Sunday, October 23, 2005

Testes, One. Two. Three?

Thursday and Friday of this week marked one of the least enjoyable experiences of my life. I took my third and final board exam for medicine (god willing that I passed it). I have taken more tests than I can count. I have taken at least three prior test that last an entire day. This one was by definition a festival of pain (FOP).

First off it was two days long. Second, it totalled between 400 and 500 multiple choice questions, which were case scenarios (meaning it was a paragraph or two for each one). Third, there was a new part to the exam sucha that we do case scenarios. Essentially they give you a set up where you are the Emergency Room Doc and this patient comes in complaining of something. You then have an infinite arsenal of tests or treatments you can order. It allegedly recogonizes around 12,000 commands.

All of this was long, difficult, and tiring. There were a few other people I knew taking the exam, but becasue you can take your breaks whenever you choose, you really don't run into the others much. My friend came out and was sitting with this pediatrician. Now keep in mind that there is a huge database of questions. If 5 of us are taking the test at the same time you won't get any of the same questions. He was talking to her and asked if she was have trouble getting the computer to accept a particular command. At this point, the girl at the desk who is supposed to check your id everytime you come in and out of the room, looks up and says "are you talking about the test?"

Well, apparently he almost had a total melt down. She hammered him with questions about their conversation. He esentially decided that he had not done anything wrong and though he was talking about an exam where no one has the same questions, and they weren't even talking about the questions specifically; that he would just not even get into it and just simply say "no, we weren't talking about the test."

This wasn't good enough for her and she asked him another time or two and suddenly after not checking anyone's id the entire day decided to hammer him for not signing in on the right line or something.

That was a horrible test and fortunately I didn't get questioned about that whole experience since I wasn't there. I pray to god that I don't have to retake that.

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