Friday, March 30, 2007

Would You Hire Billy Gilispie?

Texas A&M coach Billy Gilispie is a hot coaching candidate. And for good reason. He has led the resurgence of Aggie basketball. When he took over the team they had gone winless in the annually overrated Big Twelve the year before. This year (three years into his tenure) he led the Aggies to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAAs.

Sounds good so far.

Gillispie had reportedly interviewed with Arkansas and came very close to taking that job (although he now denies that he ever spoke with Razorbacks Athletic Director, who is largely considered a babboon.)

After that, he reupped with the Aggies and negotiated a lucrative extension which would make him the highest paid coach in a conference that includes Rick Barnes, Bill Self, Bobby Knight, and others.

Sounds reasonable.

Problem is, that extension has not been signed. In fact, Gillispie is on his way to the Final Four in Atlanta this weekend. Reports out of my Bluegrass State (that's Kentucky, you non-state-nickname-knowing-people) are that Gillispie is waiting to interview for the UK job.

So you've got a guy, who in the course of a little over a week, has entertained an offer from Arkansas, negotiated an extension to stay at A&M, and renegged on that to possibly negotiate with Kentucky.

Sounds like a weasel.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

British/Iranian Standoff (GMA Rant)

There's trouble brewing in the Persian Gulf. Imagine. The Iranians have captured 15 British seamen claiming they were in Iranian waters illegally trespassing. Iran is demanding the Brits admit this.

Problem is this, the Brits have GPS data proving they were in fact in Iraqi waters when captured. And the Brits aren't much for admitting to things they've not done. Nor or they much for playing games with Iran.

Why is this so problematic? Because we're Great Britain's greatest ally, and they ours. If something begins militarily, we'll be in the thick of that too. And then there's sure to be some serious problems. If Americans think the Iraq war has been long and drawn out, wait until we take on our first worth adversary since Vietnam.

Now this situation may not get anywhere near that. Iran has been bullish before and then eventually backed down. But the Brits can be just as trigger happy as we can, so the potential for a war is there.

NOW, on to the great Good Morning America rant. I pure straight hate news programs anymore. They are the more deceptive than a night with Penn and Teller. This morning GMA is reporting on the Brit seamen situation and they list possible reasons for their capture. All three of their possible reasons centered around...the United States.

Either Iran did it because we and GB are in Iraq, or they did it because we and GB have sought UN sanctions against Iran, or they did it because they had done it to us before and it would remind us that they would do it again.

Not once did GMA even seem to consider that this has little or nothing to do with the United States. Nope. Apparently all the hate in the world has to do with the United States in one fashion or another and it all began when Bush was elected. Because before that the whole world loved the United States, there were no wars, no one ever attacked American interests, and milk and honey flowed from every American faucet.

I hate GMA.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

American Idol: The Tragic Ten

It's American Idol time and this week we have a weird theme, pop music. Wow, they are really stretching the boundaries of the show. And not only is the theme pop, but Gwen Stefani provides the contestants with a list of her personal favorites from which to choose. Yay!!! All the No Doubt and Police songs we can sing!!!

First we have Lakisha who somehow tricks Gwen into selecting a Donna Summer song as one of her personal favorites. I am glad to see Lakisha sing up-tempo, it has been weeks since she has. This was not her best, but she is still miles ahead of 8 of the singers. And Gwen is right, Lakisha could teach her a thing or two. The judges love her, but I wonder why Lakisha always looks frustrated or angry when she is in front of the judges. Oh well, who cares, she is the best.

Now Chris Sligh-dshow Bob is up with Every Little Thing by the Police. And right off the bat, he is right off the tempo. This guy struggles to stay on the beat. As Anthrax would say, "Yo, watch the beat. YEAHHHHHHH!" I just realized that he can't win this thing. He hasn't got IT. He is good but not great. He doesn't seem to be getting better and better each week and he always has some sort of excuse. I wish he were better.

Here comes Gina singing...something and she is a saucy mama. Instead of rocking it up this week she just stands and delivers. I thought this was her best in a while, if not the whole show. She seems to get better each week, unlike Sligh. I think she could slip into the final three if the breaks go her way. I love you Gina. You can't see it but I am crying like a 13 year old girl.

Here comes Sanjaya and good Lord what has he done. His hair is a mess and changing his hairdo is the only thing he seems capable of doing with any pizzazz. He isn't afraid to be crazy with his hair, but when it comes to performing, he seems so shy that you think he doesn't want to be there. He is just plain weird and to tell you the truth, he is starting to give me the creeps.

Sanjaya sings Bathwater, a No Doubt song, and of course and he sucks. I actually think this may have been his worst ever. I an beginning to think he needs to go. Nah, I'm just kidding, he sucks so bad it's irresistible. As far as forgetting the words, don't most singers on tour have a screen with the words right there for them to see? I think so. I think it is more the fault of American Idol than the singers if they forget the words because this is the 21st century. Gwen Stefani isn't out there singing on tour without the words on some cue cards. Give us a break.

Sorry. Legs is next, I mean Haley is next and I just wish that one week she would come out and sing in her underwear. She sings True Colors and wrecks the song. She f'ed up the melody so bad that the song became crap. IT seems that all her instincts are wrong, except for showing us some leg. She also did not pay any attention to what Gwen had to tell her and Gwen was right. Listen, you knuckleheads, it's alright to change the arrangement of a song, but you better be ready for the consequences if it is bad. What's the problem with straight singing a song? I know you want to make it yours, but most of the time this year, you make it crap.

Again, I'm sorry. Phil comes out and sings Every Breath by The Police. I know this is going to upset some, but I think Phil is the best guy vocalist in the thing. He seems to get better each week and he listens to the judges when they offer him advice. Like this week, he did not scream. He also wore a hat that made him less odd looking. He can't win this thing, but as far as the guys go he is the top one.

What's with Paula? She seems to be actually trying to help the singers this week. What happened to "You looks so pretty" and "I think you are so adorable?" Is she taking the pot? By the way, one of the great rock lyrics of all time is in this song Every Breath You Take, it is "Every claim you stake." Awesome.

Melinda is up and she is singing an up-tempo song too. I wonder if Melinda and Lakisha always choose them same style of song as the other does so neither really gains an advantage or disadvantage? Hmmm. Melinda sang something and as usual she sang it well. What more can you say, she and Lakisha are women and the rest of the competition is full of little gils. Where is her neck?

Here comes Blake singing Love Song by The Cure. What?? Oh no, he is going to ruin it with the beat boxing. Wait, he didn't beat box. And do you know what happens when Blakey-poo doesn't beat box? He usually does well. I may have to change my mind and say Blake is the best guy singer, at least until he beat boxes again. He can't win because his voice is not a strong voice that can hang with the top three girls, but he has a good sound. I still hate him.

Speaking of hate, her comes Miss Jordin and she is singing Hey Baby by, surprise, No Doubt. Does it seem that a lot of Gwen Stefani's favorite pop songs are her own? I thought this was Jordin's worst performance so far. I am not saying she was horrible, but I didn't think there was enough in the song to show off her talents. And that lower register she was in to start the song was brutal. She seemed to barely be able to hold it. Randy. Dawg. Brilliant?? Really? It was fun and different, but not my fave. She has no worries though.

And really speaking of hate, we have Chris Timberlake in full JT costume tonight and singing Don't Speak by, guess who, No Doubt. Gwen told him to basically, not F up her songs by giving it a case of the runs and you know that won't happen. If CT doesn't give us the runs, he is not that great a singer. I really can't stand to look at him. I am starting to think that I cannot judge this contestant with an unbiased and open mind. Why did this guy close? It wasn't a bad performance, but not a show stopper. I guess Lakisha and Melinda can't open and close every show, every week. I think America agrees with me by CT's bottom three last week, he can't win and he isn't good enough to win. Let him go and help my sanity.

Not a very good week, if you take away Lakisha and Melinda, you are left with mediocre singers. My bottom three this week was Sligh-d Show Bob, Legs and Sanjaya. But we know that two of the three won't be in the bottom, or will they? I think this is the bottom three and Sanjaya finally goes home this week. And fire up the conspiracy talk because AI just wanted him around to make the top 10 and the tour. He has outgrown his usefulness. Sanjaya is finally going home, home to that saucy sister of his. I envy him.

Nah, who am I kidding. Legs, your journey ends tonight. Now get to steppin.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 10 is in the air!!!

The Bombay Gunrunners are in the air with their most disturbing episode yet.

In Episode 10 the Gunrunners discuss, Lost, American Idol, Lee discovers a Mexican brothel?!?, Dustin's love of photographing the dead, dead deer sex, and women frying their husbands. We all discuss our favorite Go To ballpark food.

You can't resist dead deer sex!!!

Shoot us an email about your dead deer sex experiences...or your Go To ballpark food at or leave us a comment or message at


Monday, March 26, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

Think you have the onions to take on the gunrunners in a little fantasy baseball? I think not. You can try it if you want. And if you win, you get a prize. Don't be scared, it's free to play, the only thing you will lose is your dignity.

Go to Yahoo Fantasy Sports ( and join this group.

Group ID#: 257354
Password: bombay

Enter if you dare!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Tubby Smith is gone, let the fun (or fretting) begin.

The state of Kentucky has gotten what it has asked for, I just hope that it won't be regrettable in 4 or 5 years time. Tubby Smith has left the University of Kentucky basketball program to become the next coach of the Minnesota Gophers. And as of right now, I think the Gophers have gotten the better deal, and even at 1.8 mil a year, they got a steal. I have been a proponent of change for the last few years, but I was hoping we would change assistant coaches before running Tubby off, and I think that was exactly what happened. UK fans, boosters, and maybe employees put enough pressure on Tubby that instead of going through that again for another season and then getting canned, he got out while the getting was good. I think it was a good move for Tubby because I got tired of hearing all the complaining and tired of seeing Tubby beat down year after year. And for all those that didn't like Tubby just because he was black, I can only hope that the worst things imaginable, short of death and disease, happen to you.

Now, Tubby's gone and it is a scary yet exciting time. Who does UK bring in to right the ship and take the program back to top 10 status and having a shot at a title every year? Most would love Billy Donavan, but I can't imagine why he would leave Florida. There is no possible reason. Well, I actually have a couple reasons why he would leave. After he wins a championship this season, I would think it would be almost impossible for him to keep the Horfords, the Noahs, and the Brewers from going to the NBA. Florida's cupboard will essentially be bare next season. Also, and I do not know how Donavan truly feels about this, sometimes students have a desire to surpass the master. Rick Pitino was Donavan's master and Pitino had his legend made at UK. Does Donavan have that burning inside him to want to take the job his teacher had and prove he is just as good or better than said teacher? That is something for Donavan to answer in the next few weeks.

Speaking of Rick Pitino, I think that there is a less than 1% chance he would consider coming back to Lexington. The first reason is that Pitino doesn't seem to be the type who thinks you can go home again. I know he has said that leaving UK was the biggest mistake of his life, but I think he has moved on. The second reason is that Louisville is actually pretty good right now. Pitino has gotten good recruits in and has more on the way and has a good chance of dominating UK over the next couple of years. Had this change happened last year after a disappointing season for Louisville I would have thought maybe Pitino comes back, but now that he has things going his way, I think he stays put. The final reason I think he stays at Louisville is because he has been there, done that. He already rebuilt UK and made them the team of the 90's. Pitino likes a challenge and right now trying to make Louisville the preeminent team in the state of Kentucky is a bigger challenge than taking UK back to the Final Four. So forget Pitino.

Another name that is being mentioned is Mark Few of Gonzaga. Few seems like a good coach, but can he do what he has done for Gonzaga at UK. UK is a different beast and you need to bring in players that can win every year and when you are favored, you need to come through. How many times did Gonzaga receive that high seed they were asking for and then not live up to their seeding? Few seems to be much better coaching an underdog than a favorite.

Another name that seems near the top of the list is Tom Crean of Marquette. I have not watched a lot of Marquette basketball, but I know they are always a tough team and Crean seems to have done a great job of recruiting. Let's face it, players aren't exactly in a hurry to go to Marquette, but Crean seems to get some good ones there.

Another name being brought up is Michigan State's Tom Izzo. I know Izzo has won championships in the past and has taken teams to the Final Four that most thought had no chance to get there, but is his style the kind that UK wants? The fans have just gone through a predominately defensive style of play and I think they would love to have a more uptempo offensive scheme. In fact, a friend of mine said he didn't care if UK lost 8 or 9 games a year as long as they were fun to watch, and lately fun to watch is a phrase not uttered much in the commonwealth. Izzo to me seems like defensive grind it out type coach and while I think it would ultimately be a great get, he may not be the man UK wants n the end.

There are others that have been mentioned, including Billy Gillespie of TX A&M, Rick Barnes of TX, John Calipari of Memphis, and even former UK players Travis Ford and John Pelphrey. In the end I think that athletic director Mitch Barnhart needs to focus on getting a coach who can bring in the good recruits to build a championship team. I think the next coach at UK needs to have an offensive scheme that makes a game fun to watch. And most importantly, to me, I think the next coach of the UK Wildcats needs to have a pedigree of winning, and by winning I mean Final Four appearances and championships. If we bring in a coach with no track record of getting to the Final Four, then how is that coach going to be able to deal with the pressure of fans who expect at least a Final Four every year?

Yes, it is a scary and fun time here in the state of Kentucky. Tubby has been whacked like many fans have been wishing for for a long time. I just hope we all don't wake up in a few years and realize that old adage, be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dark Side of Oz revisited.

I loves me some Pink Floyd and for a guy who has never smoked pot that is saying something. There was a time where I would listen to Dark Side of the Moon once a day. One of my all time favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. I remember in my childhood that this movie only came on once a year and every year I couldn’t wait to see it again.

Move forward to the late 1990’s/early 2000’s and there was a rumor going around that maintained Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was written as a soundtrack for The Wizard of Oz. You were to begin the cd after the name of the director's name fades from the screen and let the magic unfold.

A group of the Gunrunners and friends decided to try it out. It was pretty freaky. You will never look at the Wizard of Oz the same way again. I know there is no way that Dark Side was written to be played with Oz and you could probably play any cd with Oz and see some freaky stuff, but this just seems to be so right.

I stumbled across this today on USA Today’s Pop Candy and it is a few scenes from the wizard of Oz synced up with Dark Side. Get ready to freak out. Like in video one, the movie cuts to a scene of Dorothy balancing on the top of the fence as David Gilmour sings “balanced on the biggest wave.” Then Dorothy falls off the fence into the hog pen as Gilmour sings “race towards an early grave.” Then the music changes to one that is more ominous as the farm worker races to rescue her.

My favorite part is video two, as Dorothy’s house has landed in Oz and as she opens the door, you hear the cash registers that signal the beginning of Money. Dorothy then walks out into Oz as the classic bassline begins. It gives me goose bumps every time.

Video three takes place during the song Us and Them and begins with the wicked witch appearing and just as the movie cuts to her you hear the lyrics, “black, black,” then when the lyrics “and blue” are sung, the movie cuts to Dorothy. You also have the lyrics, “and who knows which is which” as the wicked witch approaches Dorothy and the good witch.

In video four, things aren’t as freaky, but you get to hear one of the greatest endings of an album ever. This is another song that gives me chills. The song is called Eclipse and Dorothy and Scarecrow find and oil up the Tin Man. As the song ends you can hear a heart beat and as you hear the heart beat, Dorothy pounds on the Tin Man’s chest. As I said, not as freaky as the first three but just to hear the song is great.

So there you go. I am sure most of you have heard about this, but never have tried it so this should give you an idea of what goes on during this experiment. You will also be able to find more clips like this on YouTube. And if you do try this at home, be sure to get the lyrics for Dark Side’s songs and watch how the words in the songs describe what is going on onscreen, as well as search for iron clad directions to make things go right. I'm gonna go home and find Dark Side and get stoned to the bejesus belts.


John Edwards Just Got Slimier

The Democratic presidential hopeful had said the only way he would drop out of the race was if his wife's cancer returned.

Fate called his bluff, and Edwards backed off it. So much so that the article linked above quotes him as saying they never seriously thought about it [dropping out of the race.]

I don't know what conversations they had. I don't know what her wishes were. I don't know what their resolve is. I don't know why he wants to be president. But I know this. I'm a husband of just about the best wife anyone could ever hope for. And if she were, God forbid, diagnosed with a critical illness my world would stop.

For Edwards to proudly boast that this will not deter his presidential bid only makes me dislike him more. And yes, I admit, I disliked him in the first place. But I think I would dislike Moses if he made this decision. It disgusts me to my core. I believe it is based on a greedy nature that is bent on gaining power, fame, fortune, and notariety.

God bless her. I hope our Lord and Savior reaches out and cures her, outworking the most hopeful prognosis. But I just cannot understand his decision.

Hungry for more American Idol talk?

Alright everyone, I think it’s time we all took a step back from the ledge and take a deep breath and consider how silly and downright idiotic we can be. Finished? Have you thought about the things in life that are important? Well, go to this myspace page and tell this poor woman what you have come up with because she has left the reservation.

Her name is J and she has gone on a hunger strike until Sanjaya is voted off American Idol. Yes, you heard me right. Now I love American Idol, well, not really, but it entertains me, but not enough to go anorexic. Now, I’m sure this woman put her page up while eating a ham sandwich and has no intentions of actually following through with this because just like crying little girls on AI, she is a fraud. She has already gained some media coverage and I am sure that is all she is looking for, that and a free trip to the AI Finals so she can cry when Sanjaya wins. But, there have been stranger things done for even more moronic reasons.

J has said that things have been hard since she started this hunger strike 6 days ago, but she is soldiering on, even though she has begun to hallucinate. She has a blog on the myspace page and updates us on her progress or lack thereof. The last entry is a little downbeat because Sanjaya once again made it another week. In fact, Sanjaya wasn’t even in the bottom three. I hope this ends badly.

Now this is the real purpose of my post, the crying plant saved Sanjaya another week allowing him to finish in the top 10. It seems to me that the producers of AI tried everything they could to keep Sanjaya in it this week. Why? Well, the top ten are included on the AI tour that follows the show and even though the little girl was planted in the best seats, by all reports, her emotions were real. I think AI thinks there are plenty of little girls out there who feel the same and would beg and plead their parents for tickets to the Sanjaya American Idols Tour.

You have to admit that besides Lakisha and Melinda, the whole season has been about Sanjaya. And as we found out by the Antonella “scandal,” there is no such thing as bad publicity. And if it is true that AI tried everything they could to keep Sanjaya another week, then how do we know that AI won't or doesn't just manipulate the votes each week to say what ever they want them to say.

The question now is will Sanjaya go from not even being in the bottom 3 this week to booted next week because AI needs to really get down to business and doesn’t need him until the tour starts. Keith Olbermann asked Maria Milito on Countdown last night if AI was as fake a pro wrestling and I am beginning to wonder the same thing. This doubt makes AI more interesting than it was before, though for all the wrong reasons.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AH-HAAAA! The crying girl on AI was a plant.

Well, sort of, click this link for a full explanation. It seems that the little girl and her mother had tickets for either the 5th grader show or American Idol rehearsals. They lucked out and got to go to the AI rehearsals and nagoggally, the little girl immediately burst into tears. The AI people saw this and knew that those weren't tears coming out of her eyes, oh no, it was gold.

AI asked the little girl and her mother to stay for the real deal and made sure they had excellent seats. And when I say excellent, I mean more face time than Seacrest. I had my suspicions about her, and so did Tony Kornheiser, but I let it go because who knew for sure. Well, now it seems we know. I am not sure how I feel about this manufactured emotion, not from the girl, but the emotion the AI producers were trying to get out of the viewers. I guess anything goes as long as it makes for good TV and that little onion peeler definitely made the show more interesting.

It seemed to me that she got the most airtime during Sanjaya's song. Does that mean that the powers that be want him to stay? The little girl definitely made Sanjaya look good with her freak out. The AI people definitely seem like they have an agenda. This proves the point again that this is far from a singing competition, this is a popularity contest. Well, we will see in about five minutes if the crying girl saved the crappy singer.

What's on the menu today? PAIN!!!

You have got to love stupid teenage boys. They are always trying to do things that are cool and funny, but these things usually backfire. Take this prank for instance. It seems that 3 or 4 punks decided it would be funny to put one punk in a dryer and set it on high and film him spinning around. They expect this to be hill-arious, what they don’t expect is a foot flying out of the dryer and someone going down and going down hard. Once again, this is all made funnier in slow motion by the demonic groans of pain. Enjoy!!!

American Idol: The Execrable Eleven

Well, it's over. I actually took notes during last night’s American Idol. I am such a tool. I hate myself, but here’s the way things went down.

First we have Haley who if you haven’t figured out by now is just an average singer. She’s the female Sanjaya, only not as bad as the actual Sanjaya. She sang something I didn’t know or cared to write down. She sounded flat throughout the performance and sounded out of breath by the end. She is in trouble, I think. The only thing that could have saved her was if her top would have fallen down. Hey, it got Antonella through a few weeks.

Next was Chris Timberlake with a song I didn’t know or cared to write down. I just dislike him so much, but this was probably his best performance and Simon agreed with me, so there. I’m glad to see he got over his bad case of the “runs,” also, a great arrangement of the song, whatever it was.

Next we have Stephanie Knowles. She sings a Dusty Springfield song and Dusty rocks by the way, and does a pretty good job, but she is in the same box as Lakisha and Melinda and she is nowhere near as good as them. She is in trouble. An aside, does Paula ever really say anything? All I hear is double talk. You need a Navajo codebreaker to figure out what she really means.

Now we have Blake the Beat Boxer. I really dislike this guy. He sings Time of the Season and immediately starts with the beat box. It sounds like The Fat Boys are coming back from the dead. He sang well but his voice just seems so small sometimes. He was the best of the guys, but I still loathe the beat boxing.

Next we have Lakisha with Diamonds are Forever and no matter what the judges say, I thought this was a great performance. I hated the hairdo but thought she looked lovely as usual. She has such a presence when she is on stage. I thought that at this point she was the best so far. The judges seem to be nonplussed. I am not computing. I think the judges are sandbagging a little bit because since Hollywood it has seemed like the Melinda Lakisha show. I think they are trying to gin up interest in others for better TV. Uh-oh, gay banter alert! Gay banter alert! Simon and Ryan are at it again. They are so gay for each other, dude.

Here comes Phil with Tobacco Road, a song I could sing by heart, and he seems to be doing the David Lee Roth version. Me likey. Phil looks too weird to win and while he is a decent singer, he loves to scream. By the way Simon, this song is a bar band song. I think he did alright, but because of his bottom 3 last week, when he was much better, and Simon’s rough comments, Phil is bottoming out this week.

Jordin comes out and sings a song I didn’t know or forgot to write down because she is turning into a hot mama. She is so beautiful and if Lakisha and Melinda weren’t in this thing, I would say she was your winner. Don't get me wrong, I think she can win if she has no big clunkers and because voters know Lakisha and Melinda are already going to do fine, but she is just out of their league. She was very good. Was Simon winking at Ryan at the end of that song? They are so gay for each other, dude.

Oh no! Sanjaya is up and he is going to sing You Really Got Me. Excuse me, what? Oh no! Well, here goes nothing. He was really bad in rehearsal and I thought he should have gone with the Turtles song, but when he got out onstage I thought he was actually pretty good, by Sanjaya standards. If you went onstage and took his pulse during this performance I think you would find that he actually had one. Who is that little girl? Was she crying because it’s Sanjaya and his singing is like a curse on our ears? I think she likes him! Hey, girlie, he isn’t the Beatles you know. That little girl is the reason he is still with us because there are about 2 million like her who vote for this shaggy haired weasel. His best ever and that combined with the waterworks will move him to top 10. Go, Sanjaya, go! Maybe rock is his thing, huh? Please AI cut him and bring in the sister, she is a saucy mama, AH-OOOOOOGA!

This is long, I know, bear with me. By the way, does anyone else think that the Bruce Willis/Halle Berry movie is going to suck so much? Halle Berry sure can pick them. She wins an Oscar and does nothing but straight trash afterwards. She is the female Nic Cage. And now back to AI.

Here comes Gina and she is talking about not paying attention to the blogs. Does she mean me? I love you Gina, I love you. Moving on, Gina sings Paint It Black. I LOVE THIS SONG! I thought she was great and rock seems to be her niche. I think this factor will keep her in over most of the guys and Stephanie. Oh, Randy, Paula, when you sing a rock song, it’s okay to be pitchy. So, SHUT IT!! Gina kind of got slammed and I thought she was going to pull a Haley and bust out in tears but rockers don’t cry and she soldiered on.

And Simon, I know this competition should be about singing but if that were the case this show would be on the radio and not on TV. This show is about more than singing and we see this every year as good singers get booted off for not being the most popular. You know this and we know this, just let it go.

Sorry, now we have Chris Sligh-d Show Bob and he is singing She’s Not There, another great song. He enters through the crowd and I don’t like it, but I hate people. I thought he did a good job and rivaled Blake as best of the guys. Maybe he really is Bringing Chubby Back.

Finally, we have Melinda singing…something with a new hairdo. I like it, it really shows off her lack of neck. She is great as usual but I would really like to hear her sing an up-tempo song. It seems she torches the place every week. What is the deal with that little girl?!? She’s crying AGAIN? I am getting tired of the “You really like me???” act from Melinda. She can be humble without looking like an idiot.

Well, we are almost done. I thought this was the best show so far this season. See what happens when you have a show based on rock, REAL rock. I also think that Seacrest gets a lot of grief, but he is really good at what he does and I think he is just as important as anyone when it comes to this show. Well, he is definitely more important than Paula. Anyway, I think Haley, Stephanie, and Phil will be bottom 3 and Phil will go home. Sanjaya deserves to go, but he did well and all that weeping will help his odds. Oh come on, she's crying AGAIN?!? What is the deal with that little girl?!?

Monday, March 19, 2007

That Al Pacino can be a son of a b*#@h!

I can't believe I found this video. It is a sketch from SNL about Al Pacino making a bank transaction. Bill Hader does a great Al Pacino impression, probably the best I have ever seen. If you love Al Pacino and how manic and crazy he can be then this is for you, otherwise, check it out anyway. You haven't got anything better to do.

By the by, Bill Hader also does a pretty funny Vincent Price impersonation during Vincent Price's Thanksgiving Party. You can find it on SNL's site. Unfortunately the whole clip isn't available for some reason but you can get the gist. Enjoy!!!

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 9 is in the air!!!

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 9 is in the air!!!

In this episode of the Bombay Gunrunners podcast, the gunrunners discuss coke dealers, Bratch's love of photographing the dead, Lost, the NCAA Tourney, future Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Borat, Indians, and Julie discusses makeup and shoes and other girlie type things.

There is fun to be had by all, so check us out at or search bombay gunrunners on iTunes. You can contact us at bombay or email us at Spread the word!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now it's time for some pain.

Here is a jewel I saw on Around the Net today and if you love pain in your viral videos, this one’s for you. It is a group of imbeciles, a sling shot, a water balloon, and a moronic target. The best part is the slow motion sound. You hear the victim wailing and his friends laughing, it is so demonic yet heavenly. Enjoy!!!!

Here's another March tournament for you, and it's free!

It’s March Madness and I know everyone has joined the Bombay Gunrunners Tournament Pick ‘em league to compete for prize instead of cash and prizes, but there is another tournament going on. It’s called Band Madness. This tournament’s goal is to find the best band of 2007. That doesn’t mean the best band from the year 2007, but the best band out of 512 for the year 2007. Yes, 512, that means 256 choices in the first round. As of right now you can still vote for Round 1A and Round1B has just gone up today.

Now the rules are that you are to vote for the band you like the most, not the band that is supposed to be the most “respected.” That means that if you like Big and Rich better than the Beatles (and if you do, you are an idiot) then you vote for Big and Rich. Here’s an interesting matchup, The Monkees vs. Wolfmother. Now I, of course, voted for Wolfmother because I loves me some Wolfmother, however, they are being crushed by The Monkees because they are probably more lovable. The only matchup that I had to really think hard on (hard on) was Rod Stewart vs. Judas Priest. I was torn, I love Rod Stewart. I loved him with the Jeff Beck Group, the Faces and his solo career. But in the end I had to go with my metal heart and select Priest.

I will admit that there were groups paired together that I never liked or never heard, so in those cases I did try to vote for the one I thought was the most “respected” or well known. I thought it was pretty fun and is a good time killer. New matchups will be up on Monday and Wednesday. I don’t care who you vote for, but can we please get a different band to win this year? Last year’s winner was Nine Inch Nails, and while I respect their work, they just don’t do it for me. Let’s get the Stones or Led Zep, or KISS into the top spot. It’s up to you America, make me proud.

Tubby and UK, the saga continues.

You know things are heating up in Lexington when the UK/Tubby Smith troubles are one of the big headlines on the front page of Yahoo. I love this article. I think it explains everything that the fans feel and everything that the fans expect. It also points out that overall Tubby is well liked and that this hot seat situation is “just business, not personal" for the most part.

I have sad many times before, Tubby is a great coach. He always seems to get the most from his players. He got a championship with someone else’s players, a team that wasn’t exactly full of number one draft picks (check out C. M. Newton’s comments on winning with another coach’s players), and got number one seeds in the NCAA with teams that lacked number one seed talent. His coaching is not in question, it is everything else. The article doesn’t come out and say this, but it seems that C. M. Newton may bear some responsibility for this problem.

I also found it very interesting that big donors to the school have said if that UK says “we need 5 million dollars to buy out Coach Smith,” the donors will have the cash in less than 48 hours and it won’t cost the school a thing. I know this sounds unreasonable to a lot of people since Tubby wins 70% of his games and has never won less than 20 games a season, but read this article, I think it clears up exactly what is going on in the state according to UK basketball.

American Idol: The Terrible Twelve

It’s Idol time and as far as I am concerned, EVERYONE MUST GO!!!! There are only two people who belong on that stage and they are Melinda and Lakisha. Melinda is a professional so I expect her to be great every time and Lakisha, I think, over the last few shows has proved she can sing anything. I am interested in seeing how both of them do during the always crappy country week. Other than those two, the rest couldn’t compete, much less win, any of the past seasons. I think this is the worst group ever and I wonder if this will affect the ratings. If you have to watch crap every week, there’s a chance you will stop watching and just keep up with it online. Well, I won’t because I enjoy the crap singers more than the good ones, which is why I loved last night’s show. Let’s run them down.

Brandon was first and for a professional singer he is sooooo bad. I am starting to think his family and friends made him do this and he was happy just being a backup singer. He hasn’t brought anything to the show yet and if you can’t bring it by now you don’t need to be here. And he FORGOT THE WORDS!!! He is a professional. He has “rellegedly” toured with big stars, but it seems as though he has never been in front of an audience. He and Sanjaya need to find their onions.

Then we have Gina who sang Love Child. I thought she did pretty well but towards the end of the show I tried to count up all who performed to see who was left and for the life of me I couldn’t remember her. I even remembered Haley and she was bad. Gina can’t win but should stay a while, especially since she will be getting the “rocker” vote.

Here’s where I begin to forget the order, so I will go with Phil. I think this was his best performance and I thought he was the best of the guys. With that being said he can’t win because he has no stage presence. He is pretty good but not great.

Let’s go to Haley why don’t we. She was bad and she forgot the words as well. But in her defense, she is NOT a professional and she looked like she was the most nervous of them all. I think her mini breakdown and crying jag plus Simon saying it wasn’t that bad, may keep her in this one more week. She has no shot at finishing top 5 much less winning.

Let’s go to Sanjaya. He is the worst singer to have ever made the final 12 and I am not sure he isn’t the worst singer to ever make it to the final 24. His voice is non existent. He sings like he talks, very, very quietly. He is a horrible performer, smiling and dancing while it sounds like he just wants to get it over with and go home. I do love watching him perform and I hope he stays a long time. If America is smart he will be gone tonight, but America isn’t that smart.

Melinda is good. I go back and forth every week between her and Lakisha and I think she was 1A this week. She has done all she needs to do. If she were voted off tonight we would be hearing her in 6 to 8 months on the radio. She doesn’t need this show anymore.

Chris Sligh turned a Diana Ross song into Clocks. He messed up. I also think he sounds the same every week. He sounds pretty good, but Lakisha and Melinda change their style up week by week but Sligh is same old same old. He will get old, but has best shot of the guys to win, singing wise.

Lakisha was the bomb as Randy would say. And she didn’t even sing a Diana Ross song. She sounds better than Diana Ross and sounded as good as Billie Holliday. Like Melinda, she doesn’t need the show anymore. The best, Jerry, the best!

Blake had to follow Lakisha and that definitely did not help him. He also changed the arrangement of the song he picked. I think the contestants need to focus more on singing well instead of proving they can screw up classic songs. I did like his arrangement better than his singing. I think the bigger stage and auditorium has shown that most of these singers do not have a big enough voice for this. Blake sounded weak, definitely not his best.

Man, this is getting long. Stephanie is next, she is just outside the top 2 or 3. She sounds exactly like Beyonce and she tends to scream, but compared to the guys, she WAS Beyonce. She can’t win, but should be top 5 or 6.

Chris Timberlake is back and he was not good at all. As I listened to this I thought it sounded like he was a little out of breath or was trying to force the song out instead of singing. He tried to put those ridiculously useless runs at the end of everything and I hope he goes tonight just for that. IT DOES NOT HURT TO JUST SING A SONG!!!. We don’t need you to “pretty up” a classic. We don’t need all these songs from the 60’s brought into the year 2000. There is a reason people still love songs like these. Although I had never heard the song Chris chose. He also looks like he is in extreme pain as he sings, wincing the night away.

Finally we have Jordin and she was good, not winning good, but third place good. I don’t think she made this a 3 horse race, but for someone this young she has plenty of time to be a star. She is top 3.

There is the long winded report. I must say that outside of Melinda and Lakisha, the whole show stunk, which I like. I have to wonder why these idiots didn’t choose more songs people have heard, but I guess they all want to be individuals and not be compared with the artist who originally did them. I have no idea who goes tonight, I hope Sanjaya and Haley stay another week; I know Lakisha and Melinda will. I might have to agree with my compadres at I think Stephanie may go tonight because she loses votes to Melinda and Lakisha. It really doesn’t matter though, they all suck.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Take a break and laugh your a$$ off.

Saw these videos on G4's Around the Net, the first is a video of athletes failing miserably at their sports. Pay special attention to the bike race. Wherever that is taking place, they must really love their bicycling.

The other video appears to be from a sketch comedy show called Human Giant. It is a piece on how money and deceit can change a friendship.


Bombay Gunrunners Episode 8 is in the air!!!

It's time to celebrate!! This is IA's 1000th post. Whoopee!!! Also the 8th episode of the Bombay Gunrunners is in the air.

In this episode the Gunrunners discuss, Heroes, Lost, The Departed, 300, Pat's presidential campaign, Lee's drowning dream, the Bandit, go to movies, John Popper's secret hatches, a contest to become the next public radio show host.

That's a lot, check it out at or look us up on iTunes under bombay gunrunners. You can email us at or leave a message or comment on Be there, aloha!


It's second Chritsmas!!!

It's here, March Madness and I am practically insane. If you have been listening to our podcast, Bombay Gunrunners, then you know that we have a Yahoo NCAA Tournament Pick 'em private group for you to join. For those of you who do not listen to our podcast, (shame on you) then I will give you the information you need to join up.

Group ID: 32164
Password: bombay

Go to Yahoo Fantasy Sports, find the Tournament Pick 'em space and then select join a private group and enter the information above. I have already said that if someone can beat all the Gunrunners who compete, then they will win some sort of prize. It's not going to be a cool million like Yahoo is giving away, but it will be something. So what have you got to lose, except for your dignity!!!

Also, for those who don't think they have the knowledge or picking skills then here is some help courtesy of Yahoo.

I have already made my picks and I have to say, they appear to all be correct. To see them, join up. Good luck!!!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

The University of Kentucky and Tubby Smith have a lot of work to do.

Man, I feel beat down. I just finished watching the University of Kentucky Wildcats lose in overtime to the Mississippi State Bulldogs. UK is bad and I am not sure what is to be done. I just kills me to know that every time UK plays a top 25 team, I know they won't win. It just kills me to know that every time that UK is in a close game with 2 minutes left, I know they won't win. It just kills me to know that every time UK has a last shot to win a game, I know they will somehow screw it up. It just kills me to know, that just 3 or 4 years ago, UK was in the top 10 and had a legit chance at an NCAA title. I don't see that in the future for at least two or three years.

I know some of you are saying, "Quit your crying, you won 20 games and are in the NCAA tournament." Sorry, that is not how it works at UK. I am not one of the hardcore fans who expect to win it all every year. I am not one of those who expect to win 30 or 35 games a year and run roughshod over the SEC. I do however expect a Final Four every 4 or 5 years. I do expect to at least have a shot at a title if the breaks fall the right way in March.

This year will be the 9th year since UK was last in a Final Four. UK has not gone longer than 8 years in between Final Fours. I think something needs to be done and if Tubby Smith has to go then cut him loose. I like Tubby and I think he is a great coach, but something is going wrong in Lexington. The players this year are all mentally retarded when it comes to basketball IQ. I am convinced that UK would only have 4 or 5 losses if it weren't for stupid mistakes committed for no other reason than it is a team of morons. Besides being morons, UK has a few players that get significant minutes who would not be starters on a good mid major college team. Bobby Perry, Sheray Thomas, and Lukasz Orbzut would not even start for Western Kentucky University. Hell, they may not be able to start for DII Kentucky Wesleyan.

I am not sure what can be done, but getting rid of this year's seniors can only help. After that the main problem I see is UK hasn't got the steady stream of talent that the UNCs, the Dukes, the Kansases or even the OSUs have year after year. Beyond that, the players that UK does have do not seem to mature basketball wise, meaning the juniors still make freshman mistakes. I see no development of the players from year to year.

I think the best thing Tubby could do is fire his assistants and start fresh. A change might do him some good. New blood may be the key. Unfortunately it appears Tubby heard that suggestion last year from the UK AD and decided to stand pat, basically saying that this season wouldn't be as bad as last year's and to trust him. How has that worked out for UK?

I am not a basketball genius, I am not a coach of any sort, I am not privy to details that may be known by more informed people. I am a hardcore UK fan who is becoming apathetic. I am a UK fan that is not confident UK can even win their first game of the NCAA tournament. I am a UK fan that needs to see some progress and changes brought about over the off season. I am a UK fan that just wants his team back.

If I wanted to be a Georgia fan I wouldn't root for Kentucky. If I was satisfied with 20 to 25 wins a season and 2 and out in the NCAA Tournament I would become a fan of a Big Ten team. I am a UK fan and there are certain things that are expected from a UK basketball team and I hope they are brought back before our expectations are lowered and we are able to settle with what has happened in the last two years.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Holy crap!!! My log's on fire!!!

It appears that Darwinism has been thwarted…for now. Two idiots in Wisconsin (where else?) decided to do a stunt they saw on one of the Jackass movies. I am not sure what the stunt was, but apparently the two guys thought it involved lighter fluid, a lighter, and a drunken guy’s genitals. The drunken guy pulls down his pants and lets his friend spray him down with lighter fluid. The friend tried to light the fire and when it wouldn’t light, instead of thinking, “Wait a minute, this could be the stupidest thing I’ve ever done,” he sprays more lighter fluid on his drunken friend.

Well, what do you know; this time the fluid ignites setting his friends hands and schlong on fire. Here’s how I think it went down. The on fire drunk guy first yells out, “Oh (four letter word of your choice)!!!” Then he runs around in a circle for 5 and a half seconds. He then thinks, “Water, I need water!!” He then runs squealing and crying like a drunken little girl to the bathroom and dives into the bathtub. The guy gets put out and then enjoys a nice, but rushed trip to the hospital.

In the aftermath, the drunken friend, with the now crispy fry, suffered serious burns to his hands and his genitals ruining his just purchased subscription to the adult movie service Porn Flixxx. And his friend who sprayed him down and set his c%@k on fire is now being charged with felony battery and first degree reckless endangerment. The friend with the charred pork stick said he didn’t want anyone to get in trouble because of the stunt.

Didn’t want anyone to get in trouble? As far as I am concerned Mr. Fried One Eye is in trouble with a capital P. I read stories like these and I find it hard to feel sorry for anyone involved. And not only are these two guys morons, but there were other people with these two jacknuts who thought this was a great idea.

I have two hopes after reading this story. One is that this guy is never able to procreate. And my second hope is that someone at this party had a video camera and we will see this on YouTube real soon. The only thing better than reading a story about d-bags doing something stupid is seeing the actual footage.

American Idol Week 3: The Broads

From the first song of the girls’ show last it night you could really tell a difference between them and the guys. The main difference? The girls are good and the guys suck. The girls seem to know they are in a competition and every week they bring their best and show personality while the guys seem to like each other so much that they are just happy to be there and they don't want to hurt one another by trying to blow people away. There is no reason that Brandon, a professional singer should not be dominating this show, at least on the guy’s side. Instead he is sweating it out with the rest of the sucksters tonight.

I think at this stage you could take 6 girls and 3 guys and tell the rest to hit the road. I thought all the girls did better than the guys, even Antonella was better than Sanjaya or Sundance. Unfortunately for her she is horrible and standing onstage with the Lakishas and Melindas only highlight that fact even more. Has Antonella ever sang a note that wasn't flat? Haley is not much better than Antonella and may have been a little worse this week.

Lakisha is great, but I think Melinda is the best there is and she should be because like Brandon, she is a professional. Tony Kornheiser this morning said that Melinda was the best who has ever been on AI and should be disqualified immediately because she is a professional. With performances like last night’s it is hard to argue. As of right now, there is not one guy in her or Lakisha’s league and there will have been some pretty huge shenanigans pulled if the final three or four aren’t all girls.

So, who goes tonight? Well, it depends, are we losing two guys and two girls like usual or are we losing the bottom 4 vote getters no matter what their sex? It’s obvious that Sanjaya, Sundance, Antonella and Haley are the worst singers left in the groups, by significant margins. However, America is weird and vote for the also plays a role in all of this. I believe Sanjaya and Jared are gone for the guys and Jordin and Haley are gone for the girls.

That is if the eliminations stay the course. If the bottom overall vote getters go this week I think Sanjaya, Jared, Haley and Phil are gone this week. I hope it goes down like that because Antonella has no right to be in the final 12 over Jordin and I would trade any guy to keep her in the competition. I don’t think Jordin will win, but I enjoy here performances and she makes Seacrest look like a hobbit.

So, it should be an interesting show tonight. I might even watch.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Something to pep up your day, Chuck Norris style.

If you are a fan of Conan O’Brien and a fan of Chuck Norris, this post is for you. I got this from a blog called Popoholic and it is links to clips of Conan O’Brien playing Walker, Texas Ranger clips. That sentence sounds so bad, but I am a wordsmith so deal with it.

The premise is that the same company owns both shows so Conan can play the Walker clips anytime he likes and doesn’t have to pay for them. He just pulls a lever and a Walker clip pops up with no frame of reference or context and usually it is crappy. It is also comedy gold. Check it out.

Caveman TV? We aren't ready for this as a country.

Really? Do we need this? It’s bad enough that we have a thousand of these commercials to see anyway, but it appears ABC is so desperate for sitcom ideas that they are taking the Geico cavemen and basing a 30 minute show around them. Do any of us believe this will work? Haven’t we seen enough SNL skits that work great as 5 minute pieces turn into massive suck fests at the theater? Remember the Stuart Smalley movie? Remember the Pat movie? See where I am going. This can only end badly and kill whatever love we might have for the cavemen.

When you really look at these commercials and the more you see of them, you realize the cavemen are too whiny to stand for 30 minutes once a week. Is this what we can look forward to every week? Someone does something to offend a caveman and they all sit around and complain about the lack of respect. It sounds like the perfect sitcom formula. You take a premise and run it into the ground. It’s the Everybody Loves Raymond tactic. You know, every ELR show was the same, Ray did something stupid, his wife got angry and she was never wrong. Even when she was wrong she was never wrong. This was formerly known as the Home Improvement Formula for Sitcoms. Tim Allen sucks. Just wanted to put that out there.

This just goes to show you how much crap is on TV that this seems like a great idea. If you click the link to read the story from Variety, the article reminds us that CBS tried this once with Baby Bob and we all know how successful that was. I am playing into their hands, but we don’t need their kind on TV for 30 minutes a week. I would think cavemen would be satisfied enough that one of them has a big role on Heroes right now as a nuclear bomb. There is just no pleasing those people.

The Sopranos, a Remembrance

Here’s a little teaser and reminder that The Sopranos are back in April. Of course with The Sopranos, who knows if that is April 2007 or 08 or 09 or etc. Sometimes I feel like Axl Rose is behind these periods between seasons.

This is a video of all those who have passed away on the show. May we all be as lucky to go as Gigi Gestone went. Arrivederci!

American Idol Week 3: The Dudes

It’s Wednesday and that means it is time for some American Idol talk. The guys were bad last night. The beat boxer was probably the best although that “talent” of his really bothers me. He can sing, but like the rest of the guys, after the show is over, I don’t really remember any of them. Well, that’s a lie, I remember Sanjaya and Sundance, mainly because they are soooooooooooooooooo terrible.

Every week, Sanjaya looks worse and worse. He looks so uncomfortable out there and I think he is actually trying to get the boot. He has a nice look and a good enough voice to do something in the future, but for now he looks so overmatched against the rest of the guys. And they suck too! Sundance’s situation is the one of these things is not like the others factor. I would rather hear Sundance than Sanjaya, but it is hard to watch him perform. Sundance sang Pearl Jam’s Jeremy last night and I am not sure he really knew the lyrics. He was making up his own as he went along and I am not talking about “seemed a harmless little punk.”

With all that being said, I think one or both of them will make it to the final 12 because even though they suck, they are the ones you remember. I have to admit, the only reason I look forward to seeing the guys sing is to see how bad Sundance and Sanjaya are going to be. I also think that America knows that most of the singers this year, including the girls, stink, so what’s the harm in keeping the worst around until we get to the best 6 or 7. It makes for interesting TV. I mean, can you imagine how uncomfortable Sanjaya will look in front of thousands of people instead of the couple hundred they are in front of now? I think that would be great trainwreck TV.

The Jareds, Phils, and Brandons of the competition are good but I have no idea who they are after the show. Brandon I think is probably the best singer of all the guys, but he seems to have a problem picking songs that make a good impression. Phil is bald and Jared sings sex songs to his parents or grandparents, see that was the creepiest moment of the season so far and I can't remember which loved ones he wanted to sex up. Other than that Phil and Jared are invisible. I think those three should be scared to death this week for more than just the Sundance and Sanjaya crap factor.

Which leads me to this tidbit that may mean nothing, but I just heard on The Tony Kornheiser Show, which goes in depth on AI every week and can be found in iTunes as a podcast, that Seacrest teased a big announcement on Thursday’s booting show and there is speculation that instead of 6 guys and 6 girls it may become the top 12 vote getters. That means only Blake, Chris and Chris will be safe and the rest of the guys are in trouble, especially Brandon and Phil. It should be an interesting cutdown show this week. I can’t help but feeling that Sundance and Sanjaya are going to cost someone a spot in the top 12 even if it stays 6 and 6. And secretly, I hope it happens.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 7 is in the air!!!

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 7 is in the air!!! This episode may go into the one year anniversary best of/clip show, well at least part of it. In episode 7 we discuss a special kind of “club” that was discovered in a rural area. The name of the club is “The Bait Shop.” You can guess where this goes. Yes, it goes straight to comedy GOLD, Jerry, gold!

We also discuss Heroes, Bratch LOVED Lost (they are ice skating in hell as we speak), and American Idol. We discuss random music news including my and Bratch’s impromptu concerts in Best Buy at the Guitar Hero demo. We have movie reviews including The Prestige, The Illusionist, Black Snake Moan, and Zodiac. Julie has her own special part of the show that includes make up recommendations and glasses and shoe talk. And many other things I can’t remember right now. It’s freakin’ genius.

Tell all your friends to check it out and look us up at or search us on iTunes under Bombay Gunrunners. You can email us at or leave us a message or comment at Word!



Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reno 911's Greatest Hits

Here's something to kill some time with, it's Reno 911's 10 best moments in the show's history. I am not sure about some of them, but there are a few that will make you laugh out loud at your desk. So, click this link and waste some time.

Proof that SNL is funny again!!

Lately I have been hyping on the Bombay Gunrunners show that Saturday Night Live was actually funny this year. Many of you laughed and did not believe me. Well, I have proof. The first is an SNL Short starring Rainn Wilson (Dwight Shrute) as a boss in a business meeting asking for suggestions. Pay attention or you might miss someone.

This other clip is, well, not really that funny, except for the name of the parody. It also stars Rainn Wilson and is a knock-off of the trailer for Blake Snake Moan.

There you go, some proof that SNL is at least trying to be funny, which is more than you could say for the last 3 or 4 years. If you are not convinced after watching these examples then…I don’t care.

American Idol Week 2: The Broads

The girls sang last night and once again I think their group did a better job than the guys, but at least the guys put up a fight this time. Melinda is going to have to have a complete meltdown to lose this thing. I think she’s unbelievable. She seems to be under a little more control than Lakisha. Lakisha is amazing, but I think I need to see her sing some different songs. I am confident Melinda can sing anything, but I will need to see Lakisha do it. If she can, then it will be a really great battle between the two. Just as an aside, I love Gladys Knight and the Pips.

As for the rest, I liked Stephanie, Sabrina, and Jordin. I want to like Gina, but she just didn’t do it for me last night, but I think she was better than a few others. I want to like Haley because she is a saucy mama, but she can’t hang with most of these girls. I also want to like Leslie because she seems kooky, but she looks soooo uncomfortable and weird when performing. I guess what I am saying is I LOOOOOOOVE the ladies or at least I really want to LOOOOOOOVE the ladies.

Now we have Antonella, who was horrible last week, and this week she went from horrible to just putrid, so it was an improvement. I was amazed that it didn’t feel all weird and uncomforting while she was on screen, considering most of us have seen her in various stages of undress or worse if you believe that girl was her. I did feel weird when they flashed to her mom in the audience, but I just went to my happy place and thought of Antonella's photos and the feeling passed. I thought Antonella seemed a little weird, rolling her eyes, and showing some attitude when the judges were telling her she stunk. I was going to use another word, but… Anyway, she is the Sundance of the girls, the one who just doesn’t belong, but somehow keeps hanging on.

Who will go tonight? It doesn’t really matter; I don’t think there will be any surprises. I think Alaina and Leslie will go tonight. Antonella stays?!? I think she stays unless there is some trickery and the “votes” were already cast for her by the producers before the show started. Otherwise, she is the bad one who will stick around and I am starting to enjoy seeing her sing badly and then be told how craptacular she is. For the guys, it could be just about any one of them, but I think we will say goodbye to Nicholas and Sanjaya. Sundance lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My top 6 girls who will make the final 12

1. Melinda-She is the best hands down.

1a. Lakisha-She is the best hands down.

3. Stephanie-Another with a big voice, but not big enough for the top girls.

4. Sabrina-Really, can she beat the top two? No, but better than the rest.

5. Jordin-I think she will make final 12 on potential alone.

6. Antonella-She is my Sundance pick, more college guys will vote for her than voted for president in the last election. She stinks, but she is very photogenic.