Monday, October 10, 2005

The Burmese python strikes again.

Why would some freaking moron want to have any snake as a pet, much less a Burmese python? I gave you the picture and story about the python eating the alligator and blowing up because of it. Now it seems another Burmese python has decided to pick on someone a little smaller than a gator. Apparently a Burmese python has eaten a Siamese cat in Florida.

This snake was found inside a stolen car by the owner who was looking for his wallet. He found the snake inside, which was looking for a dry place after all the rain, and called 911. There was a bulge in the snake that animal control believes is the missing cat. Animal control experts wrestled with the snake for 10 minutes and claimed the snake wasn’t in any mood to move from his new car.

These snakes are called Burmese pythons, not Florida pythons. Why do we, as a country and government, let idiots bring exotic animals into the country to keep as pets? I have a neighbor with tigers and cougars and probably more on the way. I just know that one day these animals will get out and kill someone or some ones in my community. I believe that if the animal has to be imported or exported to arrive in your backyard then too bad, go to a zoo.


my_merlin77 said...

I am a little confused with some of the wording. Did the man or the snake call 911?

Don't you have a neighbor with exotic pets?

Piccu said...

You don't read too good do you. The man found the snake inside, words words words, and called 911.

If you take another look you will notice that I intimate that I do indeed have a neighbors with exotic pets. I must have been too subtle.

BRATCH said...

We do have a neighbor with exotic pets and I have been eye to eye with one of them. I was about 18 inches from a great big bengal tiger as it stood on its hind legs and it was a little unsettling even though it was in its cage.

Although, the cougar is the one you need to watch because she's plotting. Oh yes, she's plottin'.

You can forget about the two tigers because they are lazy. The cougar legitimately wants to rip your face off.