Sunday, October 23, 2005

Long live the kings

As you may read below and as you can imagine, after wrapping up my exam on Friday I was ready to blow off some steam. So where did I head out to? Where every red-blooded man goes when he wants to get loose-- a drag king show. Yes you read correctly, a drag KING show. french_toast, the lemur, dundi and I made our way over to the show about seven oclock. A girl in my psychiatry program along with her partner and another girl, bid on a charity auction and won a drag king show.

I am about to give my review and what I was able to focus on during the shindig, but I believe "the toast" and "the lemur" are going to give their versions as well. We walk into this bar with a run way set up with pits on either side. at the same level as the run way there are some tables set up all around. Directly at the end of the run way is a couch for the winners of the auction. The three girls on the couch came in ready to party.

There were about twenty to thirty people at this private show. I guess there were about five ladies (or gentlemen depending on your take) who performed two songs each. There was a variety of music ranging from AC/DC and Nine inch Nails to some boy band type stuff. It was all pretty cool some got into the lip singing and some did some crazy dances. Some of these ladies had some fake facial hair and they actually looked like the back street boys. Some of them just looked like really punked out chicks.

There was a lot of risque dancing going on and crazy antics, but it was great fun. When the performers did some crazy entertaining stuff the dollar bills would wave. The lemur was on the corner right next to the run way and had the best views of some of the stuff that went on and I mention it because it was up to him to "deposit" my dollar bill when the act didn't even make it off the run way.

At one point someone circled around and after a particularly riveting performance Dundi handed her a dollar bill as she passed. She took a step back and planted this gigantic kiss directly on the old pucker. It wasn't a huge deal except the look on his face was worth the price of admission. He as caught off guard to say the least.

At the intermission as the performers were changing costumes the mc did a survey of stand up if you are a gay woman, then gay man then straight guy then straight girl. There were a lot of gay girls and I guess no gay men. There were the three of us guys and two or three strainght girls.

After the intermission things really got going. The performer who had came out to NIN in the first part really looked like a pretty hot punked out chick. She came complete with a whip. Some how she got one of the scantily dressed girls on the runway and proceeded to wrap her up with the whip. The next thing I knew there was some tongue contact and apparently the scantily dressed one was pretty... shall I say toasted. Somehow they stumble a bit and if you remember the seating arrangement, the Lemur was in the path. So here are two hot girls making out on his lap and then the chair he was in realized the balance wasn't quite right. He started to tip over until our friend who invited us made the save got everyone back up right.

There where lots of other little moments, but the whole thing was a very new experience for the four of us. It was fun and though I am not sure whether I will see it again, it was worth the one time experience.

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