Monday, October 03, 2005

ESPN bias strikes again...

Obviously, good pitching stops good hitting. It always has, it always will. Last year's World Series should silence all those who say otherwise. The St Louis Cardinals were an offensive juggernaut last season and promptly got shut down by the BoSox.
So I'm not here to waste time talking about that in particular. But as I read on, they have the series previews up. I was interested mainly in Braves vs. Astros. Baseball fans know that every time the Astros think they've got the team to beat the Braves, they are proven wrong. Typically in resounding fashion. This year every ESPN personality, save one with a black and white photo and a name I've never heard, picked the Astros. Most of them picked the Astros 3-1.
It's a short series and the 'Stros have Pettite and Clemons. I see that. But they have no bats. Even if it's a 1-0 game, where's the one run coming from when you look at Houston's lineup. The Braves have Andruw "Half-Heart" Jones, who should be the MVP this year, and a bevy of other guys who have outproduced Houston by a large margin offensively. The Braves also have John Smoltz and Tim Hudson. No slouches there either.
So why, you may ask, is ESPN picking the Astros. It's elementary in ESPN logic. Roger Clemons. He is the great, infallible starter for the Astros. A player so great his team doesn't even make him travel with his teammates. Incredible.
It's the same reason they always pick the Patriots. The same reason they love the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the ESPN All-Stars (Duke.) ESPN plays favorites more than Fox News Channel. It's certainly reasonable that the Astros will beat the Braves. I don't think there's an overwhelming favorite either way. I'd like the Braves to win because I like the Braves. History is certainly on their side. But the point is, how can you have nine of ten guys pick the Astros? Because the ESPN bias.

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