Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 19 is finally in the air!!!!

After we sobered up we realized we had a podcast to do, so it was a little late this week.
This week the Gunrunners discuss soiled soy sauce, the Lost finale, the Hereoes Finale, their favorite show of the year, more Guitar Hero news, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember. Maybe it was because I was drunk during the recording.

We also give you some classic 80's rock with Faster Pussycat's Bathroom Wall. Julie hates this part of the show and if you do to, let us know.

Anyway, download this episode, it's a big one, listen to it in shifts, and get everyone you know to download it as well. Email us your favorite shows of this year and whatever else you want to hit us with at or go to or leave us a message on our myspace page. Snort it!!!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ESPN and Duke... How about giving it a rest?

It's getting to the point where the only stuff worth watching on ESPN is the stuff where sports writers from newspapers are on so they can give their honest opinions. I understand that ESPN has these huge TV deals with organizations, but this deal with Duke University is getting out of hand.

It's bad enough that people were forced to watch Duke's mediocre basketball every single week on a nationally televised game this past season, but when ESPN starts pimping Duke Lacrosse like it's greatest sport ever, that's going a little too far.

The 2007 NCAA Lacrosse championship was played yesterday between Johns Hopkins and Duke. Linda Cohn on Sportscenter before a break told us to hang around because they were coming back with what could be, and I quote, "... the greatest comeback in sports history."

The way I see it, the anatomy of a great comeback involves the team coming back to actually win the game. Duke did not and no one knows if what they did is something that happens all the time in lacrosse or not.

The biggest problem I have with all of this is how ESPN is somehow turning the Duke lacrosse sex scandal into a "We Are Marshall" situation.

As far as I can tell, the Duke Lacrosse team threw a party last year. That party included tons of alcohol and at least two strippers. At some point during the night one or both of those strippers had too much to drink and may or may not have been passed around by several of the lacrosse players so they could have their way with them.

Turns out that the next morning one of the strippers cried rape. However, if you call everything that happened that night "consensual" does that turn that particular party and the other parties that the Duke lacrosse team was notorious for throwing just kids having good clean fun?

ESPN is making it out like Duke has overcome this great tragedy to make it back to a national championship. The great tragedy that befell Duke was a drunken stripper trying to cash in on a night of debachery involving some very wealthy young athletes.

That doesn't really tug at the old heart strings as one would think.

They set up a heart wrenching story on Sportscenter. I can appreciate the kids crying after losing a big game, but I have no sympathy for the players who talked about all they've been through that past year.

A month after the sex scandal broke from the lacrosse party Rolling Stone Magazine was at Duke going to more parties that were just as wild as the one that caused all the problems. And the lacrosse players were there at those parties.

Everything that happened was because of a wild party. Coaches were fired, season cancelled and everything that went on because of a stupid drunken party. And we get to see ESPN turn it into an inspirational story of how you will be able to continue to party with booze and strippers and as long as there is a "cool" stripper there as a witness to all the consensual sexual activity. The truth shall set you free.

So walk with your heads high Dukies... You've successfully dodged a rape case.

Party on!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Are You a Band or a Person?

I'm really getting annoyed at people who give themselves band names. This is coming up today because I was getting some early work done in my office (ok, my cubicle) this morning and a song came on our overhead called "Almost Lover." It's a dripping with sap, over-emotional song that is just the type that I really like. So I Googled to see who sang it. A Fine Frenzy is the artist. Turns out, A Fine Frenzy is just some Seattle chick named Allison.

Come on. You're either a band or a person. You can't be both simultaneously unless you discover the technology from the Michael Keaton movie "Multiplicity." It seems like a lot of these artists are "Emo" artists. Dashboard Confessional (whom I like) is another example. It started out as Chris Carabba. Now DC has actually evolved into a band with multiple members.

But it's not limited to Emo exclusively. There's a great rock example in Nine Inch Nails. "But Travis," you say, "I've seen NIN live and there's a band on stage!" Of course that's Trent Reznor's touring band. It's physically impossible for Reznor to perform all the instruments necessary to play one of his songs by himself live. But nevertheless, he is his band. Just not when he has to actually play something.

It's bananas and it's annoying.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Have all the ideas and none of the talent for a rock band? Then I have something you should see.

You must check this out. It is a band history generator. You just supply some info and you will have a paragraph describing the history of your band. For example, let’s go with my band BoneBlack.

A history of metal icons: BoneBlack

Rising from the seedy clubs of Beaver Dam, KY, BoneBlack ruptured onto the metal scene in 2007 with their debut album, Snort the Horn!!!!!!. The band's latest album, Dirty Cougar, fuses Lee Piccu's earth-shattering howls with jaw-rattling drum solos to concoct an album teeming with technical masterpieces. With standout tracks like "Cock's in the Hen House," dominating radio airwaves far and wide, BoneBlack is an essential addition to any music lover's library.

Jealous? You should be, but you can do it yourself, although I am sure you do not have that kind of killer titles I have, but you can try. If you like, you can post your band’s history in the comments section if you like or email it to me at or get it to us through our myspace page. If it is killer enough, we will tell the world about your band on our podcast, the Bombay Gunrunners. Rock on!!!!!!!

John Wayne is 100 this week and is still a bigger star than 99% of the actors today.

As I said on the podcast this week, Turner Classic Movies is celebrating John Wayne’s 100th birthday this week and I highly suggest you check out some of the films. He mostly is known for westerns and war movies. I know some hate one or both genres but when John Wayne stars in those kinds of movies it is a whole different ballgame.

I have linked an article from Yahoo and I think it is a good read and says things better than I could. Included in the article is this line that I think really sums up John Wayne, “If you want to be an actor, study Brando. But if you want to be a movie star, study Wayne.” That says it all. John Wayne was THE movie star. He is a good actor but you can find many better ones, but when it comes to commanding a screen, commanding a movie, that is John Wayne. I can only imagine what it would have been like to meet the man.

There are still a few movies that will be shown over the next three nights but many of his best have already been shown. I feel that if you are a lover of classic movies, you need to watch John Wayne any chance you get, especially when John Wayne is starring in director John Ford’s movies. Any movies with those two paired together are always satisfying.

The end of the network TV season is here and for the last couple of years I have given some movie picks to watch instead of crappy TV and I hope to again this summer. So keep your eyes peeled and get ready to class up your miserable life with classic cinema.

Elijah Dukes is in the frontrunner for D-Bag of the Year.

I am really starting to hate professional athletes. You can’t go two days without some dumba** pro athlete getting arrested for something stupid that they shouldn’t be doing for any reason. Michael Vick is in trouble over dog fighting. Dog fighting? What reason could he possibly have to allegedly be involved in dog fighting? He is an idiot and he deserves to have his big $100 million contract voided. He will only bring heartache and headaches to Atlanta.

The Cincinnati Bengals, my team, is basically a team of felons. I know they have been playing great on the field lately, but when they are known more for having the most arrests off the field in the NFL instead of winning games on the field, you have to start letting knuckleheads go. We have the Pacman who appears to be a straight out punk b!@#h who likes roughing up women. This guy deserves to never play again. As I have said in the past, I rarely wish anyone ill, but if the universe were to totally turn against this man and crush him, I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him.

Now we have a new entrant in the worst pro athlete in the world. Elijah Dukes plays for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and is supposedly a can’t miss prospect. Well, can’t miss except for the fact he is a malcontent that has been causing problems for the Devil Rays since they drafted him. This d-bag is apparently going through a divorce and things must not be going his way because he left a voice message for his wife saying,” "You dead, dawg. I ain't even bulls-------. Your kids, too." If you think he isn’t serious, he also allegedly emailed her a photo of a gun. Dukes also burst into his wife’s classroom where she teaches middle school causing her to run in fear to find someone to help her. This guy is the kind of d-bag that burns me up the most. A guy who would threaten a woman and her kids is not a man. I hope this little boy is dealt with to the fullest extent of the law and I hope he is banished from playing major league ball and ends up destitute on the street somewhere. Anything ill that happens to this man will not be undeserved.

I like what the NFL has done with its zero tolerance policy and am encouraged by the actions taken against those idiots who have run afoul of the law. I would really like to see all leagues’ take this position. Baseball is not as bad as the NFL, what league is, but it could nip things like this in the bud if they come with a policy like the NFL’s at the next collective bargaining session. I think they should make sure that the few spoiled thugs don’t ruin sports.

American Idol: The Terminal Two

Well, it is finally over. It’s almost over, we still have to go through the boring, bloated, too too long finale, but for all intents and purposes it is over. Another AI down and as far as I am concerned the worst AI ever. This season was so boring, talent wise. There were no stars on the show. There was no one with any real charisma and there were never any goose bump moments for me. This season will not be remembered for any of the singers who get record deals because none of them will be relevant in a year’s time. This season will be remembered for Antonella being naked and Sanjaya being a weirdo. With all that out of the way, let’s get it on.

Tonight we have Blake vs. Jordin and they will sing three songs, one they have already sung (I hate reruns), one they have never sung (oooh, you are too good to us AI), and the One Shining Moment type song that will suck but this year it sucks because amateurs wrote it.

Blake wins a coin flip and decides to go first apparently. Why would you want the whole world’s last image to be of Jordin singing the crap out of a sappy “look at me now ma” type song? He lost this thing from the first segment of the show. That is assuming he even wants to win it. Blake brings back that old Blake classic, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi. I hate reruns. What seemed cool and refreshing when he did this a few weeks ago now seems desperate. In the beginning he sounds like a bad Michael Winslow. It’s a good move to pick this song considering it was the only one in which he actually did well with, but this time it doesn’t work for me. It was just aight for me, dog. I also agree with Simon, Blake probably is a better performer than Jordin, but this is in theory a singing competition and Jordin has plenty of time to become a good performer.

Jordin is next singing a song she has never sung before, Fighter by Christina Aguilera. This could be trouble because even though I can’t stand Xtina, she is a great singer and people love her work. I found it hard to hear her over the band, which has happened many times this season. It was a tough song but I think she did well, she had a great finish and unlike Blake, she can actually sing. She looked worn out after that. I agree she was kind of shrieky in parts, but it was a rock type song, so it's okay. I did not like it when Simon said round 1 to Blake and the crowd went wild. That scares me.

Blake is back singing Moron 5’s She Will Be Loved. Why in the name of Barry Gibb is he singing a song that requires some falsetto? Blake sounds terrible reaching for that “Will.” The rest of the song just sounds as bland as every other song he sings. His voice really is mediocre. He was dreadful. He couldn’t handle this song. By the way, beat boxing is not this great amzi-zi-zing talent. Everyone can beat box. Only 10% of the population like beat boxing otherwise every song would have beat boxing in it. Shove it with the beat boxing.

By the by, it’s good to see that CTU Agent Mike Doyle is okay after the bomb exploded into his face.

Jordin is back singing A Broken Wing by Martina McBride (I think) and this is a rerun. I like it alright, but I think I prefer the first version. This still seems desperate to me, but she actually sang it well. She has a huge, huge voice. She may be the best singer after all. I love how the AI producers have decided to let the viewers have some information about the singers on the show before the final show.

Blake returns, Lord help us, and he is singing the winning I made it Ma, I made it song called This Is My Now. This Is My Nightmare, does anyone actually sing songs like this anymore? I guess they do in country music. If I am being honest about it, I actually thought he sang this well. It seemed like he was trying. I thought he did pretty well, for him. Unfortunately for him, Jordin will blow his a$$ out of the water with this kind of song. His dancing though, reminded me of Carlton from the Fresh Prince. Who said he was a good dancer? I also hate his fashion style, from the waist up a prep, from the waist down a hobo.

Jordin is here and she is going to sing Mom, Your Little Girl Has Made It or something like that. I think I called this; she blew Blake out of the water. This song is tailor made for her and I think she could have a hit with it. I thought she sounded very Kelly Clarkson like on this song. This could be the 2008 prom theme in high schools all over America. Wait a minute…she’s crying!!! Great Odin’s raven, she’s crying!!! It’s over!!!! Sorry Blake, but she sang her butt off and blew you away and then to rub it in she busts out the tears. It. Is. Over. This was almost, almost I say, a goose bump moment. You know that if the Hoff isn’t drunk and eating a sandwich, he is bawling his eyes out right now.

WTF!?! Constantine Maroulis is a ghost that cannot be exorcised from the AI studio. Move on dude, it is not good pub to be seen every week on this show, it is just sad.

So, it all comes down to this, based on pure singing talent, Blake doesn’t have a shot in hell, but this is AI, a popularity contest masquerading as a singing competition. There should be no way Blake wins, but a lot of girls will vote for him. Here is how I think it will shake out, I have been calling for Jordin for about 7 or 8 weeks now and I think that with Melinda gone, that her votes will now go to Jordin. I can see no reason that 67 year old Melinda’s votes would go to the beat boxing goofball over a true talented singer like Jordin. I think that will be the difference, but the teeny boppers could risk carpal tunnel to get Blake the win so it wouldn’t surprise me to see it, but he sucks so bad and I think he knows it and I think he would be fine with runner up. I see no one in this season becoming Carrie Underall or Daughtry. Hell, I don’t even see a Clay or Fantasia in this group. By this time next year, we will have forgotten all about these boring people and moved on to new boring people in season 7. Thank all that is holy it is over.

Show of Force in Persian Gulf a Dare to Iran?

The United States Navy looked something like this to Iran yesterday in the Persian Gulf. Iran's persistent nuclear bragging and pursuit has upped the ante in the area. Now the cards are on the table and it looks like it's Iran's next move.
The question now becomes does certifiable nutjob, Iranian President Ahmadinejad call the U.S. bluff and escalate this war of words into a military conflict.
I think conventional wisdom says that Ahmadinejad is just posturing a bit and probably isn't truly interested in a full blow military conflict. A conflict which would almost certainly unite many, many countries against the Islamic nation.
The problem is that conventional wisdom and prevalent rationale don't often apply with people like Ahmadinejad. He's crazy, power hungry, and driven by a wicked cocktail of Islamic radicalism and seething hatred for all things "Western."
Pray that this doesn't continue to escalate.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 18 is in the air!!!!

The Gunrunners are back with a supersize episode for your listening pleasure.

This week the Gunrunners discuss Julie and Pat's Italian night out, Lost, Heroes, CSI, Deadliest Catch and others. In movie news, Lee discusses Pan's Labyrinth. In music news we discuss Megadeth (our pick hit of the week on our myspace page) and AC/DC.

This week's hard rock retrospective features Accept and Bullet Boys. We also have a mystery Doritos taste test.

It is a very special episode of the Gunrunners. Snort it!!!!

Contact us and tell what we are doing right...or wrong. Email us at or our website at You can also reach us at our myspace page. So reach out and touch us...anywhere you like.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Horatio Caine, Professional Bad Ass.

If you have known me or listened to the Bombay Gunrunners podcast very long, you know that I love TV and spend way too much of my time watching it. You also may know that CSI: Miami is one of my favorite shows. I am not saying it is a good show, but it is the most fun, most ridiculous show on TV. It also stars one of the most ridiculous leading men in TV history, David Caruso. Caruso plays Horatio Caine, the leader of the CSI of Miami.

Horatio Caine, or H as he is known informally, seems to be the only CSI that is allowed to do no actual CSI type work and it seems is the only CSI allowed to shoot people in their face. You can’t go two or three episodes without H busting a cap in someone’s eye, while all the others just stand around and make threatening faces. Caruso is a wonderfully hammy or horrible actor and he makes Horatio Caine the best guilty pleasure on TV. I am prepared to show you proof of this.

At the beginning of each episode of CSI: Miami someone is brutally killed and Horatio Caine appears out of nowhere to gather info on the situation. After he has gotten what he needs, he makes a bad ass quip. Around the same time of the quip he will do something with his sunglasses, either put them on or take them off. In other cases, after the quip he will disappear from the scene by straight up walking off the motherf’er. There are many times when he does not leave the frame, but you can see that he is leaning that way as the scene cuts to the opening credits. I say that this counts. If there is any kind of flinch, we can jump to the conclusion that H was indeed getting the hell out of there.

This is the formula for CSI: Miami openers, sunglasses go on/off or he moves out of the frame. If you can catch one where he does neither, it is a truly momentous occasion. It is Haley’s Comet.

You must also know that Horatio Caine may have been raised by ninjas because he can appear and disappear at will. He also seems to have some sort of mind reading capabilities because he will know exactly what a criminal will do before the criminal knows what he wants to do. He combines his mind reading abilities with his ninja moves to appear out of nowhere to shoot people in the face.

For your viewing pleasure I have linked a YouTube clip that takes some of these openers and strings them back to back. I must say, it is a masterpiece. Some of you may have seen this clip but that's alright, I have seen it about 30 times, it always goes down smooth. You can watch this clip and know exactly what makes this man, Horatio Caine, tick. I have also written about my favorites of these clips and tried to give you some insight into the man who is Horatio Caine. Watch for these clips.

Watch for the one in which H puts on his glasses while looking directly into the camera and says, “Here we go.” He has no problem breaking through the fourth wall.

Another of my favorites is the scene in which H and Detective Tripp are in a dinghy or boat of some sort and there is water to the left of Horatio. As I mentioned before, H loves to gather his intel and then get the hell out of there, but this time he is in a boat and there is water on one side and Tripp is on the other. Horatio doesn’t give a crap, he gives his little one liner and appears to walk off into the water and I can only imagine he swam to shore and shot someone in the face.

Another good one is the opening that has H as a suspect in a murder and he tells Detective Tripp that “he had better move quickly because right now, I’m your only suspect.” And then Horatio promptly flees the crime scene. We don’t see if Tripp tasers his ass before the opening credits role, but if I know H, and I think I do, he got away and shot the real killer in the face.

One conclusion you can draw from Horatio by watching all these openers, he loved his mother. It’s obvious that sometime in his life his mother told him it was impolite to stare. He took that meaning to heart because we never see H look anyone directly in the eye while having a conversation. With the only exception being children and no one has been able to figure out why.

In fact in this season’s finale a child came into his home and saw his mother was murdered. The police came and tried to talk to him and he would not talk to anyone. H shows up and Eric Delco, his colleague, tells him the kid will not talk to anyone. H says, “He’ll talk to me.” H sits down beside the kid and asks what happened and the kid immediately answers him and wouldn’t shut up. He even gives H the murder weapon that he pulled out of his mother’s body. This shows you that H is a child at heart. Well, while he’s not shooting people in the face.

In another clip where we see an officer named Jessup unwittingly activate a grenade in a gas grill (ingenious), we find out that H has super human hearing as he was 100s of feet away from the grill yet not only heard the click of the pin releasing, but identified it as a grenade. He yelled out to Jessup in plenty of time for the slow witted officer to escape, but unfortunately H was so far away from Jessup that by the time his voice traveled to Jessup’s ears it was too late and Officer Jessup became just another great opening for Horatio Caine and CSI: Miami.

You have seen a ton of great openings, but perhaps the greatest opening of all time is the last of the YouTube clip and is the one in which H proclaims, “We’re going to Brazil,” as a plane flies over the lens of his sunglasses. Then H magically appears in Reo on top of the world looking down on the many bad guys he will shoot in the face. And he takes everything in and says a prayer at the foot of Christo Redentor for the hell he is about to unleash. YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

American Idol: The Terrible Three

We are getting down to it when it comes to American Idol and thank the Lord because I am getting tired of this show. I personally think this is the worst season with the most mediocre and boring talent of any season. It will be remembered more for Antonella being naked and Sanjaya being weird than anyone who makes a record. So, on to the show.

This week the contestants will sing three songs…whoa, I blacked out a second there. Anyway the judges pick songs then the producers pick songs and then the contestants pick there own songs. I hope I’m ready for this.

So we start off with my TV showing a map of thunderstorms moving through the tri-state area and I catch Jordin singing who knows what about half way through. She sounds great and looks beautiful. I think she is ready to win. She has what everyone is looking for and this song was a great way to start her march to the win.

Blake is next singing Roxanne by the Police. OH NO!!! I don’t know why I said this because Blake loves the reggae type beat. I think he sees dead people because he kept looking to his right. What is over there? He actually did a good job, I hate his voice because it just sounds so bland, but this week it seemed to work. I don’t think he can win, but he could knock Melinda out. He was not fantastic, Paula.

Melinda is next and she is singing I Believe in Me by Whitney “KissMyAss!” Houston. As always Melinda does a great job and I have to agree with Simon, hers was the best of the first three performances. Melinda is super talented, but her look and her attitude hurt her in this competition.

Jordin is back and is singing She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer. I thought it was hard to hear Jordin during the verses over the band. Can we get her turned up in the mix a bit? It’s not American Band Idol. I wasn’t really feeling this, dog, until she got to the end and she finished very strong. Still a good job, but her first was her best. Paula has found a new word. Everyone is fantastic.

Blake is up and he is singing the fantastic This Love by that fantastic band Moron 5…ah, Maroon 5. Someone please kill me because I thought he did a pretty good job. I even thought the beatboxing/scratching worked here. The only thing I can’t get over is the fact his voice sounds the same every song. Blake sounds emotionless with every song he sings. You get the same bland voice every time. With that being said, I still think he did well, for him at least. Fantastic!

Melinda is back and is singing Nutbush City Limits. Can they say this title on network TV? This is a good rocking tune. Say what you will about Ike Turner, but he can write a great song. Melinda is the opposite of Blake; Melinda lets emotion come through her voice. She is great at that. You just don’t know if it is true emotion or what she thinks you want to see and hear. Whatever the case, I thought this was great and I also think she was the best of the second three songs.

I’m not sure I can take this anymore, but Jordin is back singing I Who Have Nothing. At first I thought this could be the blow away performance we were waiting for, but I never got goose bumps, so it was just very very good. The best of the night. Paula, this WAS fantastic. I knew Simon would nitpick the oldness of the song, but he’s a d-bag and has to say something.

Blake is back up and can he make it 3 for 3? Surely not. Was that Sir Mix-a-Lot? That is the most publicity Mix-a-Lot has had in 10 years. Good for you, JACK!!! Blake is singing When I Get You Alone by Robin Thicke. Blake sounds out of breath during this song. At least his voice sounds a little different from his regular mediocre timbre. I think he might be able to make something of a career as long as he never has to sing real songs. If he only sings fast hip-hop type songs, who knows, he might actually sell a record. He still sucks, but this was good. Fantastic!!!!

Melinda is back singing I’m a Woman. Haven’t I heard this before? Did she flub lines during the opening verse? Either that or she has been hanging with LaKisha because I understood nothing of the first verse. It was aw-ight, but I think it was the worst of her three and possibly of the night. This shouldn’t cost her a final two spot, but it might. And Simon is right. Every week Melinda delivered and she deserves her chance for the win.

It’s go time as Tony Kornheiser says. I think Jordin is a stone cold lead pipe lock. If she doesn’t move on then every one who voted needs electro-shock therapy. I think Melinda deserves to stay and Blake deserves to go. Blake is not in either of those girls’ league, but he is a guy. And there are a lot of teeny bopper girls who vote and a lot of them will vote just because they think Blake is cute. That sucks because cuteness isn’t a talent, but that is how the world works.

With that being said, here is how it will play out. Jordin is young, talented, and beautiful. She should have no problem getting to the final two and winning. She has been my pick for a while now and there is no need to change. Jordin also takes away some of the votes from Melinda. Melinda is sort of old fashioned and she doesn’t exactly look like YOUR American Idol. I also don’t think Melinda makes a very good connection with younger voters. Blake does make a connection with younger voters and girls’ pant over him. He is the only guy left and he seems young and he will get a ton of votes. For this reason I believe Melinda goes tonight and sucky old Blake stays to get beat by Jordin in the finals. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Ky. Attorney General Stumbo vs. Marathon Oil

Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Greg Stumbo is filing charges against Marathon Oil for price gouging after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Ordinarily I would look at that two year lapse with a yawn and go about my merry business. But this is so transparent it's insane. Stumbo said the case is finally ready. So I suppose it's mere coincidence that he's "standing up for Kentuckians" in a year that just happens to be an election year. In an election year in which he just happens to be running for Lieutenant Governor.

Give me a break. It reminds me of a story my dad telling me. It used to be, he says, that the only time the road that my grandfather lived on ever got any paving was in election years. He says that every summer when so-and-so was running for magistrate or something that you would see the graders leveling and the gravel trucks dumping loads of new gravel.

Politics is probably the single most disgusting profession in our country. I'd trust a strip club owner before I'd trust a politician and it's because of things like this. These public servants are only interested in serving themselves and landing a cushy paycheck for doing nothing.

The only two times I heard (Democrat) Greg Stumbo's name in my life were when (Republican) governor Ernie Fletcher was elected and put all of his buddies into the government jobs. That's common practice and the democratic governors of Kentucky had done it for 42 years. But when the Republican governor did it (which it's only a misdemeanor) Stumbo actually launched a full investigation complete with a grand jury. For a misdemeanor!!

Now this. This to me is not a party issue. This is just a case of a career politician playing classic political games. Safe to say Greg Stumbo won't get my vote. If I can find one, I'll vote for someong who's NOT a classic politician. I want a guy/girl who's just "folks." I'm tired of political garbage.

P.S. I'll spare you my diatribe on the U.S. House passing yet ANOTHER war funding bill that they KNOW BEFORE HAND that the president is going to veto. But suffice to say, it's stupid at a level I can't even comprehend.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Death on Four Legs: The Story of Barney Bear

Have you seen this story? A couple in Homer, Alaska woke up one morning and heard some weird sounds. When they got up to check it out, they found out that it was a huge brown bear fighting a giant bull moose. Well, fighting may not be the best word; the brown bear was murdering the bull moose. After the bear was finished killing the moose, it tore open the moose’s chest and ripped its heart out. That’s so Mortal Kombat, FINISH HIM!!!! FATALITY!!!!!

But what is more badass than just reading about it, the couple got there video camera and filmed it. They then uploaded the video onto YouTube and I have linked it for you. It is a three part video showing us what happens when you cross a brown bear. It was said that afterwards the bear left the carcass but came back later that night. After engaging in a battle against nature myself, I know why the bear did this. The bear left the carcass to bleed out on to the ground, that way when any other moose come through that area, they will see it as a warning to not f@*# with the bears.

Part One of Death on Four Legs: The Story of Barney Bear

Part Two of Death on Four Legs: The Story of Barney Bear

Part Three of Death on Four Legs: The Story of Barney Bear

American Idol: The Foul Four

American Idol brought in Barry F’n Gibb last night and his catalog of songs for the contestants to sing. I cringed when I heard everyone was going to sing twice which meant I had to hear Blake twice, but I somehow made it through. And to top it off channel 7 out Evansville (YOU SUCK!!!!!) was being its crappy self giving me a crap picture and crap sound. Though the sound was still good enough to judge these morons. Let’s boogie!

Melinda is first and she is singing Love You Inside and Out and I thought she did really well. Melinda is always good and is probably the best singer, BUT she is not an American Idol. Paula actually, almost made sense with her comments in that Melinda is so good every week, she seems bland and it’s easy for her to get lost in the shuffle. Melinda needs that blow away performance to really separate herself from the rest.

Here comes Blake and he is singing You Should Be Dancing and I can already tell by the rehearsing that this will be rough. And great, more beatboxing, yay!!! He sings in a falsetto and that is not his thing. This was the worst I believe we’ve seen this season on AI. His scratching is really distracting. This sucked so bad but for once the beatboxing breakdown was better than his vocals, and that is not good news. Blake just died and the judges didn’t help. Bye, bye, bye.

LaKisha is next with Stayin’ Alive and Barry gives her some advice. Will LaKisha listen to him? Of course not. She does what she wants when she wants. She may not be a “diva” yet, but she certainly has the attitude down. I love the arrangement, slowed down and funked up, it sounds great. I thought she did pretty well, I enjoyed it, but it seems I was the only one.

The judges keep harping on needing a blow away performance and I agree, but these 4 singers are incapable of a blow away performance. Melinda may be but she plays it so safe she will never try to go for it. LaKisha is like George W., she never listens to any advice that is given to help her achieve a blow away performance. Jordin seems to have problems picking great songs to suit her and is still learning. And Blake just plain sucks and doesn’t belong in the first place. We have no great performers this year and we need to stop looking for the blow away performance.

Back to the show, Jordin is next and is singing To Love Somebody and this is the best Barry Gibb song ever. Wow, did Barry F. Gibb just say that Jordin sang this song better than anyone? That’s high praise, which makes me think maybe he is high, on to the song. Jordin worked it out, I don’t think it was the best version I heard but it was the best of tonight. I think this was great and puts her in the lead, but I don’t think this is the blow away performance we are looking for. She looked beautiful.

Melinda is back again and singing How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. Once again Melinda is good, especially that great big note, but she is boring. She knows how to do the moves, but she has no presence. She is the most polished, the most professional, but she is not the total package. She is first in vocals and last in performance. She can’t win.

Blake is back, Lord help me. He is singing This is Where I Come In. This is just horrible. I couldn’t hear his vocals during the verse over the band and he broke out the gimmick once more. It wasn’t as bad as the first song, but still crap. Blake’s problem is that he is just a mediocre singer with a gimmick. He has one hit wonder written all over him. Say good-bye ladies, because Blake is going home.

LaKisha is back singing Run To Me and at this time I have lost the picture on my TV and the sound has gotten worse. I heard Barry Gibb give LaKisha more advice and once again she basically flipped him off and told him to jog on. The picture’s back and there is now a weird buzzing underneath the sound of the show. LaKisha comes out and screams a little bit and gives the second best performance of the night. I think this will keep her from going before Blake, although Simon is not sure.

Jordin is back with A Woman in Love and Barry Gibb is straight trippin’. Barry F. Gibb just said Jordin was “one of our greatest female recording artists.” I think Barry is back on the b!+ch whiff. Anyway, Jordin comes out and gives a bad show of it. Her voice wavered and went hoarse at the end and was not the performance she wanted to leave the audience remembering. With that being said, she should still be in the lead. Did anyone else think the chorus sounded like an up-tempo Ooops, I Did It Again? Listen to it again.

Jordin is first and should win because she is the closest to being the total package. Melinda is second with the best vocals and pure professionalism, but is boring. LaKisha is third with a great voice but she never even tries to listen to someone that can help her. She just frustrates me so much. And Blake is last basically because he sucks. One of these singers is not like the other and that singer is Blake. Blake will leave tonight giving us two weeks of cat fights. Me-yow!!!!!

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We then move on to music and continue our retrospective on 80's metal with the spotlight on Krokus. You need to email us your favorite 80's metal bands so we know where to go next. One caveat, no bands that are still kinda/sorta rocking. That means no Bon Jovi, no Crue, no Iron Maiden, no GnR, no Metallica, basically no band that would want to sue our faces off. We are going for the little known gems that only you know about. Email us at

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sea Shepherd Conservation Says 85% of People Need to Go

Nuts amuse me. They really do. And my favorite nuts are conservation nuts. People who so love the earth and it's resources that they'd like to see all people leave the earth so the earth could be in peace.

The latest of these nutty things to come from the extreme conservation groups is from the Sea Shepherd Conservation group. They say that 6.5 Billion people on the earth is too many. That may be subject to debate. But the kicker is they think the ideal number is less than 1 Billion. That's about 15% of what the world's population is now and represents a level not seen since the early 1800s.

So if you're depressed, go ahead and do the earth a favor. We've got to start thinning the heard somewhere. (I'm not at all serious.)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Spiderman 3 makes a ton of money and satisfies, for the most part.

As expected Spiderman 3 ruled the box office this weekend with the best opening weekend in history. Spiderman 3 brought in $148 million and has made worldwide $375 million which makes the studio feel good about the $250 million it spent to make the movie. I usually don’t post about things I really want to discuss on the podcast, but the whole Gunrunners’ group saw this movie Saturday night and the podcast won’t be out for another day or so…so.

I went into this movie not quite as excited as I was for Spiderman 2. I settled into my seat in the packed theater full of kids aged infant to teenager and prepared myself for what I thought would be a good movie, but a bad movie watching experience. I was right on both counts. I will save the crowd for the podcast but will tell you what I thought of the movie.

First off, I thought it was long, really long. I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “When is this going to end?” I don’t mind long movies, but if I begin to wonder how much time is left, then there is something wrong. The story involves alien goo, relationship problems, revenge, the Sandman, Venom, and Green Goblin Jr. In the end I can tell you it was a good movie, but it can’t touch Spidey 2.

It seemed to me that there was just too much stuff to be packed into the movie and even though I loved the bad guys and the special effects were out of this world, it seemed like there was a rush to end the movie after two hours of building everything up. I am not sure on the time, but we didn’t see Venom until about an 1:30 to 1:45 into the movie. There could have been plenty of things cut out to make it a much tighter, action packed film.

Another thing about the movie that seemed a little weird were the actions of Peter Parker while he was in the black Spidey suit. I assumed it would make him darker, but in some places it made him extra goofy and it kind of ruined my feelings for the character of Parker. I know he is a nerd and a goofball, but some of the black Spidey suit wearing actions seemed out of place. And while some of them were funny, quite a few of his actions took me out of the moment and made me wonder, “Would Peter Parker really do this?” I know his actions can be explained, but they seemed weird to me.

Another thing that bothered me a little is the fact that the story seemingly tried to see how many times it could make Peter Parker cry. I mean come on, we all know he isn’t the prototypical macho man, but he spends a good part of the movie moping and crying. I am hoping that if there is another Spiderman movie we can take some of the focus off the Parker-MJ relationship and have someone else that’s in trouble. I know that Sam Raimi is trying to make this less about POW! BAM! and BOFF! and more about relationships, but this whole relationship story seemed sort of soapy to me. Also, I am tired of Spiderman having to save MJ EVERY FRICKIN’ movie. I hope the next Spiderman movie will get into the whole Gwen Stacy storyline from the comics, if it is possible to do in one movie.

One last thing, just exactly how many people know that Spiderman is Peter Parker?!? All the villains he fights know he is Peter Parker, which is why MJ is always in trouble. I just can’t understand what the use is of having a secret identity if everyone knows who you are. Coop, you’re security isn’t worth a damn. Everybody’s got a gun! Let’s have one movie where know one knows who he is. That’s how the song goes, remember?

I can say this without ruining anything, but I seemed to have read in a review or story that the ending of Spiderman set up for a fourth movie, but I didn’t see it, unless it was during or after the credits ran. I have read that some are not sure if they will come back and I am sure that is a play on money, but I think they could lose both Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire and be okay. I just think they will have to wait a while to do it without those actors. Give me Laura Prepon and Jake Gyllenhaal, that would be fine. As long as you have a good story, anyone can be replaced.

After all that, I can recommend this movie to everyone, especially fans. The movie is long and there are some things that bothered me, but I believe it will satisfy most who see it. The story could have had some more work done on it, but the action is good and Bruce Campbell as a French waiter is hilarious. I give it three bombs up.

I saw this today, it is a teaser trailer for the movie Hot Rod that stars Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live. As far as I can gather, the movie is about a guy who does stunts, but does them very unsuccessfully. Check it out. Was that Al Swearengen hitting Hot Rod in the face with a 2 x 4?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

EW and Heroes unite!!! Get your geek on.

Here’s one for all the geeks like me. If you are a fan of Heroes, and if you are a geek then you must be, then you might be interested in this. This coming week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly will contain a cover story on the Heroes final episodes and EW has five different Heroes covers for the issue. You can get all five from EW for $10, but who wants five of the same magazine?

Well, supergeeks may want it because according to the covers are full of “references and teasers” for the final episodes. I am a subscriber and will get at least one cover no matter what, but I will not be going for the five pack. So, if you are like me and you aren’t going to shell out 10 for 5 then click this link right here. It will take you to and you will be able to examine all the covers to your heart’s content. Enjoy!!!!

Oh, and if you figure anything out, leave a comment. Let’s see who geeky you really are.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where have all the good bees gone?

The bees of the world are disappearing. Have you heard about this? I have heard this for a few months but I was hearing it on a radio show that’s main discussions are about government conspiracies and UFO-ology. That is the study of UFOs, genius. So I never gave this story too much credence and I had a rather unpleasant run in with a few bees a couple years ago so I was actually happy some were getting what they deserve. Now it has hit Yahoo and I saw two stories today, this one and this one, and it got me to thinking, maybe the bees are really disappearing.

Coast to Coast AM, the radio show I was referring to earlier, makes it seem that the bees are disappearing in ome sort of nefarious plot, but scientists aren’t sure exactly what is going on. They do think is might be a virus causing this but haven’t ruled anything out. Who cares you might ask. I might ask that too until I find out we need bees for pollinating all the flowering crops, which means no bees no apples, nuts, broccoli, squash and any other flowering crop you can think of. Not to mention bye bye honey.

Read these two articles and see what you think. I like broccoli and apples otherwise I would say screw them. As for what is happening, I blame George Bush and global warming. I would have to say that for any problem in this world I would have a better than 75% chance of being correct with those two answers than anything else.

Mmmm...Nestle's Strawberry Meth...drool.

Have you seen this story? Apparently the producers/marketers of meth have come up with a plan to make meth more palatable to new users. Recently authorities in Arkansas have been finding packages of strawberry Quick during meth busts. It appears that meth producers are using candy, soft drinks and other sweet materials to cut their meth with because not only is meth made of crap you would never want to ingest, it also has a harsh chemical taste that doesn't help ingestion. So, I can only imagine snorting meth is much like snorting Drain-O. Smart people these meth mouths. Authorities call this kind of meth “designer meth.” This new meth makes the drug easier to ingest for first time users and we all know it is important to make a good first impression.

Law enforcement officials in Nevada have said that Quick is the main ingredient to try and take the edge of the meth in Nevada and a few other states, but that it is not a nationwide trend. Well, at least not yet. If illegal drug manufacturers would put their smarts and effort into legal ventures they wouldn’t have to be worrying about the cops or a big vat of strawberry meth blowing up in their face. Stupid people really frustrate me.

I do have to say, up until this point I have no desire to try meth, but I might fancy a snoot of new Nestle’s Strawberry Quick Meth. I wonder if you could just mix some Nestle’s Meth into a glass of milk and get all your essential vitamins and minerals and a super high.

If there are any meth producers reading this, first, you’re insane and second, could you look into cutting your meth with Fruit Loops. You could crush them up and throw them in the mix. What’s the big deal? Isn’t that what a pot of meth is? Anything you can find that may kill you, but you just aren’t sure about, you throw into a pot and mix it with battery acid and dry it up. You can correct me if I’m wrong about the process, but if you do what does that say about you?

Enough meth talk. If you know a meth mouth, I would appreciate it if you would ask them how the Nestle Meth tastes compared to original recipe meth. And some wonder why we are going to hell in a hand bag.

American Idol: The Same Ol' Sucky Six

Well, we’re back, again, with the same six jackasses I wrote about last week. I know I should boycott, but Bon Jovi is a band near and dear to Dustin’s heart so I must write about this night. So here we go.

Phil is first and I called it, (ask Dustin) he is singing Blaze of Glory from the solo Bon Jovi. He’ll really get to scream this one, “SHOT DOWN, DOOOOOOOOWWWWWWNN!” I hate David Bryan by the way, he is the keyboardist for Bon Jovi. He ruins Bon Jovi. Back to Phil, I thought he did a really good job and I think he solidified his position as the best male vocalist left. The song was perfect for him and he looked like he had a great time. If he could somehow steal Bon Jovi’s looks, instead of his current Count Orlock look he would have it made. I think this was Phil’s best so far and he picked a great time to be good. Simon does not like him much; he let Phil have it with both barrels. I think the Count is safe this week. Did Randy play bass on every song?

We have Jordin next singing Livin’ on a Prayer, the song voted the best song of the ‘80’s on VH1 so this could be bad news. I was so sad to hear that Jordin’s mom grew up on Bon Jovi because I grew up on Bon Jovi. How old is her mom anyway? During the rehearsal Jon Bon says that at 17 he couldn’t sing half as good as Jordin and I’m not sure he can sing that good now for that matter. So Jordin comes out and begins her performance and she sounds so bad. I could barely hear her over the band during the verse and even when she got to the chorus and got to blow it out, she just didn’t have it. I hope this performance doesn’t cost her the chance to make final four because it was Sanjaya bad. She should stay, but AI fans have already proven with Sanjaya that they are idiots. Worst of the night and it’s not even close. Good news is that we got to hear a talk box on AI. OOOOH WAH OOOH WAH OOOH OOOH OOOH WAH

LaKisha is up and she has never heard of Bon Jovi. This should be fun. At this point of the night I was thinking it can only get worse from Jordin. LaKisha picks the never heard of it song called This Ain’t a Love Song. It should have been titled This Ain’t NO Love Song, but Jon Bon is from Jersey not Podunk. Her performance isn’t bad and much better than Jordin’s, but LaKisha seems to be the only one left that has regressed over the weeks instead of gotten better or at least stayed the same. She seems to be over this whole thing and is ready to move on. After this song I really realized that this group hasn’t given us that big, goose bumpy, blow you away performance. No one has come close and no one will. Worst. Group. Ever. LaKisha was better than Jordin, but not Phil. Did anyone else think that Seacrest was going to ask for a kiss from Simon too?

Blake is up and he is singing You Give Love a Bad Name. Oh no!!!! In the rehearsal video he doesn’t want to give away the interpretation he is going to do of this song. My thought at that moment was, “He is really going to c*@k this up.” So what style will he go with this week? Reggae? Hip-hop? Morose crooning? Beatbox the whole thing a cappella? Give me strength! I watched the rehearsal and I loathed it immediately. Did JBJ say that Blake is not going to sing for 16 measures? I almost blacked out at this point. So here comes Blake and he does his thing. I hate myself for saying this, and you don’t have any idea how much I hate myself, but I thought this was really good. Except for the stupid middle beatbox breakdown, I thought this was Blake’s best. Unfortunately because of the beat boxing I can’t put him as the best of the night. He is still behind Phil and…yamma hamma, I may hate Blake, but I love his fans. Hello Blondie!!!

Chris Timberlake is next doing a mashup of Justin Timberlake vs. Bon Jovi. He is singing Wanted Dead or Alive and I immediately throw up in my mouth a little bit. "He is going to ruin the best Bon Jovi song ever," that was my initial thought. Here we go, and it was pretty good. He just went out and sang like a rock singer and pulled it off. It just goes to show you that big rock guitars can make even the crappiest singers sound good. Thankfully, this performance won’t be enough to keep him on until next week. But he’s going out, out, in a blaze of glory.

I am really surprised this night is going so well, maybe every night should be Bon Jovi night. It’s just too bad Sanjaya wasn’t there to sing Lay Your Hands on Me. Girls in Wisconsin are weeping over this.

Melinda is next and I am expecting a Jordin like wipeout from her because first, Melinda is more grandma than rocker chick and second, Bon Jovi has only been around for 20 to 25 years and Melinda doesn’t’ sing songs post WWII. She is going to sing Have a Nice Day. To show how much of a rocker she isn’t, she can’t decipher how she is supposed to throw the devil horns. Rock on, indeed. So here she comes and Melinda kind of turned into Tina Turner all of a sudden. She is actually pulling this off. She did far better than I thought she would, but as has been said many times before, she is a pro and is about 45 years old. She had great energy and I thought she was the best of the night, followed by Blake, Phil, Chris, LaKisha, and Jordin. Now I really need to see her sing Proud Mary, so make that a priority for the judges pick the song week.

We move on to tonight and two will be going home and I think we know who those two are. It’s over for Chris and LaKisha. I don’t think they did enough to stay. I am worried that Jordin’s clunker was soooo bad that she might go in a huge upset, but I would think her fans would see this and just vote more to make sure she stays. It ought to be an interesting results show, well at least the last five minutes anyway.