Sunday, October 02, 2005

Drive-in night...

I haven't been to the drive-in here in town in a very long time. In fact, the last time I went my buddies and I were tricked. The sign listed Scream 2 before Titanic and we wanted to see Scream 2. Unfortunately, it was about midnight before we got to see Scream 2 because Titanic was indeed first.

Anyhoo, tonight it was The Exocism of Emily Rose and The 40-Year Old Virgin. Both were pretty good I thought. Emily Rose wasn't a drive-in movie in that it's a really dark movie and there were some things you couldn't see all that well. But I really liked the way the movie was made and the story is just scary. I did read up on the real story, but the real story was spread out over several years in Europe and Emily Rose was the cliff notes freaky version.

Personally, I think it was probably more scary than the Exocist for me. The Exocist was so incredibly over the top, but Emily Rose was pretty believable. But then again I've always said that Exocist III was way more scary than any of the other Exocist movies and it wasn't very believable. The nurse running along the ceiling of the hospital is just cool.

The 40-Year Old Virgin was pretty much what I expected. Really funny and it was capped off by a Ron Burgundy-esque Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In music video at the end with the actors. It's really funny and I think it's one that you could pick up on some extra things the more you watch it.

So really when it comes to the drive-in, make sure to pick your movies carefully. Typically I wouldn't have gone to see Emily Rose at the drive-in because I knew going in it wasn't a drive-in movie. But the 40-Year Old Virgin definitely was. There was a big crowd tonight and that's kind of nice to see. Also the sound was really good. It helped that we had 3 vehicles with solid stereos jacked up, but I was pleased. I think that the last time I was there I was in my 1980 Chevy pickup that came from the factory with A speaker.

Drive-in's are a dying trend. I think there are only about 500 left in the country and I live within 45 minutes to an hour from at least 3 and maybe 4 of them. I think what would be great is if the drive-in could get a DVD projector and get old movies to show like old Bogart movies and John Wayne westerns. Godzilla and other monster movies. Talk about making a killing.

Either way, 6 bucks for two movies is pretty good.

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