Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Wheels of Justice Turning in the Case of Ryan Owens

I've blogged a number of times on here my complaints and feelings about the coaching staff at Henderson County High School in Henderson, Ky. Those angry feelings and words climaxed after the death of a Henderson player last July.

Sixteen year old junior lineman Ryan Owens collapsed and died on the field at Henderson County High. The suit filed today by the deceased's parents alleges that the staff's gross negligence resulted in their son's death. Click the title of this post to read about the details.

Tom "Duffer" Duffy, Jr (head coach) and his father, Duffy, Sr. have long been regarded as being less than stellar individuals. This season alone Henderson County dealt with the death of Owens, the coach being reminded that hazing and abusing players was unacceptable, the coach being suspended and fined for using an ineligible player, and the long time broadcaster of Henderson County football resigning after an on air shouting match with Duffy, Jr. that culminated in Duffy, Jr. dropping the f-bomb.

And that's just this season, and that's just what I know of.

The Duffys are a black eye on football coaches in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and at the very least should be permanently banned from coaching high school kids. In a school of over 2000 students, Henderson routinely fields teams of 45 or less players because of the unpopularity of the coaching staff.

It is my personal hope that they are punished both civilly and criminally. The wheels of justice are just beginning to turn in this case. I'll keep you all posted as it develops, but I hope the ending brings some solace to the Owens family and some relief to those who still have children suiting up for the Colonels.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Get your guns! The Gunrunners are on iTunes...

It is official, the Bombay Gunrunners are now on iTunes. Just do a search in iTunes for Bombay Gunrunners and we'll pop up for your subscription. As if you aren't subscribed already. Tee hee!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Can of WD40 + Kid with a stick = Hilarity ensues!

And now for those of you who listened to Episode 2 of the Bombay Gunrunners podcast, the guy who smashes the WD40 can with a stick. This clip is rated R for the f-bomb the kid drops as he is engulfed in flames. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bombay Gunnrunner Suggestion Box

After listening to two of the BGRs podcast, I have come up with some topic suggestions:

1. Jumped the shark--when did different TV shows jump the shark (this making reference to Fonzie jumping the shark on Happy Days, hence when the series hit rock bottom)

2. Lost Theories

3. Greatest family Wedding, bachleor/bachelorette parties, receptions (in honor of Valentines Day)

4. A little section called "There is nothing funnier than the time Jeremy........."

5. Worst Movies of all time-- especially seen in theater if you walked out

New Gunrunners podcast up...

The newest Bombay Gunrunners podcast is available for downloading.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

New military "ray gun" needs home version

Where in the world can I get my hands on one of these things?

The military has come up with a new weapon in the war on... Killing, I guess. It is their new "ray gun" and I hope they can come up with a better name and classification for that matter. "Ray gun" sounds so 1950's.

Anyway, this particular device when aimed and fired at enemy soldiers gives them the sensation that they are about to burst into flames. All I gotta say is 'that's awesome.'

The only chink in the armor is that essentially our soldiers will be out on a battlefield in a 2-story tall Hummer that only makes enemies THINK they are going to burst into flames instead of actually making them burst into flames. Whereas the enemy will be unloading AKs at the gigantic non-lethal target sitting atop a Hummer.

I still hope they make a hand-held civilian version, that would be loads of fun.

The crazy post of the day, straight out of China.

Isn’t it amazing that you can still find things that shock you and seem so weird and unbelievable that it can’t possibly be true. This is one of those instances.

Here’s the first line of the story straight from Yahoo!, “Chinese police have arrested three men for killing two young men to sell their corpses as “ghost brides” for dead single men.” It can’t be true can it? This is the 21st century but apparently there is a province in China where people believe “that young men who die unmarried should go to their graves accompanied by deceased women who will be their wives in the afterlife.” The article says that often these “brides” die a natural death.

The three men arrested were killing women and selling the corpses to families who recently lost a single young man in the family. Here is a quote from one of the evil buggers, “I did it for the money; it was a quick buck. If I hadn't slipped up early, I planned to do a few more." That is cold blooded. The good news that comes out of this is that because these men were caught, I can only imagine how they will be punished in the Chinese justice system.

I am just surprised that in this day and age some still have beliefs such as this, but I am not surprised that we still have evil people who will do anything to make a buck on these beliefs.

This time it's true, Van Halen together again. I think. I'm pretty sure.

It has finally happened. Van Halen is back, original recipe! Well, sort of. Sources say that David Lee Roth and the Van Halen boys will be signing papers for a 40 date tour of amphitheaters this summer. The reason I say it is sort of a reunion is that it seems that Michael Anthony is the latest band member to draw the ire of the VH brothers and on this tour bass guitar duties will be taken care of by Eddie’s 15 year old son, Wolfgang. Besides playing bass with his father and uncle, Wolfgang now has the coolest name in rock. Wolfgang Van Halen, it kind of rolls off the tongue doesn’t it.

I have to say that there is no doubt I will be at one of these shows. Van Halen is the first rock band of my youth that I can remember loving. Unfortunately I fell in love with VH right after they split with DLR and I never got to see them in concert. I have heard DLR sing a few times over the last couple of years and he seems to be in good shape. I am expecting a great show and more than anything I am looking forward to hearing Eruption live once again.

Now if Axl can just get G ‘N’ R’s Chinese Democracy out, then we can officially say that hell has frozen over.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random Jack Bauer facts for your viewing pleasure.

In honor of my favorite show returning to the air waves, and I warned this might happen last week, here are a few random facts about CTU agent Jack Bauer.

Some people see the glass as half full. Others see it as half empty. Jack Bauer see the glass as a deadly weapon.

Jack Bauer could strangle you with a cordless phone.

Jack Bauer has never caught a cold. How do we know? Colds still exist.

On a high school math test, Jack Bauer put down "Violence" as every one of the answers. He got an A+ on the test because Jack Bauer solves all his problems with Violence.

When Special Forces raided an afghan training camp, they found an empty camp and a pirated copy of 24 Season 4.

There is the right way, the wrong way, and the Jack Bauer way. It's basically the right way but faster with more deaths.

Jack Bauer never retreats, he just attacks in the opposite direction.

When bad things happen to good people, it’s probably fate. When bad things happen to bad people, it’s probably Jack Bauer.

The city of Los Angeles once named a street after Jack Bauer in gratitude for his saving the city several times. They had to rename it after people kept dying when they tried to cross the street. No one crosses Jack Bauer and lives.

Once, someone tried to tell Jack Bauer a "knock knock" joke. Jack Bauer found out who was there, who they worked for, and where the f’n bomb was.

There have been no terrorist attacks in the United States since Jack Bauer has appeared on television.

...and on the seventh day Jack Bauer said, "I'll take it from here."

Grey's Anatomy star will now have plenty of time for his lobotomy.

Grey’s Anatomy, ever heard of it? I am not a fan and I don’t watch the ABC show, mainly because I am not a woman, but I do know of it and especially of the controversy that is tearing the cast apart. Or something like that. One of the cast members, Isaiah Washington apparently called another cast member TR Knight a homosexual slur. This caused Washington and another Grey’s star, Patrick Dempsey, to allegedly throw down. After this incident, Knight came out of the closet and Washington apologized for saying the word he said. Everything seemed forgiven and forgotten.

Well, Washington didn’t forget and apparently couldn’t remember what he did because at the Golden Globes awards, he rushed to a mic and said he never called Knight an f-word. Cast members were outraged and Washington had to apologize, AGAIN, and is seeking help from gay and lesbian groups to help him deal with his problem.

I wonder if he will continue to seek help after his a** is fired. Stupposedly, he will be canned from Grey’s Anatomy effective immediately according to your local gossip rags. I have to tell you, this makes me laugh. It is hilarious to see how people will deliberately sabotage their lives. Washington was a nobody before Grey’s Anatomy. He is on the biggest and most popular show on television and he uses this forum to tell everyone he is a homophobe? This guy is a leading candidate for moron of the year. Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse.

The biggest problem for this idiot is not that he is being fired from the biggest and most popular show on TV, though that is a problem; the biggest problem is that it is going to be hard for him to find any work for the rest of his life. And I am not talking about being on a huge hit show, this guy will be lucky if he can play dead on CSI. In case Isaiah doesn’t know, there are a few gay people who work in Hollywood.

Seeing all this explode and watching from afar, I wondered how Washington would have felt working on a show with a man who referred to him as the n-word. Maybe Washington should have thought of before he let his mouth and tiny brain ruin his career.

It's like when cavemen and dinosaurs were knockin' about.

Have you seen this thing yet? I saw this article on Yahoo! and it is about a weird shark that was captured/killed in Japan. It is called a frilled shark and it is a type of shark that is rarely seen by anyone apparently. An official at the park where the frilled shark was taken after being found said that moving pictures of a live specimen are “extremely rare.” The frilled shark was also referred to as a “living fossil” in the article because this animal has changed so little from prehistoric times.

Here is a picture of this “living fossil.” Well, it is a dead fossil now because it died soon after it was caught and brought to a Japanese marine park. Yikes. Here is one from the side, those with weak hearts may want to not look at this one. That is the most frightening thing I have seen since Britney stopped wearing underwear.

I would hate to meet up with one of these dudes in the ocean. I would much rather be attacked by a shark I recognized. At least as I was being chomped and killed, I could be making peace with the world and my maker instead of thinking, "WTF is this thing!?!?" In fact if I had my druthers, I would like to be killed by a hammerhead shark. They are the coolest looking sharks anyway.

But enough about me, stay out of the water and stay safe. But if you have to go into the ocean, keep your head on a swivel in case something jumps off in there.

This one is for the guitar geeks.

I just found something that made my day, hell, maybe my week. I was searching through some blogs today and I found a link to a blog called cityrag. Cityrag informed me that Guitar World has compiled a list of the 100 greatest guitar solos. With me being a rocker, I thought this sounds pretty cool. Well, cityrag went a step further and I love them for it. Instead of just telling me who the top 100 were or just giving me a link to Guitar World’s site, cityrag took the top 20 plus 9 more and found live video of each solo being performed on the lovely invention YouTube. Not interested? Let me tell you some of the solos you will see.

You will see Led Zep’s Stairway to Heaven. This is a 4 or 5 minute solo by the master soloist, Jimmy Page.

You will see a 7 minute solo from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Freebird. I think that this should probably be the number one solo, but number three isn’t bad.

You will see Eddie Van Halen playing Eruption circa 1978 (it looks like) and then charging right into You Really Got Me.

You can see the Eagles' Hotel California. The guitar faces alone made by Joe Walsh make it worth seeing this clip.

Those are just a few that I have watched and I am prepared to waste my whole day finishing the list. If you are a guitar hero or a rock fan in general, click the link and check out this smorgasbord of rock.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Rage Against the Machine, Heaven and Hell, Down, and Megadeth, metal geeks rejoice!!

I am a huge music fan as some of you have already guessed and I just saw two news items that made me salivate. Let me wipe my keyboard down.

I saw this on Yahoo! and I will admit that I was misled at first. The article is about the reuniting of one of my very favorite bands, Rage Against the Machine. Good googly-moogly, I thought this is it, Zach de la Rocha realized he screwed up when he left and now he has come home. Well, not quite. As I read the article, it said that Rage will be getting back together for one gig and that will be at the huge Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival near L.A. Actually it is about 130 miles from L.A. and in the desert.

The article also talks about the formation of Audioslave and also about the resumation or resumption, if those are words, of Chris Cornell’s solo career. I have been hearing rumors that Audioslave is breaking up. I do know that Zach de la Rocha has never put out any music since he left Rage. Could this supposed one off gig turn into a full blown reunion or at least a reunion tour? I would doubt a reunion tour with no new music; those guys don’t seem to be the kinds of guys who would do that. But maybe the juices get flowing again. If Jack White can have two great bands, why can’t Rage and Audioslave coexist? That would be great.

In other rock news, I saw this on A few months ago I heard that members of Black Sabbath would be reuniting with Ronnie James Dio and touring under the name Heaven and Hell. I am not sure if they have recorded new material or if this will be purely off the two Sabbath albums on which Dio performed. Whatever the case tour dates for Canada have been announced and this looks like my concert of the year, especially if the openers stay the same in the U.S.

Opening for Heaven and Hell in Canada will be a band called Down. You may have not heard of them, but if you love Sabbath you will dig them. They have a sludgy, southern rock feel and Down contains members of Pantera (Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown) and Corrosion of Conformity (Pepper Keenan), so you know it has to be good. On top of that, Megadeth will also be on this tour. That is a metal head’s dream and once upon a time I was a huge metal head. Besides the fact that I still love this music, I think it would be interesting to see what kind of fans will be drawn to this show. Twenty years ago I might have been afraid to see it, now I believe that most of the crowd will be in their 40’s and 50’s. I will probably be the youngest there.

So this post has been a peek into my metal head past. A past that has seemed to rise to the front. I hope I have the possibility to see all these bands in concert either this year or down the road. And if you have never heard some of the bands and like hard rock or heavy metal, I suggest you check them out. Just another tip for your friendly neighborhood Piccu.

The Bombay Gunrunners are in the air.

Click the link to be whisked away to the homepage of the Bombay Gunrunners. Who are the Bombay Gunrunners? Well, Bratch and I and our cousin Ladybird and her husband Sleeping Boy are the Bombay Gunrunners. We got together this past weekend and recorded our first podcast. The podcast is a view of a small-town and a view from a small-town on the things that affect our lives and the things we let affect our lives. In the premiere episode the BGRs talk about a daring OC prison break, a stupid OC arsonist, Sleeping Boy's costly softball tournament, 24, American Idol, the University of Kentucky basketball's worst senior class, and our future world domination.

I have already listened to the show and I thought there were definitely some things we could do better (THE AUDIO), but I thought there was some pretty funny stuff. I enjoyed listening to myself, but that's a given. I think we will get some more mics set up and try to nail down a better format or structure. We hope to continue to record on Saturday and with little to no post production, I hope we have the episode up Sunday or Monday. The schedule could need some adjusting due to our extensive travels for road trips and summer vacations, but Saturdays seem to be recording days.

I hope to have theme shows and perhaps comedy sketches and fun stuff that we like and hope you will like. Bear with us and grow with us and you might be able to tell your friends I was a Bombay Gun Runner before they were cool. Or we could flame out after episode 3. I'm betting on the latter. With that being said, I see us only getting better.

I really hope that if you enjoy reading this blog that you will check out the podcast. Click the link or go to to download it. We would also appreciate any comments or feedback you have. You can post it here in the comments or email us at I know it is a long name, but it sounds pretty cool.

Fuzzy Zoeller Hates It, But SB 41 has TWO Black Head Coaches

"That little boy is driving well and he's putting well. He's doing
everything it takes to win. So, you know what you guys do when he gets in here?
You pat him on the back and say congratulations and enjoy it and tell him not to
serve fried chicken next year. Got it? Or collard greens or whatever
the hell they serve."

Sunday Lovie Smith became the first African-American head coach in Super Bowl History. About 4 hours later, Tony Dungy became the second.

So old Fuzzy Zoeller (no Fuzz, you will NEVER live down those comments) must be just aching inside. I don't know what kind of real breakthrough this is. It will be trumpeted as a victory in the struggle, but to me we've known for a while now that black head coaches can succeed in the NFL. From Dungy and Smith to Dennis Green, to Art Shell to Marvin Lewis.

I'm happier to see two entertaining teams in the Super Bowl and could care less what color the coaches are. The Indianapolis Peytons finally have broken through and have to be the early favorites to beat the Chicago InSpiteofGrossmans.

I'll pick the Colts in a romp. I just refuse to believe any team with a QB as inept as Grossman can actually win a SuperBowl.

And of course the big heartbreak about Grossman making it is that everyone wanted the Saints to make the SuperBowl. If only the National Guard had been sent to New Orleans sooner in the wake of Hurricane Katrina then maybe they could have worked more on their defense and running game. Stupid George Bush.

Friday, January 19, 2007

See, I'm not crazy for playing Halo...

I stumbled across this article on Yahoo and there is no doubt why it's popular. I'm sure most 13 year-old online gamers printed it out to give to their parents.

Anyway, it basically says that doctors feel that playing video games improves a person's well-being. So that validates my and The Don's online Halo battles we've been engaging in recently. We are simply trying to give ourselves a feel good buzz.

However, while I would like to think that I do this for my own good, I actually do it so I can kill people. Every now and again you simply need to do some killin'. It helps to keep you from snapping and doing some killin' in the real world.

And where we live, guns are easy to come by. Everyone should be killin' strangers online.

See you in Danger Canyon on Halo.

Critics say American Idol is getting meaner. Uh, have you seen the show?

I just watched both American Idol shows last night and when I came to work this morning I saw this Yahoo article (linked in the title) that claims this season the judges are meaner. I wonder if the writer of this piece has ever watched the show. Hasn’t everybody gotten the fact that Simon Cowell is only paid the big bucks to rip people to shreds? It amazes me people are so upset. All the people on TV have signed a release to be on TV. It is your own fault if you get on there and think you are the next Christina and you are in actuality Lassie.

I thought that the judges and especially Simon were actually nicer this year than last. There were quite a few contestants that Simon said he liked but singing just wasn’t for them. I will admit that calling the one freaky looking, probably mentally challenged, kid a “bush baby” may have been a little harsh, but it’s nothing that we haven’t seen before.

These episodes of AI in the past have been my favorite, but this year it seems that the producers decided to show less footage of people who cry and show more of people who get p*@@ed off. I like seeing the people get angry and curse like sailors, that is hilarious, especially the kid who was already cursing and screaming as he burst out of the audition area. I am not sure what he said but there was a 10 second bleep. And to top it all off, his mom was standing right beside him. That is great, but I love the singers who really, really believe they are good and the judges rip them to shreds and they have to be carried out of the room in tears. Now that is television. Maybe I’m just a little sadistic.

I did feel sorry for one person, well, actually two. I felt sorry for the “bush baby’s” friend, who seemed more mentally challenged than old “bush baby.” Although the judges really were nice to him. The one I really felt sorry for was the vocal coach who sang Aerosmith’s, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” Randy Jackson killed his business for life. First he chose a bad song and threw a crazy falsetto in the middle of it. Second, he just plain sucked. Ah, who am I kidding, I don’t feel sorry for him. I am sorry HE didn’t end up crying and collapsing to the floor.

One person I felt no sympathy at all for was “The Hottness.” I have never seen another human being that both disgusted me, yet fascinated me at the same time. This may have been the most undesirable creature on the earth. I am not sure “The Hottness” offers any redeeming values for society. She got RIPPED after her audition and deservedly so. But instead of bursting into tears, she tried to engage in a battle of wits with Simon and then we found out that not only could "The Hottness" not sing, but she couldn't combine words to form sentences. After seeing her little segment, I don’t think she realizes that the day the kids at school started calling her “The Hottness,” was opposite day. But you have to give her credit for self-confidence or dementia.

I guess I can hope that these shows are only the first two rounds of auditions and maybe the next rounds will have more people singing crappily, getting ripped, begging for another chance, collapsing into tears, and then after being taken out of the audition room yelling and cursing profusely. That is my dream audition. I love you American Idol.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Lost getting lost sooner than you think?

As the networks begin to get their regular TV schedule, back on schedule, you pick up some news on some of the shows returning. I saw these articles on USA Today’s Pop Blog. The articles are about Bratch’s favorite show, Lost. In these articles, the producers and writers of the show talk about finding an end point to the story. I guess we are to assume that as of this time, they have no idea how they are going to end the show. That doesn’t scare me as much as it would some others because these people are obviously smart enough to write with a vague ending in sight and when the time comes they can fit all that has happened into the ending of the story.

That is not the biggest news coming out of these articles, although Bratch I’m sure is just glad to know that an ending is at least being considered. The producers also talked about the actual ending of the series. As in, perhaps 100 episodes, meaning likely year 5 of the series. The producers have even gone so far as tell the ABC that they can find someone else to do the show if the network doesn’t want to end Lost when they are ready. I like their thinking, although ABC will do whatever it takes to keep this show going as long as it pulls in ads and money.

This news kind of makes me hope that the ratings will go down and ABC will have no problem ending this show. I want an end and I don’t want it to stretch out over 10 seasons. For a show like Lost, which has a mythology, it would be too hard to keep coming up with interesting ways to hold an audience’s attention in season 9. I think we have gotten beyond my greatest fear of the show crapping out and ABC pulling it before we find out what is going on. I think that Lost has gone far enough and gained enough fans to warrant a real series ender and not a quick yanking in mid season.

What ever is decided, I will continue to watch because they got their hooks in me. I will say that I am no where near as excited about Lost’s return as I was for the return of 24 or American Idol: The Crap Singers Edition. I think maybe my interest is waning and I know others has already waned and wandered off to Criminal Minds on CBS. You know what could bring back all these wandering viewers? Lost, the final season. Who wouldn’t come back and want to get all the answers to their questions for the last 3 years.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's trailer time again!

It’s trailer time and I have a few for you to check out today, but if you click the title link, you will get a piece from Yahoo on the year in movies for 2007. It looks like 2007 with be the year of the sequel. On to the trailers.

The first is a trailer for Will Ferrell’s new movie called Blades of Glory. This is a figure skating movie in which Ferrell and John “Napoleon Dynamite” Heder are rivals who get banned from competing in singles competition and join forces to skate in doubles competition. I have to say as someone who loves Will Ferrell at his dumbest, this trailer does not impress me whatsoever. Check it out for yourself.

The next trailer is for a movie called The Lookout and it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It appears to be a double crossing, bank heist gone wrong movie. This trailer does intrigue me, unlike Blades of Glory. By the way, if you haven’t checked out the movie Brick also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you have to see it. It is film noir in the 21st century at its best.

The movie Disturbia seems to be trying to be the Rear Window of the 21st Century. It stars Shia Lebeouf as someone on house arrest who watches his neighbors 24/7. He of course sees something that he shouldn’t have. Check out the trailer and then watch Hitchcock’s Rear Window. This movie is my favorite of all time. It will have you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

For the last trailer this week we have Hannibal Rising. Yes it is the prequel to all the Hannibal Lechter movies and we really don’t need it. This movie does not interest me at all and the trailer looks boring. Instead of seeing this, see Manhunter starring Gil Grissom himself, William Peterson. Red Dragon was the remake of Manhunter in a kinda/sorta way. Manhunter is the true first Hannibal Lechter film and it has no Anthony Hopkins. Bryan Cox plays Lechter in Manhunter and does a pretty good job.

Sorry I couldn’t scrape up some better trailers, but maybe something will strike your fancy. Enjoy!!!!

It's quiz time for you music fans!

Click the link to be taken away to a site with an album cover quiz. I should tell you that most of the covers seem to be rock to metal albums, but some should be easy to come up with if you study them closely. I wish they had a magnifying option so that you could look closer, but it is still fun.

There are 54 album covers and so far I have guessed 26 of them. I must admit that I half cheated on three as I knew the band, but not the name of the album and I looked on Amazon for the answer. And unlike some of the past quizzes I have posted, this one will provide you with the answers after you get tired of trying. Good luck and enjoy!!!

Ooooo, Ooooo, Witchy Piccu

What have I done to deserve this? I was going through my email today, most of which is junk especially in Yahoo, and I came across an email from someone named Bob, who wants to teach me how to be a witch. Besides the fact that it is a ridiculous email, wouldn’t I be a warlock and not a witch? I am not sure; I guess that is what they can teach me.

The email states that the country is “abuzz” about witchcraft after the release of the movie The Wicker Man on DVD. I had no idea this horribly reviewed movie, much like Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back, was bringing witchcraft back.

You other witches don’t know how to cast. Burn ‘em at the stake.

And all this time I thought this was a crappy remake of a weird 70’s cult movie. Shows how out of touch I am with mainstream America and their new found thirst for witchcraft.

The email goes on to explain that I will be taught “the power to cast effective spells that will make my wildest dreams come true.” It sounds like the writer of this email has been watching too much Napoleon Dynamite.

“Love, power, money, revenge” will all finally be mine, if I take witching lessons from this guy. Who says I don't already have love, money, power and take vengeance upon my enemies daily? Bob is very presumptuous.

I am invited to take a free 7 day private lesson online course that is “causing hot streams of excitement among magick apprentices all over.” Hmm, sounds interesting. Just by reading this far in the email, I have learned a few things about witches. First, they spell lessons like this, lessions and magic isn’t cool enough for them, they have the power of magick. I can only assume that the extra k is for kick-a**. They also seem to be hung up on money, power and revenge. No wonder witches have a bad rep and used to be burned at the stake.

If I visit this guy’s site for the next 7 days, I’ll get “devastatingly powerful witchcraft secrets” taught to me for free. Sounds too good to pass up. The email is signed by Bob and in parentheses under his name it says, (Currently near Ciaro, Egypt). I wonder if that is near Cairo. Ciaro must be the happeningest place for witches in Egypt.

If all this isn’t weird and strange enough, at the end of the email there is quite a long story/spell. I am afraid if I read it I will turn into a horny toad, but by quickly skimming it I see that the person who wrote the email proper also wrote this story/spell because words are spelled wrong and the writer seems to communicate in some sort of pigeon English.

Those kooky witches, God bless them they’re trying.

You Be Blessed
With Powers of Magick,

Piccu (Currently near Baever Dam, Kuntecky)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pissed about the Descent

I just heard the scoop on the DVD of the Descent; allegedly it is not the same as the in theater movie. I heard that it was the director's cut and that it is NOTHING like the other version. For starters, I have heard that is so much gorier on DVD. This really bugs me because that was the beauty of the movie in the theater; it was so scary in the theater without all of that. I thought it was brilliant pull off a real thriller without gore. The other thing I heard is that the ending is completely different. I am actually not as bothered by this because the ending sounds pretty good. I guess it looks like the director did a fair job with the movie, but he editor made the whole thing work. Clearly, I need to see it now on DVD, but I just couldn't hold out that long to explode on the blog!!!!

Killin' time...

I’m waiting for my freshly proof read sports to come back to me so I’m killing some time with some thoughts from the morning.

Prison break...

First off, we had a prisoner leave the jail yesterday here in the OC. By "leave," I mean escape. And by "escape," I mean he walked out of the “employees only” door in the kitchen. This really isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s kind of funny.

Most people look at something like this like it’s just the worst thing ever, but what we’ve all found out about the inmates in our jail is that they don’t have much ambition once they make the escape. He’ll ultimately get picked up at his grandmother’s house eating biscuits and gravy or something. We had an escapee from the minimum security prison in the next county that made his way up to the OC and after being on the run for less than 24 hours he was eating bugs and trying to survive like he was weeks on the run. He tried to lam, but they cheesed him.

Obama for president...

I’ve discussed this with The Don this morning and he doesn’t see Barack Obama as standing a snowball’s chance in hell of being our next president. And sadly, he’s probably right.

Anyway, Senator Barack Obama filed papers to form an exploratory committee to see if he should run for president. I actually watched a couple of videos on his website and I gotta tell you, he’s got everything going for him. He speaks on another level and seems to be one of those guys that can make you feel like you are the only person in the room when shakes your hand.

At first I wondered if his political experience would be a factor, but through his professional life he’s worked at the grassroots level all the way up to Senate where he is now. There might not be years and years of big government experience there, but I’m sure that there are many in Washington who are legislating against grassroots efforts because they think they’ll be helping the war on drugs.

Unfortunately, Obama has two things going against him. One is that he’s black. As sad as it is to say, there are some ignorant and closed-minded people in this country and when you throw them in with the Republicans as far as voting goes, they are a majority.

The other problem he has is his name is Barack Obama. While I honestly believe his name helps us in international diplomacy, it’s hurts when it comes to the aforementioned ignorant voters.

However, I do believe he’ll run for president and right now he’s the hottest politician on the planet. He can appeal to young voters and minorities and he could win if the voters turn out. Low voter out turn beats him, but high voter turn out wins it for him.

I’ll be voting for him.

Huge train fire in Kentucky...

A gigantic fire broke out when a train derailed in Sheperdsville, Ky. yesterday. The Associated Press called the fire “massive” which is to be expected when you are talking about train cars loaded with liquid propane.

Flames 500 feet in the air. That, my friends, is a helluva blaze. If I had known that the fire was that big, I literally would have considered trying to go see it.

They had to evacuate homes and an elementary school and shut down 18 miles of I-65. I’m wondering if the strip club next the elementary school was evacuated?

And no, I’m not kidding.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jack Bauer, LT, Brett Favre, I'm a ramblin' man.

This post takes place between the hours of 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM. BOOP! BOOP! BOOP! BOOP!

I had a few things on my mind today and thought I would write about them now instead of a day or two from now when I come off of a mini-MLK Day vacation.

I'll start with Jack Bauer. While I love TV and I watch so much of it I have to sacrifice watching good shows to find time to work and eat (I do not sleep), I was actually excited about the return of 24. I love 24 but hate it at the same time. It is the most tense, suspenseful, thrilling show on TV and I hate it. It makes me nervous and anxious and sometimes I just want to fast forward to the end to see what happens.

Last night was no exception and if you didn't see hours 1 and 2, check out hours 3 and 4 tonight on FOX. The highlight for me from Sunday's shows were Jack Bauer literally going for the jugular as he tricked a stupid terrorist into getting too close to him. Bauer then grabbed the terrorist and tore into his neck releasing so much blood that Jack looked like Gene Simmons right before God of Thunder at a KISS concert. I am geeked up for some Jack Bauer. In fact, I have a feeling I may have to post some more little known Jack Bauer facts in the upcoming weeks. Check the archives to see what I am talking about.

Now we have American Idol coming up Tuesday and Wednesday and I wonder if FOX just decides that the months of October through December don't really matter. They roll out their best shows in January and mop the floor with the other networks in the ratings until summer.

Another thing on my mind this weekend, besides the fact that for a former "sportswriter" I never seem to write about sports that much anymore, the whole LaDainian Tomlinson blowup at the Patriots after the Chargers loss on Sunday. LT is usually the classiest player in the game. LT is a guy who doesn't know the meaning of the phrase touchdown celebration. LT is obviously a guy who is naive and doesn't realize the climate he lives in these days. LT was furious that some of the Partiots' players dared to imitate Shawn Merriman's famous "Lights Out" dance on the Chargers on field logo. How dare they!!!

LT, first, I would be more upset with the fact that I am not in the playoffs any longer than what the Pats were up to after the game. LT, I also wouldn't be so quick to outrage over a dance impersonation, especially when the originator of that dance, Shawn Merriman, has tested positive for steroids this season, Merriman also does that dance after he makes a great play. It's his "look at me" dance and that doesn't seem like your thing.

I think LT will look back on this later and realize that he may have gotten a little too touchy about what happened. I'm sure we have all said things we wish we hadn't after a heated exchange in which we came up on the losing end.

Now another thing I will comment quickly on in the world of sports and this takes me to the "frozen tundra" of Green Bay, Wisconsin. I may have a reader or two there, you never know. Anyway, I just saw on PTI that Brett Favre has cancelled his membership at his country club in Green Bay. If this is paired with his tearful end of season interview, it would seem that maybe Favre is moving on.

Personally I hope not because I like Favre and think he has a good year or two left in him. I think an athlete has the right to decide for himself whether or not he wants to come back and not be pushed out by the team or the media. Favre claims the decision will be made soon as to whether he returns or not. Perhaps he is trying to let us down easy this way by giving us subtle hints.

Well, that's it for my ramblings, I have to go and meditate and get ready to enter Jack Bauer's world.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Take that Mr. Banker-man...

So I'm heading down main street in town this morning and it's not a spectacular day. It was misting rain and dreary as any day can be.

Here in the OC we have several banks along main street and today I happened to notice a dude walking by one. Now, this dude was wearing black insulated coveralls that are about 2 sizes too big and is sticking out like a sore thumb.

Needless to say he caught my eye. After he crossed the street next to the bank he got to the front of the bank stopped and flipped that particular bank the bird

He stood there and admired his middle finger as it stood tall in defiance of this financial institution.

Why? I don't know, but it was funny to see and brightened a dreary day.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Get your Sex Panther here!!

It shows how boring it is here at work because I seem to have 1000 things to post on the blog. This is thing number 1001.

During the Christmas holidays we have a Christmas program at church and after that we get together for food and gifts. This year I got a gift for Big Kev and I have to say that it was probably the best Christmas gift he ever received. I got him a blue t-shirt. Well, it was more than that, it was a blue t-shirt that said “I (picture of a heart) Lamp, as in I Love Lamp. If you don’t know what that means, then you aren’t a Ron Burgundy fan.

My crew, however, are huge fans of Ron Burgundy and I thought that would be a great gift for Big Kev. After ordering the lamp shirt I found another shirt, maybe even a better shirt. It is a t-shirt extolling the attributes of a certain men’s cologne from Odeon called Sex Panther. You know, Sex Panther, “studies have shown that 60% of the time, it works everytime.” Since I have told people about this shirt they ask where I saw it and I can never remember the name of the site. So now I am making the link to this shirt available to the thousands, if not millions, of readers of this blog. Click the link and get your Sex Panther t-shirt today.

Hot damn, it's Hot Fuzz.

I know I have been a little trailer heavy over the last couple of weeks, but what can I say, I love movies and I live in Kentucky, Home of the Trailer.

I stumbled upon this jewel on Yahoo. It is the trailer for a movie called Hot Fuzz. It is brought to by the same guys who brought us Shaun of the Dead. If you haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead you must immediately stop what you are doing and go rent it and watch it.

I will admit if you aren’t used to a British accent some of the dialogue can be hard to understand, but it is one of the funniest movies you will see, especially if you love British humor. Anyway, Shaun and Ed, from Shaun of the Dead, return to play totally different characters in this cop/action/comedy movie and the trailer looks great.

I said in an earlier post that Reno 911! Miami may be the funniest movie this year; I think I will have to change my position on that after seeing this trailer. Reno won’t even be the funniest cop comedy of the year with Hot Fuzz on the way. Enjoy!!!

Drugs and Spiders, an Interesting Combination.

Check this video out. I saw this on The Daily Nut from G4 and it is a 1 or 2 minute video on wood spiders. Apparently some scientists gave some wood spiders doses of psychotropic drugs to see what effect they would have. The scientists used caffeine, alcohol, THC and other drugs. The video shows what happens to the wood spider when they are given these drugs. It is very interesting and at times shocking to see what happens. Enjoy!!!!

McGwire's Snub

This was going to be a comment to Bratch’s piece on McGwire’s snub but it kind of got out of hand.

McGwire may get in over time because the speculation is that voters did not want him to go in on the first ballot and would elect him on the second or third ballot. This makes no sense whatsoever because it doesn't say on your plaque how many times it took to get in or how many votes you received. But no one said sportswriters were smart.

It will be interesting to see what happens when more players of the steroid generation come up for voting. Is Sosa out? Is Palmiero out? Is Bonds out? Based on McGwire's vote I would say they would not get in, at least on the first ballot.

Here is something that was brought up on Mike & Mike this morning. What happens when Roger Clemens comes up for HOF voting? There have been suspicions and rumors. Those are the same factors that kept McGwire out of the Hall, seemingly. Will Hall voters only keep out homerun hitters? Or will they also keep out pitchers that may or may not have used illegal substances? What about Pudge Rodriguez? He is not a big home run hitting guy, but he has been brought up in the steroid talk. Is he in danger of not getting in?

I am not sure what you can do without punishing some that may be innocent and rewarding some who are not. I agree with ESPN baseball analyst Jason Stark’s views on this predicament. Jason Stark voted for McGwire and has said he will vote for anyone who has HOF numbers regardless of suspected steroid use, simply because no one will know for sure, barring admission, who did or did not use in that era. If you are not going to vote for McGwire, then you can’t vote for anyone who played during the time he played simply because everyone who is/was great has to be under suspicion.

As bad as I think steroid use is and as much of a mess it has made for baseball, you have to look past it when it comes to HOF voting. I think that time will be hard enough on those suspected of illegal drug use whether they get in the HOF or not. I can’t believe that three to four generations from now, people won’t still associate McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds with steroids. Baseball never forgets. Just ask Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe.

McGwire snubbed...

One can argue whether or not a certain player should be elected to his sport's Hall of Fame, but in Mark McGwire's case, he was out right snubbed by the writers of this country.

I'm very happy that Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken made the Hall, but I believe that when you really get down to it a major disservice has been done.

Let's think back to the strike year for baseball. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa brought everyone back to baseball with that incredible run that had us all watching baseball every night on TV. If you ask MLB I'll bet they aren't very happy about McGwire not being in.

The biggest problem I have with this is that McGwire has be found guilty of nothing more than being too big. He was never found to have taken an illegal substance and he is guilty of speculation of having taken steroids. He hit 49 homeruns as a rookie and was big then too.

Everyone brings up his incredibly poor performance in front of Congress, but let's be frank here, we are talking about a guy who never ever, ever looked for the limelight. He never made public speeches unless forced to when he was chasing Roger Maris' homerun record and since having retired from baseball has basically fallen off the face of the Earth when every other MLB player who retires is trying to coach to get on TV.

On ESPN some analysts are saying that McGwire should come out and say one way or the other if he did in fact take steroids. All I gotta say to that is: fat chance. Whether not he even cares about the Hall of Fame I don't know, but I can tell you that his national appearances will be more rare than Bigfoot sightings.

The bottom line is if you take away the SPECULATION, he's one most important players of this generation. When ratings were down and parks were half empty, he brought everyone back. It was like the strike never happened and MLB wouldn't be where it is today without him.

And the fact of the matter is, if he shot up steroids before each and every game of his career, he still did nothing that was against the rules set forth by Major League Baseball. Is that a good thing, no, but he still broke no rules in any way, shape or form. MLB as a governing body is a joke anyway. When your sport's governing body has to negotiate whether or not is can test for and ban an illegal drug, that's a little spineless.

Mark McGwire is guilty only of MLB's lack of backbone.

McGwire may not ever make it into the Hall of Fame, but the fans will always remember him.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

BCS Proven Wrong Again

Two months ago the football world "knew" that Ohio State was the best team in college football and that Michigan was a clear number two.

First Michigan loses to a two loss USC team by two touchdowns in a game that wasn't that close. Then something funny happened on the way to the Buckeyes coronation. A beatdown at the hands of what was the ugliest good team in college football all season, the Florida Gators.

Meanwhile the little engine that could, the Boise State Broncos played the most entertaining bowl game in years when they upset a heavily favored Oklahoma team to go undefeated for the second time in three years. Yet the Broncs will be on the outside looking as they finished just fifth in the AP rankings.

Elsewhere the Louisville Cardinals are left to wonder what if. What if they had played just a hair better when they traveled to Rutgers to play the biggest college football game in the history of the state of New Jersey? Well, they could have been playing the role of spoiler to Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. Now that chance seems to be gone with exit of Bobby Petrino to the Atlanta Falcons (mistake) to become the next embattled head coach for would be QB Michael Vick (mistake.)

We all know what would fix this entire thing. We all know the one word the college presidents could utter that would pull this stink-burger out of dumpster and polish into a fully dressed Triple Prime Burger from Ruby Tuesdays.


It's that easy. Everyone's doing it. It's the coolest things. We take the element of falliable computers that are ran by even more falliable men and settle it on the field just like everyone else does from Pop Warner to the Super Bowl.

What amazes me is when people mention playoffs, they still want to get it wrong. They say, "How about a four team playoff?" Or "How about a 'plus 1' game?"

NO! How about a sixteen team playoff just like I-AA uses to crown it's champion.

For the record, here's how it would have looked using the BCS rankings like an RPI to sort the top 16.

1. Ohio State vs. 16. Rutgers
2. Florida vs. 15. Virginia Tech
3. Michigan vs. 14. Wake Forest
4. LSU vs. 13. West Virginia
5. USC vs. 12. Arkansas
6. Louisville vs. 11. Notre Dame
7. Wisconsin vs. 10. Oklahoma
8. Boise State vs. Auburn

Likely Second Round:
Ohio State vs. Boise State
UofL vs. Michigan
Oklahoma vs. Florida

From there who knows. But who wouldn't love that?!?

Friday, January 05, 2007

More movie trailers to kill your day.

Another boring day here, so to kill a little time I was going though some more trailers at I have found some other interesting movie trailers that you may want to check out.

The first is for The Hills have Eyes 2. This is not because I have any interest in seeing this movie, but the trailer is pretty cool. Check it out.

The creepiest trailer I saw was for a movie called The Messengers. It gave me chills when it was finished. It doesn’t have big stars, but looks like it won’t matter if it is a decent story. The trailer looks great.

Speaking of great looking trailers, the Primeval trailer looks awesome, but I am betting it will be better than the movie. Again, no big stars in this, but if the movie is half as good as the trailer we could be in for a real treat.

Another freaky trailer is the new Jim Carrey movie called The Number 23. It appears to be about paranoia. I am definitely intrigued.

Speaking of freaky, from some people who brought you The Sixth Sense and a co-writer of Batman Begins comes The Invisible. A kid is beaten to death (or is he?) and he continues to exist as an invisible entity that is running out of time to save his life. I know, that doesn’t make much sense. Watch the trailer.

Now we come to a flick called First Snow. Now this movie stars Guy Pierce as some sort of scam artist who talks with a fortune teller and learns he will die when the first snow occurs. Looks to be a frantic/WTF? type film. Guy Pearce usually does good work and picks good films.

Another one that has freak appeal is called Premonition and stars Sandra Bullock. I am not a huge fan of hers, but the trailer intrigues me. One day her husband is dead, the next day he isn’t. Is she going insane? Who knows?

The trailer for Zodiac looks appealing, but what can they do with one of the greatest unsolved crimes in history? Have they solved it and are not revealing it until the premiere? What do I care, I’ll still watch it.

Finally we have a comedy to unwind with, Reno 911! Miami. I do not regularly watch this show, but when I do watch it, I love it. This trailer looks like we may have the comedy of the year with this movie.

There you go, shows how bored I am today.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cheese it!! It's the cops!!

Over my extra long holiday break, after I watched my Christmas dvds, I watched a series of shows on VH1 Classic on the best songs of the 80’s. Of course The Police had a song on there, Every Breath You Take, and they discussed how much the band actually hated each other. Well, maybe hated each other may be a strong term, but there is plenty of history about their many squabbles that led to their disbanding. On the show, Bret Michaels, of Poison, lamented that The Police would probably never get back together again.

Well Bret, you apparently are wrong. It seems, according to Yahoo, that The Police are reuniting to tour England and the U.S. The 30th anniversary of the release of their best song, Roxanne, is this year and A & M Records is planning some events to celebrate it and are hoping a tour will be part of the celebration. It seems that there have been tentative talks and things seem to be going fairly well.

I can’t imagine being able to see The Police live. This concert would seem to be one of those can’t miss opportunities. Especially considering many thought they would never get back together. If they come relatively close, I would imagine I would have to be there. I only hope that tickets won’t be $1000 but in today’s concert ticket price climate I can’t imagine I will be able to see this show for less than $125. I have paid more for less historic shows so I imagine that this might be my one concert I go to this year.

Now if I can just get Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin back together and on tour, my life will be complete.

Leroy Jenkins leads the way...

This is a clip from YouTube of course and it's really funny especially if you are a gamer.

It's a video capture of an online battle of Worlds of Warcraft. I think that's the game. It's a strategy D & D type game, but you have to fight stuff too.

Anyway, there are a bunch of dudes ready to go into this room full of dragons and dragon eggs and they are planning their attack. And when I mean planning I'm talking about number crunching the surviving probabilities and stuff like that. They have headsets so you can hear the dudes talking which is much better than typing it out like we used to do it.

So what ends up happening is this one dude named Leroy Jenkins is kind of sitting outside of the group and while the leader of the group is forming his strategy Leroy literally jumps up off of the floor as says, "Alright, times up. Let's do this." Then proceeds to run into battle with no help from anyone behind the battle cry of "LEEEEROOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIIIIIINS!"

Then there is a short pause and you hear someone say "Oh my god, he just ran in." And they all run in well after Leroy and get slaughtered in a hail of cursing and dragons.

Then toward the end of the massacre they are bashing Leroy and he's trying to defend himself. And finally all that's left is the gamers talking and a gazillion dragons flying around their dead bodies. I don't think they had enough man power going in and I don't think Leroy killed a single dragon, but the battle cry is well worth it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cure your winter blahs by checking out cool movie trailers.

I may have spoken too soon about my post holiday blahs. I just got back from a Mexican lunch and am too stuffed to try to work too hard so I decided to check out the Yahoo movie trailers page. I’m glad I did, there are some amazing looking movies coming out in the very near future.

We have the trailer for Spiderman 3. It looks amazizizing. We have Sandman, a new Goblin, and Venom all in one flick. It’s opening May 4th.

We have a movie called 300 that looks to be the most bada#* movie of the year. It looks to be about nothing but straight up killing. The premise is 300 Spartan warriors taking on a huge Persian army. Watch the trailer, it gave me chills. It opens on March 9th.

We have Live Free or Die Harder, I know, I know, this movie has the ability to be a real suck fest, but I love the Die Hard series. I believe Die Hard Original Recipe may have been my first R-rated movie. It may suck, but I will be there. It opens on June 29th.

We have Transformers to look forward to. Now this isn’t some cartoon movie, check out the trailer, it looks great. The CGI looks fine and it is a Michael Bay production so you know everything will be blown to smithereens. As a bonus to hardcore Transformer fans, I just read that Peter Cullen, who was the voice of Optimus Prime in the cartoons, will be back for the movie version Optimus. It opens on 7-4-7.

For the kids and the kids at heart we have Shrek the Third. The trailer looks pretty good and I am psyched to see that Puss ‘N’ Boots is back, although I am disappointed that Justin Timberlake has been added to the mix. I will probably see it anyway. It opens on May 18th.

We have a movie I had never heard about until I just saw it in the top trailers on Yahoo. It is a movie called Shooter. It appears to be a conspiracy/frame-up/revenge killing movie. The cast appears to be top notch, Marky Mark not withstanding. I know Bratch will be lined up for this flick. Two words, Rhona Mitra. It opens March 16th.

Another movie I had not heard about was The Kingdom. It looks to be a political/terrorist type movie with a team of FBI agents searching for a bomber in Saudi Arabia. Jamie Foxx, Justin Bateman, and (woo woo woo woo) Jennifer Garner all star. This opens April 20th.

Now we are to the movie I am most looking forward to, Grindhouse. This movie will be two movies, one from Quentin Tarantino and one from Robert Rodriguez with some fake trailers in between. The movies look bad, but in a good way. They are 70’s cheesy exploitation movies and everyone needs to see them for no other reason than Rodriguez said this could become a franchise and they would do kung fu, sexploitation, blaxplotiation and other movies. Sounds excellent to me. This movie is set in the horror genre and both look appetizing. It opens on April 6th.

I have linked Yahoo’s trailers page to this piece, so if you have some time to kill, check these trailers out.

After the ho ho hos I have got the blah blah blahs.

Well, I am back from my holiday break and I am depressed that I couldn’t extend it for another week. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’s. Mine were kind of weird. I love Christmas time, but with temperatures hovering around the 60’s for most of the time, it never really felt like Christmas to me. I imagine that Christmas in Kentucky felt more like Christmas in Florida. I need snow for Christmas, flurries or something. New Year’s was even weirder because I just stayed home. There were no parties that I knew of and to tell you the truth, I didn’t miss going out to party.

I feel like I didn’t take advantage of my Christmas season opportunities so I am sad that it is gone and have a case of the blahs, but, I did get some cool gifts for Christmas. The coolest being an iPod. Yes, I have joined the 21st century. It is a 2 gig Nano and it is already filled with music, but I will not tell you how or where I got said music. It also came personalized courtesy of Bratch. Engraved on the back are these words, “I’m kind of a big deal. People know me.” That fits me perfectly.

I also received some cool dvds. I got the Criterion edition of Dazed and Confused. It is two discs full of everything you will need to know about Dazed and Confused and the making of this movie. If you have never seen that movie, go rent it now. It may be my favorite movie of all time. Possibly because some of those things in the movie has happened to me and my friends and continues to happen to kids in the OC to this day.

I also received the 4 disc edition of Hail! Hail! Rock ‘N’ Roll, the movie celebrating Chuck Berry and his legacy. That’s right I said 4 discs, it took me three nights to complete the whole set. It is so cool because the director talked to the early pioneers of rock like Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Bo Didley, Willie Dixon and others. It is like a digital museum exhibit. I thoroughly enjoy it.

I am hoping for a late Christmas present of getting mine and Bratch’s podcast off the ground. We have all the equipment, we have Bratch to produce it and we have me as pure talent. We’re ready to roll as I see it. Anyway, if you would like to share some of your cool gifts that you received this Christmas, feel free to do so. I have to get back to pretending to work.

Pilates is for Pansies

As part of the world's most popular New Year's Resolution, losing weight, my wife and I bought a Pilates video. I was intending for her to use it, but it became quickly evident that she thought I should do it with her. So I agreed to do so.

So last night we got out our mats and put the DVD on. At work the girls had advised me that it was mostly stretching and breathing. RIGHT!

It was more like torture and masochism. The thirty minute video actually went by rather quickly but after running about a mile and a half that morning I can safely say the Pilates was much more difficult.

First of all, there is a lot of stretching and it's embarassing how stiff and inflexible I am. I look forward to becoming more flexible as we continue to do it.

Second some things were downright strenuous without having any impact moves at all. You're not supposed to sweat with Pilates. But if you get a fat man and tell him to grab his ankles and "scoop his tummy" then you're going to see him sweat.

Third is the ridiculously joyous look on the the How she can do these things and smile is beyond me and nearly infuriating.

We're going to keep doing it. I believe it will be very beneficial in addition to our healthier diet and combined with my morning runs. But I will never, ever laugh at Pilates.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The 1,000 mile challenge

I don't like resolutions, because I think what the heck just make a change when you see a problem. New years challenges are a whole different thing. I got this idea the other day when I was running to set a mileage goal for the year 2007. So I thought what about 1,000 miles? I did the math and it works out to be about 20 miles a week. It doesn't matter how you break it down is another reason I like the challenge. A little known fact about Piccu is that he used to be a champion elliptical trainer-trainer. Time bring it back Piccu.