Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Twisting my arm, and putting one of those tiny racquets in my hand

They begged and begged so finally I gave in. I mean I have never been a big racquet ball player, but I have played enough to count on one hand maybe two. I admitted that I played tennis for a long time growing up, but they didn't take no for an anwser.

This is how my fellow residents drug me onto the racquet ball court. There were four of them waiting at the courts yesterday, so when I got there we ended up playing cut throat on one court and then one on one on the other. The crowd included Dundi, who piccu I know has met playing cards in Lexington, and then the two little rascals (Butch and Mac) who made it to scare fest 2005, and the other guy was one of the upper level residents.

It started out they just wanted to teach me the rules and let get warmed up on the two player court. I took out Dundi 11-4 (he wanted to go to 11). Then they were going to intergrate me into the cut throat, but I wanted one more two player to get loosened up. So Mac came over and I took him down 15-7. Then it became glaringly obvious that I wasn't getting out of the two person court until someone beat me. Unfortunately it never happened. The upper level John was by far the most talented in terms of where to hit the ball and how hard to hit it, but after some running and some adapting to his shots I took him out 15-10. The final match was with Butch. Now, he is the most physical. It's not really intentional but he just doesn't get out of the way and throws some body blocks. Also, if you are between him and the ball; he goes after it regardless. We had a lot of "do overs" because of positioning. After being stuck on 3-3 for a long time, worked up to a solid8-3 then the wheels came off and it was straight to 8-8. Finally I found the serve and how to vary me shots. I went straight to 15-8.

I'm more competitive than talented and the time running and lifting weights seemed to pay off, especially an hour into it. I did enjoy the racquet ball a lot more than I expected. I'm not saying its any frisby golf, but it was fun.

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