Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gettin' My Wig Split

So for the past several years, I have been cutting my hair pretty short. I guess it was over a year ago that I realized i should buy a twenty dollar set of clippers and just get my wife or myself to cut it. It was short anyway and after a couple of attempts my method was perfected. Over the past year I have evolved to a 3 or 4 guard on the top and a 1 on the sides and back. This had worked out well, but the last couple of times I have been wanting to try a shorter cut. I finally got the courage up on Friday to put a 2 on the top and a 1 on the rest. I thought it really couldn't be THAT much shorter. Well, I was wrong. After finishing the top part of my hair without a mirror as always. I moved to the shorter guard to cut the back/sides. Well, it started when I couldn't find the 1 guard. I searched and searched and finally found it: it was on the razor. I had managed to grab the wrong one and put it on to cut the top. Let's say it was short. My hair is about as light blonde as can possibly be and from a distance it looked like I was shaved slick. You'd be surprised how fast it grows and today it already looks and feels longer.

I am indeed the moron.


BRATCH said...

I'll second that emotion.

Piccu said...

You have GOT to put a pic on here. You can't do something like this 6,000 miles from family and friends and not share it.

I expect a pic to be posted on this site in the next few days. If not, it may be a looooong time before some of us come to the east coast again.

Travis said...

I'd like to see that pic as well. I've been a 2/1 guy for a long time, but I have dark hair and God is already in the process of making me look slick bald.

my_merlin77 said...

Ok, I'll put one up tonight. I'm not sure I have the final product under a picture, but I know I have the reverse mohawk.