Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tom Crusie and Katie Holmes having a baby! Congratulations, now shutup!

Just when you think Tom Cruise has left us alone, we find out that he and his new fiancé are expecting a child. How messed up is this kid going to be? I really shouldn’t say that, perhaps this is indeed two people in love and happy to be having a baby. Maybe.

It just seems to be that we have a Michael Jackson-Debbie Rowe situation here. Cruise is super-rich and Katie is getting a lot of TV face time and a nice stipend to be his “wife” and the “mother of his child(ren).” I thought Cruise had some problems with the plumbing and wasn’t able to have children? Maybe it was Nicole Kidman that couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have children. There are other rumors out there for the reason for no biological children. Who knows what is right?

I just wonder if Cruise realizes how much people are getting tired of him. He just seems to have freaked out in the last year. In the good ol’ days, you only heard from Cruise when there was a movie to promote and that was the only topic of conversation. Now it seems that we all have to know how he can pull the young chicks and how crazy he is about being in love. Which is not that bad, many movie stars are like that. It’s when he starts pushing Scientology and talking about psychiatry and psychology that he starts to grate on people. He talks about things he seems to have no idea about. He may one day wake up and see he has alienated half of his audience with his kooky talk on morning talk shows.

I have found there are a few things in life that we as a public do not want to hear from celebrities. One is their political views. The other is their views on anything other than entertainment. We want entertainment, not the opinion of a high school dropout that watches the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and counts that as their nightly news.

Even though I believe psychiatry to be a soft science, that doesn’t mean I want to see Tom Cruise talking about it on the Today Show while I am eating my mcmuffin. I think we can all agree, entertainers need to entertain and not try to shape the conscience of the world.

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my_merlin77 said...

SOFT SCIENCE!?! I give you that in the past it has been adequately described as such, but times are changing.

Soft Science.... I don't know about that.