Monday, October 17, 2005

Now taking reccomendations

So with the movie marathon behind me, the halloween movie watching season is in full swing. I plan on knocking out a few more before the spooks come out to play. I haven't made up my mind which to watch, but will likely surround much of my watching around the cable. We have all the Encore channels, the sundance channel, fox movie channel, amc and tcm. Of those and the rest of cable I should be able to dvr some goodies.

i really have no specific plans so if anyone wants to toss out reccomendations I would appreciate it, also I will make my own recc list below for any of you interested in catching a halloween flick. Note that my top horror films are below but this is a more inclusive.

American Werewolf (London and Paris), The Others, Halloween (virtually any of them but 3 is the worst), Friday 13th (all of them but recognize what you are getting into when you watch), Salem's Lot (this is great if you haven't seen it), Lost Boys, Fright Night, Scream, Exorcist, The Omen, The Hitcher, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pet Sematary, Poltergist, The Fog, Children of the Corn, Slumber Party Massacre (guy killing with drill and lots of gratuitous nudity), Dawn of the Dead, night of the Living Dead, Blair Witch.... the list goes on and on

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Piccu said...

Look for The Uninvited and The Old Dark House on TCM. I was really surprised how well these two movies from the 1940's hold up. The original Haunting is also pretty good.

Also, this month is Hitchcock month on TCM. I believe the last week in October they are showing 4 or 5 Hitchcock films a night. I know my DVR will be getting a workout.