Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Our Shrinking Vocabulary

Ah the good old days. The days when I could say "suck" and it referred more to what a baby does to a pacifier or a vacuum cleaner does to a carpet. The days when referring to someone as "black" wasn't considered racist.

Our vocabulary has been shrinking for much longer than I've been alive. Well before I saw my first sights the word queer was taken away from us. The definition of the word refers to something varying from the norm or strange. In practicality, it means a homosexual. Now any use of the word other than the crude slang usage is simply unheard of.

Similarly, the word gay is completely taken on new meaning. Put the two together. Before slang distorted their meaning, saying someone was "a gay queer" might mean he was a happy weirdo. Of course not it would be a redundant statement.

Think of all the words you can't use now because of some slang usage. Queer, gay, black, suck, damn, ass, the list goes on and on. Not just words have been taken away. If you have a rainbow sticker on your car, best of luck making it through Butler County. Why? It's just a rainbow, but again, the original meaning is overtaken by the modern usage.

Before Bratch or Piccu makes a comment about the queens English, think of how much more confusing it is in England. Where smoking a fag means that you're acting more like Andrew Dice Clay than Sir Elton John. In England using a rubber simply means you're erasing an error made with a pencil, not preventing an error made with a penis.

By now you're thinking this entry has no point. You would be correct in that. It's just a simple stream of consiousness flowing through my keyboard, onto the screen and into your brain. I apologize already. But just think about this entry the next time the newest fad word comes out. Think about how much you have to think and guard against when making simple observations. Maybe you'll lament the shrinking of our vocabulary. Maybe you'll laugh it off. Either way, it sucks.

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