar called the 1984 after Eddie Van Halen's famous red and white striped Kramer. But this one is black.

Most people will call it a Fender Stratocaster because of the body style, but the headstock is all Kramer and that is the difference.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The best movie trailer ever...in the world...I'm serious.

If you haven't seen the new Transformers movie, and if you listen to the podcast you can get all the Gunrunners reactions to it, then you missed possibly the greatest movie trailer of all time. It will freak you out. It reminded me of the craziness of The Blair Witch Project except in color and with something very, very big causing earthquakes and explosions and fire and brimstone.

Click right here and you will get whisked away to a story from MTV on the mysterious trailer for a movie by Alias and Lost creator J. J. Abrams. In the story you get plenty of speculation and no answers, which makes this even more mysterious. Some of the theories are that it's a Godzilla reboot, a Voltron movie, or a completely original story. Whatever the case, there is no title for this movie (even though you see the words Bad Robot before it starts, Bad Robot being J. J. Abrams' production company) and the trailer never really let's us see anything, but it rules none the rest.

So despite how Julie and I felt about Transformers the movie, you need to go see it specifically for this mystery trailer. Do it, NOW!!!

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 25 is in the air!!!!

The Bombay Gunrunners are back with a VENGEANCE!!! Well, maybe not a vengence, but we are back with a huge episode.

In this episode we discuss a possible theme song change, an old myth, our fireworks displays, synonyms for the word brothel and Julie and Pat's trip to the track.

In TV we discuss Big Brother 8 and Evil Dick and we also mention Ice Road Hookers, Deadliest Catch and the great Burn Notice.

Then in movies, we discuss Transformers, Fantastic Four: Rise O' the Silver Turd, Ghost Suckster, 711 Ocean Drive, Meet Me in St. Louis, Marathon Man, and Support Your Local Sheriff!

Then Dustin and Lee discuss their trip to Olive Garden and Stone Cold Creamery and Julie tries to guess our cost.

Then we finish strong with Rock Band, a dude changes his name to Megatron, an 11 year old gets a DUI, a woman sells her special flower, a public service announcment about smoking while jumping on an oil tank, and a condom snatch and grab.

Whew, try to make it through that in one sitting. As always, you can send us your thoughts and stories to bombaygunrunners@gmail.com or leave a message on our myspace page. You can also download and listen to the show at bombaygunrunners.com or look us up on iTunes.

Snort that!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Piccu's Summertime Movietime Picks O' the Week for July7-July 14

It’s that time again, your guide to great summer movies that you can find on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) or your local Netflix. So let’s do it.

On July 9 at 3:30 AM EASTERN you can see a Charlie Chaplin classic called Modern Times. This is for the most part a silent film and Chaplin plays his Little Tramp character to perfection. The Little Tramp meets a girl and tries to start a life with her and they run into many bumps on the road. This is my favorite silent film and there is plenty of fun stuff in it. It is number 78 on the AFI 10th anniversary 100 films. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Also on July 9 at 9:30 PM EASTERN we have the movie that started the blockbuster craze, Jaws. I can’t imagine anyone who hasn’t seen this movie, but if you haven’t SEE IT NOW! This movie works so well on many levels, horror, suspense, drama, it has it all. Even if you have seen it, it doesn’t hurt to watch it again. My favorite part is Quint’s tale of the U.S.S. Indianapolis. It gives you chills. By the by, this movie is number 56 on the AFI 10th anniversary 100 films.

On July 11 at 9 PM EASTERN you can see one of the all time greats, The Philadelphia Story. This movie stars three of the greatest actors to ever grace the silver screen, Cary Grant, James Stewart and Katherine Hepburn. It doesn’t get much better than that. This movie concerns Hepburn’s character getting married and Stewart is a tabloid reporter who tries to crash the wedding with his partner. Grant is Hepburn’s ex-husband who just tries to sabotage everything. This is a great example of what a romantic comedy should be. This is a must see and be sure to pay special attention to the scene in which Stewart is drunk and is writing a letter with Grant’s character. In this scene Stewart hiccups and you can clearly see Grant begin to lose it. I couldn’t believe that it was left in the final cut, but it is so cool to see how much fun the actors seem to be having with each other. It is number 44 on the AFI 10th Anniversary 100 films and you have to see this movie.

On July 12 at 12 AM EASTERN we have the sexploitation classic, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! This movie is full of bad acting and big boobs. In this cult classic three go-go dancers search for a family’s treasure, while some in the family have their own bad intentions. As I said the acting is bad and way over the top, but it is so funny and campy and it looks very cool. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like to take chances or like to enjoy the art of bad films then you should definitely watch Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! It is also a great introduction to Russ Meyer who is THE greatest sexploitation director.

Also on July 12 at 12 AM EASTERN you can watch a movie called Dark Passage. This is not an all time great but it features the greatest onscreen pair in Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. In this movie Bogie plays a man who is framed for his wife’s murder and he goes on the run to try and find the truth. One of the interesting things about this movie is that it starts out completely from Bogie’s first person perspective. It’s as if Bogie’s eyes are the camera and we see everything through his eyes. It is a nourish film and any fan of Bogart who hasn’t seen it should see it.

Okay, the next two movies will require a refined palate to enjoy. On July 14 at 2 AM EASTERN on the great TCM Underground series you can watch Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula. I know, this sounds stupid and it is. In this movie Billy the Kid is a good guy and he fights a vampire to save his fiancé. This is as bad a movie as you will see, but it is also hilarious. There is only one name in this movie that you might recognize and that is John Carradine. Besides being a great character actor of his time (before this movie anyway) he is the father of David, Robert, and Keith Carradine. If you like crap movies, or grindhouse style movies this is a classic.

Directly after that movie on July 14 at 3:30 AM EASTERN you can watch Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter. When this movie first came out it was paired with Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula as a double feature for drive-ins and grindhouse theaters. If you are going to watch the first, you might as well watch this one. In this movie Jesse James plays a good guy who is on the run from the law and runs into Frankenstein’s daughter who turns his partner into a monster. I am not exactly sure which of the last two is the crappier, but this one may get it because it has no actors anyone has ever heard of and for good reason.

Well, there you go, I have given you three classics, one great Bogie-Bacall movie and three cult classics, what more do you people want from me? So, until next week, keep your hands in the popcorn and your feet stuck to the floor.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Manly Men of Mankind (1st British Member)

You've got to love a cabbie that'll kick a flaming terrorist square in the crotchular region. Good show chap! You juggled his twig and berries!

Alex McIlveen kicked the terrorist in the groin so hard, he tore a tendon in his foot!

Manly Men everywhere, meet your new brother.

(and piccu, there's proof that you don't have to kill a rabid animal to be in the club)

I love hot dogs, especially the second time around.

Here is a good after lunch picture for you.

Just click the link and enjoy!!!!!!

Guitar Hero Freaks line up for a cool Rock Band preview.

Here’s something for all you anxiously waiting the release of the video game Rock Band. It is a video of a little ditty called Welcome to the Jungle and it shows you how things may be set up for the game. The Rock Band game allows you to play the guitar, the bass, the drums and sing. Makers of the game have already said that this video is old and that Jungle may not even be in the game, but to see how it is set up and how the drums look is cool.

One thing I am worried about is the fact that the karaoke part of the game seems to be you singing into the mic and the original lead singer’s voice coming out of the TV. If I am going to sing and make an ass out of myself I want it to be my own voice I hear over the music.

But what I am so freaking excited about is that if you watch the video you will see that at the end of the song it appears that you have the ability to freestyle and play any kind of end wankery you want. If that is the case I am sure no price will be too much for me to shell out for this.

It’s gonna bring you down…HUH!!!!!!!!!

Time Killer Alert! Time Killer Alert!

Here is a great time killer for you to check out. It is called Get the Glass. It is a board game that is brought to you by the got milk? campaign. Now before you immediately stop reading and call me an idiot, check it out.

I thought the same thing and then I played it. It was fun. The story behind it is a family is trying to steal a glass of milk and the cops are on their trail. You role dice and move over a board that has different options for you that involve separate little challenges. It is something that is worth checking out and will help you kill about 10 minutes easily.

Manly Men of Mankind Club (New Member)

A five year old boy grabbed a rabid fox by the neck and pinned it down to protect six other kids until his father could kill the fox.

I hereby nominate this five year old man to the Manly Men of Mankind Club.

Pimp on son, pimp on.

It's your patriotic duty to vote for Springfield!!

Alright, this link will take you to a page that is running a contest of sorts that will decide which city named Springfield will host the premiere of the new Simpsons movie. I want you to get on this website and vote for Springfield, Kentucky.

Do it!!!!!!

Secret, secret, I've got a secret.

I have been slacking on my pimpin’ lately so I am thinking about posting some stuff over the next couple days, so gird your loins.

This is an interesting video mash-up that combines the crazy song Mr. Roboto by Styx with clips from the great NBC comedy The Office. I think it is enjoyable whether you have seen the show or not, but the video really speaks to the fans of the show, especially when the lyrics “Secret, secret/I’ve got a secret” and in the video you see Pam and Jim.

So check it out if for no other reason than to hear the song Mr. Roboto.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 24 is in the air!!!!

Look out, cause it's a big one. Epsisode 24 is a superduper sized episode to help you through the holiday week.

In this week's episode the Gunrunners discuss fireworks and eggs, a deadly combination. Is Dracula's castle really his castle? We discuss Oscar the late fish and vampire peacocks. And other stuff I can't remember.

Lee and Dustin talk about Live Free and/or Die Hard and Lee watched West Side Story and thought it was fabulous.

We also have a few more fireworks stories, including some from a Junior Lil' Gunrunner.

This episode is huge so just deal with it. If you hate the length of our stuff or just want to tell us how great we are you can contact us at bombaygunrunners@gmail.com or bombaygunrunners.com or check out our myspace page. Until next time, snort it!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wimbledon is Stupid

I don't really think Wimbeldon is stupid. But having an outdoor tournament in England is. Everything gets rained out. Of Monday's 22 scheduled matches, nine are currently suspended or postponed. And that happens everyday at Wimbeldon.

The decline of tennis has many reasons. Especially in the United States where there are no current superstars. Andy Roddick is a US star by default. He's an upper level player, but hasn't had nearly the success or fanfare of his predecessors like Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Jimmy Connors or John "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!" McEnroe (who is still the greatest crybaby of all time...I mean that in as endearing a tone as is possible.)

But even when you think, "Hey, I'll catch a little Wimbeldon action today" you won't. It's in a rain delay. Trust me. It doesn't matter when you're trying to watch or whom. I can promise you it's in a rain delay.

This wouldn't be as big a deal if it weren't the biggest tournament the sport has. Could you imagine if the Superbowl, World Series, Kentucky Derby, Masters, or other championships had such a stacatto action? They'd bomb. And largely, Wimbeldon bombs as well.