Friday, October 14, 2005

Bad Boys: the cops or the robbers?

Every morning while eating my eggs and cereal, I indulge in "news-light" also known as the Today show. Lately, I have spent as much time complaining about how the Today show isn't real news, but something caught my attention this morning. There was the story many of you have surely already heard of about the woman spending a night in jail after having a BAL of half the cut off for DUI. She had had one glass of wine an hour and a half prior to the arrest.

She recounted essentially how big of jerks the cops had been, then threw her in jail only to be dumped into the back release area. A woman dumped into an alley in Washington DC in the dark. Hmm..... is something wrong with that?

The story is interesting and after the black man getting the beat down in New Orleans by some cops I began to wonder about this whole system. In the case in New Orleans, I think it is easy and the bastards should be strung up who were responsible. As many are saying, they will be made an example of.

The other issue with this woman and the wine, I am not sure what needs to be done. I think this woman was clearly wronged in multiple ways. Not least of which, it is the law in DC to have the sobriety tests performed in front of the cop's car and be taped. This asshole did not do that. I wonder though more about the bigger picture and how to solve the drunk driving issues or if there needs to be any solving. Should there just be a number that 95% of people at or above this number are impaired and should be arrested. Is that the number being used? I don't know. I do believe that violators of stringent laws should be punished accordingly.

Maybe this less complicated than I am making it and that this is an outlier in thousands of cases "gone-right" or maybe this is an example of what happens much of the time. I'm note sure.

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