Monday, October 03, 2005

Piccu weighs in on Harem Scarem 2005

I too will just make a post since my comment is liable to be a long one. As far as movies go, if you want a newer funnier one that still has some good gore and horror, than you can’t go wrong with Shaun of the Dead. The main problem with this movie is that it is British so if you aren’t used to the accent, it could be hard to understand. Go to Blockbuster and rent the Office season one and two (the British version) and watch it, it will prepare you.

I have a couple of movies, but we watched one last year. I have The Changeling and a movie called Black Christmas. Both are pretty good. I know that a movie called High Tension will be out the week of the 14th and from what I have read, it is crazy.

I just read a magazine that listed the 25 scariest movies of all time and included was Dog Soldiers. I believe Merlin had talked about that movie. The only problem with this movie is the same for Shaun of the Dead, it is British and I had read somewhere the sound mixing was pretty bad.

The problem with picking a Friday the 13th movie is that after part 3, they all look the same to me. Part 3 is and will always be my fave, but 4 the Final Chapter and 6 Jason Lives appears to be the best two to pick from. The only problem with these two is I can’t remember if we have seen them. It won’t matter too much but I would like to see one I haven’t seen or seen in years.

Other movies that could be watched are The Ring Two, Bratch and I have not seen that one. Dawn of the Dead sounds good to me if no one else objects. I am not sure about Wrong Turn. I am always up for Halloween, the greatest of all time. The Exorcist III is good, but I think we have watched it six thousand times and I don’t think French Toast will even attempt to watch it, but I am down if everyone wants to.

I may order a movie or two before we make the trip if I can find some cheap ones that I have heard good things about.

As for the food situation, I think a trifling trifle will be awesome. Bratch and I could bring some tater salad and I will be more than happy to grill up some sausages and brats and dogs and burgers and whatever else would be good. Halloween candy should be consumed, I feel.

Anything else that can be thought of that everyone likes is cool with me. If there is anything that cannot be found in SC and needs to be brought from the OC, Bratch and I need to know about it. I am getting a little fired up; hopefully we can pull this off.

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