Thursday, October 27, 2005

Welcome to the jungle, it's gonna make you old. HUNH!

Axl Rose must be so proud. He fronted one of the greatest rock bands in history. He sold millions of records. He saw a million faces and he rocked them all. Axl Rose was the coolest.

Now it seems according to Ellegirl magazine, he is still cool, just not the coolest. Axl Rose was voted the second coolest “old person” in the world. He is second to grandparents. (How your grandparents are cooler than Axl Freakin’ Rose, I don’t know.) I know it’s not the same as just being plain the coolest, but considering where Axl is now, this is pretty good. Somehow all this is making me feel old.


french_toast said...

I loved Axl Rose!!! Some good hair bad music can always but me in a good mood.

Piccu said...

What do you mean bad music? You mean bad as in good or bad as in bad? G'n'F'nR ruled toastie!

Bob said...

Axl WAS cool.