Thursday, October 27, 2005

French Toast's worst nightmare, if she had a daughter.

This post is especially for the wonderful French Toast. Click on the link and enjoy this story about 8 year old girls, guns, and bears.

Speaking of guns, I talked with Merlin's dad today and he asked if we fired the guns we had transported to South Carolina. I told him that we had discussed it but we didn't do it because French Toast was freaking.

He then surmised that the weapons had still not been fired if that was the case. I agreed and we both laughed at French Toast's irrational fear.


my_merlin77 said...

That rocks. She may just go nuts.

french_toast said...

Thanks for using me in your title and giving "props" to my irrational fear. This eight year old is braver than me but what in the world is she doing in the woods with a gun and a bear at eight years old. I guess that is better than in the woods without a gun but still it gave me the creeps.