Friday, October 07, 2005

Jessica Biel voted Sexiest Woman Alive...

She's the sexiest woman alive at least until they vote again next year. I'll buy that. She's pretty hot, not Rhona Mitra hot, but I can see her with the title.

Rock on.


my_merlin77 said...

I am almost afraid to reply to this.... yeah not by any means my first pick, but I could understand why she may be others.

Travis said...

Hotter than Jessica Biel off the top of my head:
Jennifer Connely
Jennifer Esposito
Eva Mendes
Katie Holmes
Keira Knightley (sp?)
Vanessa Marcil
Kelly Monaco

That's without flexing a brain muscle. And I'm not down on Jessica Biel, she's hot, but she wouldn't make my top ten.

BRATCH said...

I'm not sure that all of them are hotter. Really I guess I have a hot list and once you are hot, you're in.

Kind of like grace. You either have it or you don't.

Piccu said...

I disagree with this pick. Don't get me wrong, I looooove the ladies, but Jessica Biel is not the sexiest alive. She is very very nice, but sexiest alive? No.

First, I think that most of the population should know who you are before you can be sexiest alive. I bet if you asked 10 people on thee street who Jessica Biel is, 5 would not know.

What are the qualifications and how official are these rankings?

I believe Sivart had some good choices for hotter than Jessica Biel. May I add some others?

Tyra Banks
Halle Berry
Jessica F. Alba
Salma Hayek
Jessica f. Alba
Maria Bello
Natalie Portman
Jessica F. Alba

Those are just a few. Happy lusting!!

Piccu said...

I must have my head examined by Merlin. I forgot Cameron Diaz, for me she can give anyone you put up a run for their money even Jessica F. Alba.

Anonymous said...

Tyra Banks?...shut up. Rhona Mitra in Doomsday hands down is the sexiest I've ever seen a woman be. All I could think about was how hot she was every scene she was in she is the elite forever until I find a replacement but I wouldn't hold my breath.