Friday, October 07, 2005

Extra! Extra! TomKat breaking news.

Your latest TomKat update for the day, I was on reading their little news snippets they have every day and I noticed a couple of interesting things. One is Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta, has been encouraging Katie Holmes to have a “silent birth.” What’s a silent birth? Courtesy of, “Scientologists believe children should be brought into the world without any fuss and be allowed to quietly get used to their surroundings. That means no music, no chatting and no expressions of pain from the mother.”

Apparently the sounds and words that a baby hears at birth can affect their future, according to Kelly Preston. I always thought that my life could have been much better if there were no sounds at my birth. I could have been a billionaire if only I had had a silent birth.

The other bit of news I saw was Tony Danza ripping Mr. Cruise and making some pretty funny and interesting points. I have never been a huge fan of Tony Danza, but I may have to rethink. Here’s what he said, again courtesy of, “I'm a little upset about this. Here's a guy out there lecturing people about drugs, but out of wedlock births don't seem to bother him. He's never (appearing on) my show, so it doesn't matter." He adds, "I'm happy for them, but we're going to send them to Maury Povich's show for a DNA test."

Way to go Tony, that was his biggest hit since Who’s the Boss. I think Danza brings up some good points. I’m sure Tom Cruise will never appear on his show now. Yeah, right, I’m sure Tom Cruise’s people had him all lined up to appear on the Tony Danza show. So that brings to a close the latest TomKat update. I’m sure we will hear more from these kooky kids in the next few hours.


Travis said...

I always hesitate to make fun of Tony Danza because like him or not, he's been on two of the more successful sitcoms in TV. I mean, he wasn't the main character on Taxi by any stretch, but he was on Who's the Boss. So you can call him a legitimate TV star.
Now, back to Tom and Katie and Kelly Preston. How many whacko concepts can these people come up with? Silent birth?!? This is coming from a woman who has GIVEN birth. She should KNOW better than this stuff. Unbelievable. I can't believe I'm even talking about it.

BRATCH said...

Sivart tell your wife I said to keep it down when the baby is born and see how she reacts.

And when you are in the room when she is having the baby, stop everyone from what they are doing and tell them to shut up because you are trying to have a baby.

One thing about these scientologists is that while they don't speak much about their alien beliefs, they know a lot about birthin' babies and how to exercise away the post partum blues.

my_merlin77 said...

Tony Danza has some great points. Very interesting indeed. As far as silence during birth, it takes me back to the five or six times I have delivered or watched a delivery.

It's really a funny thing, Asian women seem to deliver the kiddos in complete silence. As for black women... let's just say it's the complete opposite. When a black woman gives birth you not only know it from the next room, you know it from the next building. Spanish women are extremely fast. If you don't get the gloves and forget the gown, you're not going to get. They maybe loud too, but who in the heck knows what they're saying.

just a thought.