Tuesday, October 11, 2005

No Yanks, no Sox, no ratings... Rock on!

So it seems that the playoffs will be a little more fun to watch this week for those of us who like baseball. Unfortunately all of the TV networks hate it as well as most baseball organizations hate it.

But who cares because I'm happy.

Now ESPN and all of the news networks are going to have to find some new stories and actually have to do some work. Of course they are probably only going to do stories on the ex-Yankees that are still going strong in the playoffs like Roger Clemens, Jose Contreras and El Duque(whatever his name is).

The only problem with the playoffs right now is the White Sox. I know the ChiSox haven't won in forever, but for some reason no one really cares about them. It's a great story this season, but I doubt that even the juggernaut that is ESPN can even pound the White Sox into our heads so much that we begin to care about them.

I was talking with a co-worker about them today and he mentioned that maybe it's because they haven't won in so long that people don't care about them. While that's a nice thought, the Cubs haven't won anything since 1908 and people love them, so that theory doesn't really hold water.

The Chicago White Sox haven't won a World Series since 1917, I believe, and most people could care less. Maybe the Black Sox scandal has really caused people to not cheer for the White Sox even 85 years after it came out. If that is the case, that's pretty hardcore.

The best thing that ever happened to the ChiSox is gangsta rap back in the 90's when you couldn't rap to Piccu unless you'd killed someone and had on some White Sox paraphenalia.

Either way, we get to see some baseball that isn't all about the Yankees and/or Red Sox and thankfully the Braves did their job and lost early for the 11th year in a row.

It sucks to know that the Braves are keeping a team out of the playoffs that might actually have a chance of winning and MLB certainly doesn't want them in the World Series.

Game 7 of the World Series could be held in Atlanta and the stadium would be half full because no one cares about the Braves. There are a ton of Braves fans everywhere, but they don't actually want to go see them.


Piccu said...

I would like to clear something up about being able to rap to me. I didn't say you had to kill to be able to rap to me.

You have to shoot someone before you can be taken seriously as a rapper by me. Thanks for letting me clear that up.

BRATCH said...

Shooting. Killing, whatever. I think you're splitting hairs.

The bottom line is that our prison system is full of legit rappers that Piccu would love to hear, provided the parole board feels that they've been rehabilitated.

And when it gets down to it, shooting someone is failure because they intended to kill them. I don't want to hear the so-called music of a failure.

Piccu said...

Because of their failure they become rappers. The ones who have killed can't necessarily come out and rap about it because of the whole statute of limitations thing or they are already in jail.

Those who attempted to kill can rap about killing without threat of prosecution and still have insight into the mind of a killer because they tried it, though it didn't take.

Those who kill, do. Those who wound, rap.