Thursday, October 06, 2005

The 86-Year Curse of the Bambino

Mark the date because you heard it here first, the Curse of the Bambino is an 86-year curse. That means that the Red Sox will not win a championship until 86 years after the previous championship. Boston fans I know are beside themselves this morning. If you watched the game last night between the White Sox and the Red Sox, you know what I'm talking about.

Fifth innning, Boston is cruising with a 2-run lead and the White Sox have a runner on first and 1 out. I believe it was Juan Uribe was up for the White Sox and he hit a text book double play ball to second base. Boston's Tony Graffanino made a text book play on the ball and went to toss it to the shortstop for the sure out at second base. The only problem was that the ball went right under his glove and between his legs during his smooth as silk motion to second base and it rolled into the outfield.

The White Sox runner that was sprinting to second base actually did a double take as if to say, "Did he really miss that ball?"

Needless to say, that double play ball would have ended the inning. Instead, White Sox second baseman Tadahito Iguchi came up as the VERY NEXT BATTER and hit a 3-run bomb and the White Sox never looked back.

I'll bet that as soon as that home run ball entered the stands the Boston fans all looked at each other to confirm that a couple of minutes before Graffanino did have a ball roll between his legs and that it cost them the lead.

So all of these Boston fans who were holding their heads high and talking about how "wicked awesome" the Red Sox are after winning the World Series last year are on the verge of regressing back to their childhood when the Sox never won anything. In a world of instant sports gratification where the stories are available 15 minutes after the game is over, some of these people who weren't thinking about Bill Buckner didn't go to work this morning.

Maybe the Curse of the Bambino is a curse where the Red Sox are destined to only win a championship every 86 years? Maybe the 86-year theory was confirmed in the '86 World Series when Buckner had the ball roll between his legs? Maybe the ball rolling between Graffanino's legs was a sign to all Red Sox fans that this is year number 1 of the 86-year Curse of the Bambino?

So Boston fans out there that might be reading this, let that nugget of speculation roll around in the ol' noggen for a little bit and see if you feel going to the upcoming game at Fenway.

Maybe we'll see a few more signs of the "86-Year Curse of the Bambino". LOL

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Piccu said...

Thus begins the Curse of the Graffanino.