Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Some mid-morning thoughts...

Wednesday morning is a good morning for me most of the time. All I'm really here at work to do is to solve any problems that might crop up and this morning nothing Earth-shattering has happened.

So I decided to look over some of the pages before we sent them off and I took a gander at the police reports that we publish each week. Usually I just look over the names to see if I know anyone. (Remember the small town rules?)

Anyway, every single arrest usually ends with the perp being lodged in the detention center. However, in my simple checking over the names I noticed a glaring difference. One gentleman was arrested for burglary. And at the end of the report instead of the short statement of "(He) was lodged in the detention center" it said "(He) escaped from custody."

Simple and to the point, but very matter-of-factly. I got a good laugh out of that.

One of the few big stories going around right now is the Monroe Brothers Foundation and their lawsuit. Not that anyone is paying attention, but the Monroe Brothers Foundation is the new name of the Bill Monroe Foundation since a Tennessee court ruled that the Foundation could not use Bill Monroe's name or likeness any longer.

I don't have a problem with that, but the problem I have with it is that the Foundation is currently looking into filing yet another lawsuit. All they seem to do is plan a single festival each year and fight lawsuits for the rest of the year.

And another problem I have with the foundation formerly known as the Bill Monroe Foundation, is that they are acting quite juvenile. The man who they have angered that owns all of the land around them fenced off his boundaries so that they couldn't use the land for parking for the single festival they have a year. It did go off well last weekend, but that's beside the point.

So what do they do about the parking problem? They sue the land owner and then open his gates and mow up his land and trespass all over it so they can have their festival. I'm not a big fan of throwing laws out of the window. I realize that trespassing is a fairly minor offense, but law is law.

The Foundation has a contingency plan for everything, but what I see happening is that most every plan ends up with a lawsuit or two and that speaks volumes. Illegal or borderline illegal activities are things that I could do without when it comes to an organization who believes they are helping my community.

The now Monroe Brothers Foundation is getting to the point where it's operating like a 6 year-old is at the helm. They just figure that it will all work out in the end no matter what. And if the chips fall like I believe they will, everything will work out.

Unfortunately for them, it will work out without anyone that is currently working with the Monroe Brothers Foundation involved.

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