Friday, August 31, 2007

Ready to die!!!!

Wow, I never thought I would look so forward to death, that is until I saw this. Isn't it a beautiful thing? It almost makes me want to start running out into the middle of traffic. I'm sure all of you feel the same way.

Don't you?

Halloween is August.

Rob Zombie's Halloween is out today and I just don't know how I feel about it. I love the original. It is my favorite of the "slasher" type films. It looks great for a low budget movie by making you feel like it is Halloween in a small town. And it also helps that John Carpenter, the original creator of Halloween, grew up in this area, meaning the Bowling Green KY area, and there are certain things that he took from this area and integrated into the movie (as you can see in the trivia section of the movie Halloween on

I also like Rob Zombie. I love his music, I think he has a great eye and visual style. He is very creative. But can he pull this off? I am not a huge fan of remaking movies that are classics or movies that are already good and do not need any renovations.

With all that being said, it looks like Dr. Jesse and his family unit will be coming in next week and I expect us to see it and maybe have some sushi. If you watch it this weekend, email us at or leave us a message or comment on our myspace page and tell us what you thought about it.

Until then you can check this out from MTV News. It is a article on some of the in-jokes that Rob Zombie has inserted into the new Halloween for purists and fans of the original Halloween.

Snort it!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 31 is in the air!!!!!!

The Bombay Gunrunners have returned from hiatus and we are back and shorter than ever.

In this week's episode Dustin tells us a story of lust, adultry, redemption, vengeance, and murder for hire. Then the BGRs discuss Superbad, The Pickup Artist, Rock of Love, Van Halen, and the pick hit o' the week is Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

The we move on to Lee's favorite summer songs and some of your's as well.

It is a short edition this week and maybe it will be like this every week if you like it. Email us at or contact us on our myspace page. And you can always check out our podshow page at

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Times They Are A Changin'

No one else cares, I'm sure, but as a WKU alum and big fan of WKU sports, this offseason has been great. WKU has officially began their trek to IA football. And expanding the stadium is a nice tangiable sign of the progress. Here's what's there now:That's what a big-time scoreboard looks like my friends. Before this WKU had a high school looking scoreboard with a glorified Lite-Brite above it. This baby will have full replay capability. I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are you ready for some Pick'em?

It's almost football time and I always start a Pro Football Pick'em group with Yahoo and this year is no different. If you have an interest, feel free to join up and maybe we can make it interesting. If anyone other than a Bombay Gunrunner wins we can come up with a prize package of some sort.

Although we all know I am going to win, especially when there are prizes on the line. Here's the info, enjoy!!!!

Group ID: 37107
Password: bgr

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Hot

I don't know a thing about global warming, but you've got an easy case today. Here in South Central Kentucky it got up to 106 according to By the bank clock I saw it was 108 and I wouldn't argue it.

Luckily the humidity is down to just about nothing because there is simply no moisture to be found anywhere. Burn bans, watering bans, and cancelled events are the norm.

I work with women, which is problem number one. And my office, which gets warm on very hot days. Today it's about 80 in the office. When women get hot, they go crazy. These women go back and forth from having short tempers and getting mad about everything, then they get silly and frankly a bit raunchy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Time to End/Reform Teen Pageants?!?

This is a Miss Teen Louisiana. Her name is Logan Brooke Travis.

Is she attractive? Absolutely.

Is she beautiful? No doubt.

Is she sexy? Careful there Pedro, because Logan Brooke is only 15 years old. Better stick with beautiful. And watch who you say that to.

In an era where internet pedophiliacs get their own show on MSNBC and we have constant problems with attractive young ladies being abducted, I would consider this unnecessarily risky.

I think pageants are idiotic in the first place. No matter what people try to tell you about them, they get their legs from hedonism 101. But if they continue, and we all know they will, shouldn't we be a bit more cognizant of this type of exposure.

Miss Teen Louisiana may not be in any immediate danger, but if you're going to parade these underaged girls as sex symbols then you're feeding a fire whether that's your intention or not. Honestly, when I scanned Yahoo! this morning and saw this picture, I was impressed. I thought she was very sexy and very attractive. When I found out her age, I got a bit sick at myself.

I'm sure many will argue with me on this, but I think this is irresponsible and naive.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 30 is in the air!!!!

Wow, with the shortest episode in nine weeks the BGRs are back to rock this house!!! Thanks Bret!

In this episode of he BGRs Lee discusses the worst day ever, people we hate, diving for sunken treasure, and tattoos and the broken women who get them (which upsets Pat terribly).

We move on to TV and discuss how much Dustin loves Real World Sydney, the d-bag that is The Pickup Artist, the Big Brother 8 controversies you may not know about and Ice Road Hookers. In movies, Julie watched Premonition and Lee watched crap as usual.

In music we give you are pick hit o' the week and celebrate the death of Elvis...that doesn't sound right.

As always you can email us at or message us and friend us at our myspace page and check out our podshow page at So what are you waiting for, BE OUR FRIEND!!!!!!

And while you are at it, snort this!!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Kill an animal with my bare hands, not on your life.

Travis' most recent post was about a woman strangling a rabid raccoon to death with her bare hands. If you've kept up with our Manly Men of Mankind club, most of the members have strangled a small attacking fur-bearing creature in order to be inducted into this club.

We've made fun of it a few times and in the last post Travis posed the question of whether or not I would kill a small animal with my bare hands.

My answer is no I would not and here is why.

I was lucky enough in my life that I was taught how to use a gun at a very early age. I've said this many times, I had a gun blow up in my face at age 5, so a gun finds a happy home within my grasp. This is one of the perks of growing up in the country. If you think there are a lot of guns in the inner city, you should come out here to the real OC.

That being said, having been raised in such an environment it would be no surprise to you or anyone else that, like Barry Gibb, I'm never more than 5 seconds from a gun at any point when being attacked by a rabid varmint is possible.

So, should any animal short of a African buffalo come my way, I can find the appropriate firearm in which to take it down. Big bore and small caliber rifles, shotguns, take your pick.

Therefore, the probability of me having to kill an animal with my bare hands is very slim.

However, should I ever be put into a position where I must defend mine or someone else's honor against a rabid varmint sans firearm, it still would never make it to the point where I would have to use my bare hands.

You see, in our youth, mine and Piccu's mother would deliver corporal punishment with whatever she could get her hands on. Magazines, fly swatters, yard sticks, tree branches, brooms, toilet brushes, whatever. She was the thinking man's disciplinarian. Anything was a weapon and she could wield them with the skill and precision of a samurai warrior.

Besides, when you have your hands around the neck of a raccoon or any similar-sized animal, why don't you just punt the thing like a football? It's not like it's going to come back after you after having been punted 30 feet.

Are you actively seeking out these stories, Travis?

Let's also make note that all of the people that had to kill these animals with their bare hands are the same people that would never put themselves into a position where the animal would attack them. They'd run like scared little girls and I am including myself in that group.

But in all of these cases they had to come to the rescue of other people who didn't have enough sense to run away like scared little girls. So if people would leave wild animals alone, we've never have to ask ourselves if we'd strangle a squirrel to death.

Manly (Wo)man of Mankind

In a scene straight out of a movie, a woman strangled a rabid raccoon to death with her bear hands.

The woman's name has not yet been released. She has officially, however, completed one of the requirements of membership into the Manly Men of Mankind club. That is killing a rabid animal without assistance from a weapon or jujitsu.

However, she will be denied admittance into the Manly Men of Mankind due to her irrevocable femininity. My apologies, but rules are rules.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Manly Buffalo?

Buffalo vs. Crocodile and Lion Pride

This video is on Yahoo and I guess if I were to use modern lingo I'd say it's gone viral. It's about a 9 minute clip of a water buffalo ultimately surviving an attack from a lion pride and a crocodile. It's amazing to watch, even if you're not a nature freak.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bombay Gunrunners Episode 29 is in the air!!!

The latest episode of the BGRs is online and it is a big un. So strap on the feed bag.

This episode we welcome guests and brothers Chris and Brent to the show and discuss their rocking in a band, the BGRs joining them and forming a new band and then pop culture type stuff.

In the second half of the show the BGRs debut more guilty pleasure songs and they are bad...horribly, horribly bad. So listen to one part then when you get to the guilty pleasures take a break and then come back to that later and enjoy it. That isn't so hard is it? Wussies!

As always you can email us at or message us and friend us at our myspace page and check out our podshow page at

Snort it and like it!!!

Got a New Critter

I went out to water the plants last night and met our new neighbor. Right next to the front porch between the porch and a holly bush was this fella (or gal, I didn't ask, nor did I check) Pretty cool looking really.
The bright colors made me think that this thing could be trouble. And since I do a lot of trapsing in that area trimming bushes, pulling weeds and the like, I wanted to be sure. So I did some internet research to find out.
Turns out that my new neighbor is a Black-and-Yellow Argiope (ar-guy-oh-pee) and is not dangerous. They only bit humans if severly provoked and their bite is akin to a bee sting. So it would hurt, but I wouldn't die without some sort of allergy.
But man does it look cool.

Monday, August 06, 2007

This Week's Sign the Apocolypse is Coming

Robert Plant and Allison Kraus are set to release an album. No, not each. An album together called Raising Sand.

I'm first to admit that it's intriguing and I'd love to listen to it. It'll be produced by T Bone Burnett who has his fingers in many pies, including the very popular soundtracks to the films O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Walk the Line. So he's a man with his finger on the pulse of what people like.

But come on. Even when being objective like that doesn't this just seem wrong? I mean this is Robert Plant! He's probably one of the greatest hard rock singers of all time, if not the greatest. He fronted the most influential rock band in the post-Beatles era. His lyrics and singing style laid the grounwork for probably every band you grew up idolizing. And now he's dueting with a bluegrass icon?

It might work. Shoot, it'll probably work. But don't be surprised if it's followed by a series of plagues and the moon turning to blood.

Friday, August 03, 2007

ANOTHER Manly Man of Mankind, eh?

We at the MMM scour the earth to find manly men worthy of your honor and praise. Today we travel to British Columbia, Canada to meet a new member.

This one involves battling another animal, but this is not some little varmint. It's a 70 pound male cougar who had his mouth around a 12 year old boy's head. Soccer kicks and a choke hold finally got the cougar to let go.

The cougar got out of the choke hold (probably gave Mark a good thumb to the eye) and challenged him. Mark being the foolish, er, brave man that he is, growled back at the beast and told him to bring it on. No word on whether or not the cougar was also talking trash.

The cat was later shot.

So good on ya' Mark Patterson. Man on, man on.

Manly Man of Mankind?

When can a nine year old boy join the Manly Men of Mankind? When he signs with Manchester United. Because at nine years old, none of us were that set financially.

The video you'll see by clicking on the title shows young Rhain Davis in a DVD his grandfather filmed wherein he completely dominates a soccer field. You feel bad for the other boys out there. When I first read of MU signing a nine year old I thought it was stupid, but the kid has unbelievable skills.

So I hereby nominate Rhain Davis as a junior member of the MMM.

Piccu's Summertime Movietime Picks O' the Week Aug 3-10

I seem to have taken a break with my Summertime Movietime Picks, frankly because I forgot to do it last week, but I am back. And on Turner Classic Movies we are into one of my favorite things they do every year, Summer Under the Stars. Each day TCM takes a star and for 24 hours they run nothing but that star's movies. Now you will get some bad mixed in with the good, but if there is a certain star you love, then you will get 24 hours to enjoy them. So let’s snort it!

On Friday August 3rd it is Joan Crawford day and I am not a huge fan of hers, so I will skip ahead to Saturday the 4th which is William Holden day. There are plenty of great Holden movies for you to check out. If you have never seen the great Stalag 17, you have another chance at 5:45 PM EASTERN. This is a must see and if it weren’t for The Great Escape it would be the best German Prison Camp movie ever. Then at 8 PM EASTERN you can check out The Bridge On the River Kwai. This is another war movie that also stars Alec Guinness as an English commander of a captured command who is made to build a bridge for the enemy on the river Kwai. Holden is also prisoner who…well, you can see that for yourself.

On Sunday August 5th we have James Stewart day and you can watch any movie that is offered and you will enjoy it and be entertained. Stewart is one of the all time greats. If you want a couple of picks then watch The Shop Around the Corner at 8 AM EASTERN. This movie is a rom-com that is about secret pen pals who love each other, but don’t know they are co workers. It was later remade into You’ve Got Mail, but not even close to the original. Then at 8 PM EASTERN you can watch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. This is the classic Stewart as naïve but smart character who in this movie becomes a replacement senator and finds himself battling corruption. This movie gives you hope that there are some in Washington who are actually fighting for the people and not themselves.

On Monday August 6 it is Robert Mitchum day. Mitchum is the quintessential hard arse and is no less in one of the great film noirs, Out of the Past at 11:45 AM EASTERN. Mitchum plays a private eye who is hired by old pal Kirk Douglas to find a woman with whom they are both very familiar. Twists and turns abound in this dark classic. Then at 11:30 PM EASTERN you can see El Dorado also starring John Wayne and a young James Caan. This movie interlaces great humor with good Western action.

On Tuesday August 7 it is Jane Russell day and if you know one thing about Ms. Russell, then you know two things about her. Jane Russell is just hot, hot hot, and the movie you need to see is called The Outlaw at 8 PM EASTERN. This film was directed by the crazy Howard Hughes and it caused a huge controversy and was banned for a time because of Russell's cleavage. If you have seen The Aviator you might remember a scene in which Hughes is trying to convince the ratings board that Russell’s cleavage is no greater than other starlets in other movies. Not a great film but it has Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday and Russell’s cleavage. Yum! Also at 12:30 AM EASTERN you can check out a B movie classic The Born Losers. This movie was banned in countries for violence and is a movie that makes rape victims unsympathetic. It is weird and not to be missed and Billy Jack will kick you in the face.

On August 8 we have Dana Andrews day and at 8 PM EASTERN you can watch a movie I haven’t seen myself called The Best Years of Our Lives. This movie is number 37 on both AFI 100 Films list. This movie deals with returning servicemen form WWII who come home and adjust to life after the war. Also at 4:15 AM EASTERN there is a B movie called Hot Rods to Hell that I haven’t seen but will check out because the title sounds awesome.

On August 9 it is Myrna Loy day and you have to check out The Thin Man at 9:30 AM EASTERN. This movie is so smart and charming it will make you sick when you think about movies that are made today. This movie is about a husband and wife team who investigate the disappearance of an inventor. William Powell is the husband and Myrna Loy is the wife and they are hilarious and drunk throughout. They made about 1000 Thin Man movies and they are shown throughout the day and I plan on watching two or three of them that I haven’t seen. If you are a James Stewart fan check out After the Thin Man at 11:15 AM and get a very young Stewart in a smart and funny film.

On August 10 we have Vincent Price day and if you know Vincent Price you know that his movies were generally horror movies and usually low budget horror movies. I have seen a few Price movies and one of my favorites is The Last Man on Earth. In this movie, Price is the last man on earth, or so he thinks. This movie is being remade with Will Smith in Price’s role and is being called I Am Legend. At 2:30 AM you can watch The Abominable Dr. Phibes and this movie is about a madman, Price of course, who uses the plagues of ancient Egypt to avenge his wife’s death. This is low budget but very inventive and Price is great as a madman, as per usual.

There you go, that ought to hold you. Those are some great stars to watch and some great ones to get into if you have never seen some of their movies. So until next time, keep your hand in the popcorn and your feet on the ground.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A couple of interesting stories from late local news...

I generally don't watch much of the late local news on the Evansville news stations that cover our area unless I know there is a story specifically about the OC or if I'm going to be on it. That being said, I watched a lot of the news last night for no reason I can think of, but it paid off.

One story was hilarious and one was really interesting.

First, the hilarious story. It's a story about a dog that was buried in a Uniontown, Ky. cemetery. This cemetery was very overgrown and the owner of this deceased dog seems to have brought the cemetery back to life, pardon the pun, by mowing it and helping to keep it nice. I don't think the text version of this story mentions this, but they did last night on the news.

Anyway, this woman recently raised the money to put a nice headstone on the dog's grave. It's not a big stone and only has a short phrase on it.

It has the outline of a little dog and says "In Memory of Sh*#head"

That's right, the dog's name was Sh*#head. Needless to say, people are a little upset.

The other story was about a woman who was pulled over for running a red light. This woman was pulled over a few times last year for not wearing a seatbelt and she contended that she was both times she was stopped. After being pulled over both times, she bought a cheap digital camera and mounted it on her dash with velcro.

Now every time she goes through an intersection she snaps a picture or two.

Not too long ago she was pulled over for running a red light. She contended that she did not to the officer, but he wrote her a ticket anyway. When she showed up in court she had two photos from that intersection.

The first was behind a white van that the cop said ran the light too and all the vehicles were sitting at a red light. The second was the van just entering the intersection under a green light.

So the photos saved her a $500 fine even though the prosecution pleaded to the judge for some reason and the judge told them to move on. There were 15 other people in the courtroom there for running red lights.

That being said, I wonder if the good folks at Fox 7 News are going to pick up on the fact that this woman was given a ticket for something she obviously didn't do. Making one wonder what this cop was doing giving her a ticket for something he obviously didn't witness.

Not only that, there were 15 other people in that courtroom that paid a $500 fine for something that, since they didn't have photographic evidence to prove they didn't actually run the red lights, turns into a "their word against the cops" situation.

That's kind of scary. I'm glad I don't go to Evansville that often.

The Chuckster is huge in China!!!

For UK fans who loved Chuck Hayes because he was a scrappy hard worker who wasn't that talented, here is a special treat for you. Somehow Chuck gritted and gutted his way into being a starter in the NBA with the Houston Rockets and now Chuck has secured an endorsement from a Chinese shoe company or basketball company and here is the commercial.

Who would have ever thunk it. Chuck Hayes and Shaq in a commercial with Chuck receiving top billing. As Huell Howser would say, "This is AMAZING!" Enjoy!

Ram Jam jam

I saw this video on the Andy Polley Happy Fun Time message board and thought I would share it with you. It is the music video for Ram Jam's Black Betty. This song has some very tasty licks in it, but listening to the lyrics, I am not exactly sure about what it is about or if it might not be a little racially insensitive? Also, if you will notice, I bet the bass player gets all the women. He should be inducted into the Manly Men of Mankind club. He also comes from the Kip Winger School of Bass Players. We know this because he is able to play the bass without actually touching the instrument. I think his pelvic thrusts are what keeps the bass line going when he is not using his hands to play, but to dance and clap. We can only hope this jewel ends up on a Guitar Hero edition. Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Why Do People Have Sex?

After five years of "study" at the University of Texas, it appears that most people have sex because they are attracted to the person and because it feels good.

Talk about spinning your wheels. Did we need a study to reach this conclusion?

Click the title of this post to read the article, then click the link at the bottom to read the actual study. The results will bore you.

Bill Dance Outdoors...

This video you have got to see. By seeing the video tag on it, I don't think many people know who this is, but . I'll be honest, I haven't finished it yet because I was laughing so hard after one clip I was missing other clips.

The clip that did me is what when he grabbed the handle of his trolling motor, throttled it and it broke free from the boat so he was trying to not let it get away, but at the same time the throttle was on the handle he was grabbing. It's gold, Jerry. Gold.