Friday, October 14, 2005

I'll take Potpourri for $1000 Alex

This one is going to REALLY be all over the place. As Piccu would say, it's a hodge podge.

Ohio County Lady Eagle Soccer
Congrats to the ladies on their first ever district tournament title in just their third season competing at the varsity level. Last night they also defeated my curse as I had yet to see them win. Although in my defense, they had played top 25 teams every time I'd watched them.
Like Bratch and Piccu, I don't understand how people can't like soccer, unless they just never watch it. If you like other sports, you'll love soccer. It's a constant battle, there's little or no downtime, and it's exciting. Yes, a 1-0 game was exciting and FULL of action. Last night OC got twice as many shots on goal as DC and that's with playing nearly 30 minutes with only two strikers, neither of which were named Chinn or Adams. The goal by Kristen Chinn was the difference and Adams made some good aggressive plays in goal. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and look forward to watching them play in the regional title game WHEN they get there.

Good Morning America
I'm almost certainly the only conservative Republican on this blog. I'm neither a George Bush fan nor am I a George Bush basher. But I hate biased media outlets. I watch Fox News sometimes because although they're horribly biased, they reflect my views more. But I'd rather see the media call things right down the middle and I'll decide what I believe.

Good Morning American doesn't believe in that. They continually tweak the news to favor their bias. This morning was no exception. In a story about Bush's declining poll numbers they gave a list of things that had gone wrong for the president. I'm going to break these down.
1. The Iraq War: I'll grant you, it's not been the quick and easy victory we all wanted, and people can argue the reasons for going to war, but we were warned it would be a long process and we all KNEW before the war that Hussein was a bad man and potentially dangerous. We also knew that he was dodging weapons inspectors for more than a decade. Erring on the side of caution, I would have done the same thing and taken him out.
2. Hurricane Katrina. How is this Bush's fault? Because the media said so. They have never come down as hard on the mayor and governor as they should have. Bush does deserve blame, but an unbiased media would find fault in all of these parties.
3. Tom Delay. This one really threw me. George W. Bush has NOTHING to do with Tom Delay accepting money from corporations, or giving money to other Republicans campaigns, or any of the other accusations Delay is facing. It has NOTHING at all to do with the president. But it does now. Why? Because the media said so.
4. Karl Rove. Accusations. Until they prove something against Rove or the other guy (such a huge story I can't remember his name) then this is a non-story to me. A leak of a dormant CIA agents name isn't news anyway. A leak of a current, covert CIA agent would be news. But Rove is news now, because the media says it is.
5. The president apparently had prepped a group of soldiers for his questions before going live for the photo op and acting as if the questions were impromptu. Who cares? I'm sure no other president has made sure the guys would give the right answers before they were asked the questions. Even if no other president had, I still don't care. But ABC called it highly embarassing for the president.
Now, those are the five they listed this morning. You tell me they're not biased.

Instant Replay in Sports
I guess it's just me, but I don't like instant replay. It just takes away from the game and slows things down. Greenburg and Golic were pimping the idea of instant replay in baseball in regard to game two of the ALCS. That's what baseball (particularly AL baseball) needs. Something to slow games down. 4 hour games just fly by.

That's this morning's potpourri. Here's to Piccu and Bratch listening to 6 hours of XM radio on the way to Jesse's Love Barge today. I hope for their sakes the Minnesota Vikings cleaned the boat before the Bratch Brothers get there.

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