Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Alias fans Start the vigils. ABC is finally killing the show.

It looks like bad, bad news for Alias fans. Apparently Alias has not been doing so good since moving to Thursday nights. Maybe because Thursday is death night for everything that is not on CBS or ER. Maybe it’s also because ABC has moved it to a different night for the third time in 3 years.

Every year you have to go on a special fact finding mission to find out what day and what time Alias is coming on. Do you think that may have something to do with Alias not being able to find an audience? I do not see why ABC didn’t just leave well enough alone and leave Lost at 7 central, Alias at 8 central and the new show Invasion at 9 central. That sounds like a pretty good lineup to me. ABC would have had my Wednesday nights sewn up. I can only guess that ABC is helping Freddie and George Lopez out just by putting them on the same night as Lost. If only Jennifer Garner were a Latina, then maybe she could have stayed on Wednesday nights. I see the Freddie and George Lopez show as all the shows that were between Friends and Seinfeld that had really good ratings compared to other shows, but were not even close to other NBC shows on Must See Thursday. You will see Freddie go quickly and be soon followed by George Lopez.

Why are people not watching this show? It has action and hot chicks for the guys and it has that soap opera like story line for women. It may be the perfect show. It has gotten away from a having to see every show or not being able to follow it type of show to more of a stand alone episode type of show. You do not need to know the mythology of the past seasons. Maybe people think that is the case and they do not want to start a show that they need a huge amount of background information on.

What ever the case, it looks like Alias will be gone after this season. It just seems to me that ABC has done everything it can to slowly kill this show, which seems crazy because they keep bringing it back. One thing that can be said about TV execs, just because a show is good does not mean it should be on TV. Look at Yes Dear and According to Jim. Who watches these shows?

I hope something can be done because Alias is a great show and Jennifer Garner is getting hotter and hotter. When she finally breaks through and becomes the huge star she appears to be ready to become, ABC will not have her in their lineup and will probably be kicking themselves.


BRATCH said...

I blame Ben Affleck and because of Ben Affleck, Vaughn was straight up murdered and that hurt the female ratings. And because of Ben Affleck we have to have this whole baby storyline that may or may not turn out to be a good thing.

Every woman he touches has their career die a slow and painful death. Look at Jel-Lo, I mean J-Lo. Where is she now?

Thanks a lot Ben.

my_merlin77 said...

I blame Ben Affleck too, not becasue i really think he did anything. I just don't like him and the whole idea of him dating hot girls.

I am glad about the Alias news provided they can wrap things up and not just get cut off in mid flight.

I blame JJ Abrams for leaving too many loose ends.

Piccu said...

I am not so sure at this point in the game that things can be tied up. I bet that they have finished at least half the episodes this year and it would be hard to just come up with something in mid stream to close everything out.

If they do cancel Alias, they should keep the option open for a movie like the X-Files did. I bet JJ could come up with something that would fit nicely on the big screen.

As for Ben Affleck, I wish I were Ben Affleck.