Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Welcome to a new face at Incongruen-Affect

There is a new face here at IA who will go by the name of Lemur_Lemur. Piccu and Bratch will meet him this weekend. He has a pretty cool job in the music library and a very different background and up bringing from the rest of us so it should add to the diversity.

From all us here at Incongruent-Affect.... Welcome


Piccu said...

I don't know if I like what is going on around here. Lemur Lemur likes ACC basketball and Cocky the GameCock, not exactly in line with most of us.

Even so, as long as you click the ad every time you check the blog you are more than welcome.

Travis said...

I'll withhold my welcome for the time being. I've got two rules:
1. Never play poker with a guy who has the same first name as a city.
2. Never trust an ACC basketball fan. (See the Dick Vitale Love Fest Rule in Worfner's Rules for Life volume 3, now in paperback.)

lemur_lemur said...

Nice to meet y'all, too . . .To set the record straight, I'm required to support Cocky as part of terms of my employment. I think he's a pretty ridiculous as a mascot and even more so that people are so diehard for him here. On the otherhand, I make no apologies for rooting for the school I went to. I am well aware of the geographical center of this blog and what basketball team(s) are favored in it, so I will refrain from waxing poetic on the Tar Heels. You can listen to Woody Durham for that.

Now that I've got that out of the way, my post in response to french_toast's old lady incident.

I think I have to side with the little old lady: you should be considerate to your elders who can't move as fast to stand up or see as well. They should have unobstructed views of the game on a screen where the camera zooms in on what you want to see and people don't block your view. Even better is if they could get this magical device into people's homes where they could watch it in peace without all of these young roustabouts jumping up whenever someone in blue scores. If only such a device existed . . .

(nevermind the fact that this game wasn't televised in Columbia; it's the principle of the thing) Obviously, seeing a game being played is only part of the reason anyone is there in the first place, particularly with two lackluster football programs like USC and um, the other team. If someone had jumped up in the middle of tailgating, there would be some 'bows thrown, you can be sure of that.