Thursday, October 20, 2005

Spoiler for a dying Alias.

Even though Alias looks to be deader than Michael Vaughn, I found an interesting little tidbit. If you are one of those people who do not like spoilers and want to be surprised by everything, then do not click on the title link, third question down. Otherwise, enjoy!!!


Travis said...

great, so I click on the link to read about some good Alias spoiler because I don't watch that dirty diaper of a TV show anyway. Then I get the spoiler for Gilmore Girls. Way to go Piccu!

Piccu said...

The Alias spoiler is the third one down. I must have not been clear about that. Wait a minute, I was.

BRATCH said...

Sivart is turning into our moral compass.

Forget Alias and look toward the Gilmore Girls for your wholesome CIA action viewing pleasure.

And Alias isn't all that bad besides the part where she kills everyone or Vaughn goes down in a hail of machine gun fire.

Last night she just tranquilized everyone after she lost 900 grand... At the casino... In craps... After cheating.

Travis said...

I'm just shocked that Luke has a child. I mean, come on! It's like he and Lorelai can never just get together. There's always a problem popping up. And then Christopher's coming back too!!!

Laugh single men. I never thought I'd watch chick shows either, yet here I am, completely emasculated.