Sunday, October 02, 2005

Halloween Scary Flicks...

This got to lengthy for a comment so I decided to just post it.

I say throw Wrong Turn in there as well as Shaun of the Dead. I've seen most of it, but it's one that we must have, in my opinion.

I have a big problem with Sleep Away Camp. Piccu and I as well as many other family members and friends were perhaps mentally scarred by this film at a very young age. And to be honest, I remember that we thought it was terrible movie as well.

I'll tell you right now, if you want to watch an Exorcist movie, do everyone a favor and forget the first one and get Exorcist III.

Just a note about the Halloween movies, the third one is out because it was "The Season of the Witch" and it blows.

Of the Friday the 13th films, forget the first 3 because we've done that over and over, let's target 6, possibly 4. I'm thinking 6 for some reason, I think it's the one where they dig up Jason's grave and stick a steel rod through him and of course it gets struck by lightning so he decides to go thank the kids. I just IMDB'ed part 5 and apparently they pulled a Season of the Witch and took Jason out and added a copycat killer. So it's out.

What about Dawn of the Dead with Ving Rhames? Seems like a straight up shooter, but I wanted to see it. Nothing like flesh-eating zombies. I think it was received a bit better than House of the Dead that came out a year before it. It does seem that House of the Dead is so bad that it is pretty comical.

Anyway, George A. Romero wrote Dawn of the Dead so let's consider it even if it is just straight killin'.

I'm glad you gave us a hint as to where we are going Merlin. Good on ya, sir.

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