Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My friend the moron

A few weeks ago during our weekly, secret, psychiatry meeting, one of my cohorts that I will refer to as Dundi or The big skinny, made an announcement. He and I are on the social committee, and he decided to round up a group for an intermural league. Well, he gave us a sheet with all of the options and days of the week and times that it met. Then told us to sign up for all the ones we were willing to consider knowing that one sport would be selected with the best turnout. So the whole setup sounds pretty good and he has managed find enough people to play dodgeball. He makes the announcement that all systems are go and that he is going to officially sign us up. After this second meeting, I walk with him to the computer to sign up for the sport online. He is gabbing about something or other, then I cut him off and say "why are you looking at this site?" He responds with a simple "what?" and I fall into the floor I am laughing so hard.

Well, what happened was that apparently www.usc.edu is not indeed University of South Carolina but Southern California. Carolina's website is actually www.sc.edu . He had gotten on the wrong website and even spoke to an intermural person on the phone. Apparently he didn't think about the wrong area code because he is also from Kentucky and new to SC and becasue he had a cell phone and didn't realize it was long distance.

It was the most hilarious mix up I have seen..... ever. The rest of the group who had signed up for dodgeball in Southern California decided that even only playing once a week the commute from South Carolina was too far.


BRATCH said...

I'm glad that your group decided the drive was too far because I'm sure you timed it at about 5 and half hours to SoCal. If you take your time, of course.

Hello, Pot? This is the Kettle.

You're black.

Travis said...

It probably is 5 1/2 hours to South Carolina. I don't know if you've ever ridden with yourself Bratch, but you drive like a grandmother.
Ben and I still joke about the drive home from our Road Trip of Death when you drove from Penn back to Beaver Dam. We offered to drive about a dozen times.

No offense, Granma.

Piccu said...

In Bratch's defense, he did average about 70 miles an hour on this trip. I believe we were lied to about the driving estimate because someone thought if we knew it was an 18 hour drive we might not have come.

Merlin is the Google of driving estimates. He is a scamster and a cheat.

Death to Google!!!!!

my_merlin77 said...

Look, my estimates are based on going 7-8 miles above the speed limit, which I might add IS 70 in all of Tn. I have been thinking this over and in addition to the 7 mph difference which for my 5.5 hr trip (about the equivalent of 40 minutes off) you had two things working against you. One I do take blame for was the horrible timing to get through knoxville traffic which I am sure was a headache. Two was the fact that you stopped at the freakin' IHOP for sit down afternoon snack. That's no problem but you have to add at least another 25-30 min of which is added into my "bad time estimate.

I am willing to concede that my estimate was off up to 20 minutes if the two of you are willing to concede that you drive slower than the average person and that the IHOP jaunt cannot be factored into the trip.

Piccu said...

You also based your driving time estimate on the fact that you were driving from Lexington, not Beaver Dam. Add at least 2 and a half hours to the estimated time of 5 to 5 and a half hours, and we actually made pretty good time.

You would have stopped for pumpkin pancakes at IHOP too, you Google.

Death to Google!!!

my_merlin77 said...

that estimate is based on Beaver Dam with no traffic in Knoxville, good weather in the mountains and driving 77mph through tn I40. With all of this in place I say about 5 and half which is actually a little low I guess.

Don't make me get Kevin involved in this. He drove all the way to our house in Columbia with a baby and a pregnant woman stopping to pee.

Besides you are missing the point that we had all of the togetherness time and the beautiful mountain scenary on the way down.