Friday, October 28, 2005

Crappy Movie That Really Wasn't So Crappy

Seldom does a crappy movie come along and actually end up being not so crappy. This did happen the other day. Before we go on, I must say that I was very doubtful about these movies too. I also need to start by explaining my use of the DVR. I now dvr movies that I think I may want to watch. I completely reserve the right to just stop them and erase them at any point, or fast forward them to see if any action goes down if it is going slowly. With that...

There is a teeny bopper werewolf movie called Ginger Snaps. Basically it is about two sisters and one of them gets bit by a werewolf. The other one is trying to find a cure. The movie has a very Scream-esque aura about it with tons more gore. Now, I dvred the first two movies with the right to erase them at any point. I started watching this and I kept thinking this is a little better than I expected. Finally, I got far enough into it that I was committed. The main reason I liked this movie is for the portrayal of the werewolf when it is in "full bloom" (I say this because a significant part of the movie is the gradual change into the werewolf).

Ok, without giving anything away. I started the second one also expecting to cut it off. The thing was that it was much better done than the first. It was not Scream-esque at all. It was more "real" than that. Again, the portrayal of the werewolf was very good. They did an extraordinary job in both movies knowing what to show and what not to show. I wish you could see the second one without the first, but that wouldn't work.

Also, I need to back up and tell you the story about the unusual girl who first reccomended this movie to me. I was at UK doing a month of Pediatric Endocrinolgy back this past January. As you will recall, this was french_toasts department before we moved. So she and I are sitting at lunch one day and this bizarre girl comes in and starts talking. I forget now if there was a horror movie out or what brought up the whole conversation, but this girl went nutz talking about how awesome these movies were. She emphasized the point that the third one was the best. She looked like the girl in the movie for starters (very dark and goth).

So I have checked out the reviews on yahoo and get mixed reviews. It seems unifying that the people who like these movies like the third one the best. I am going to see if it is up for the dvr this weekend, if not I will contemplate renting it.

I'm not sure why, but I expect Bratch to really like the second one if he watches them. As for piccu, he is like me in that we will both watch complete crap regardless in hopes that our gamble pays off and we actually find a jewel.

Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps 2
Ginger Snaps 3


Piccu said...

I have heard about these movies and in fact seen parts of the first one, I beleive. I just always thought this was more a horror series for women.

my_merlin77 said...

No not really, especially not the second one. The first one is really along the same lines as a gorier I know what you did Last Summer type. The third one is actually a prequel. I think if you get through the first one you can really enjoy the second one.

Piccu said...

I guess you didn't get what I meant by I thought this was more a horror series for women. You know, Ginger goes through the "change."