Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pictures on Parade

This is the set of pictures as promised. The top left is the finished product. The others are the reverse mohawk, as the nonsense began.

This next set of pictures are of the halloween mayhem. For starters here is the a portion of the Incongruent-Affect gang at the nearly world famous Beacon; the alleged largest Lipton Tea seller. There I am on the left, then piccu, Bratch, and Lemur. French_toast is behind the camera.
The next shot there is in the cabin of Piccu. He is in vacation mode. Down below there are the "little rascals" butch and mac.

The final picture is of the Drag King show. It is a bit racey, so viewer discretion is advised. This chick was carrying a whip and doing some routine to NIN. Like I said in my post before this was new exprience. By the way I want to make it clear that they are both girls.


Piccu said...

I was hoping to be able to make fun of the new do, but I gotta admit I think it is pretty cool. It doesn't look that bad. It's not a look I would go for, but it works.

As for the reverse mowhawk, I think the expression of your cohort says it all.

BRATCH said...

Is that French Toast in that first photo ensconced in zebra skin?

You know how many defenseless zebras had to die for that dress?

Regardless, bold move. LOL