Monday, October 03, 2005

Merlin's movie mayhem Part 2

Ok now let's refine the list a bit. I am going to throw in a few titles, then we can vote on the list we want and make changes as we see fit. Be sure to add or take away.

1. Shuan of the Dead
2. Friday the 13th part ? (4 or 6 look it up and figure out which)
3. Wrong Turn
4. Halloween ( decide which one besides #3)
5. Black Christmas

I like the beginnings of this list because of the diversity.

I think we should be reasonable with how many we absolutely want to watch then come up with a few fall backs. I have a feeling it will potentially be only the three of us after the first few so we also need to make the first few shorter and better.


BRATCH said...

Get Dawn of the Dead in on the action.

Piccu said...

Here are a few other movies to check out:

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer I hear this movie is insane and very scary because it is more real.

The Fog: This is a John Carpenter film and while I have read that it may not have held up as well as we are in the 21st century, I have never seen it.

The Wicker: Man This I have read about and it seems more like a psychological thriller but I have seen it on many scariest of all time lists.

Night of the Demons: I have heard many good things about this flick. It’s an 80’s style horror flick in the Evil Dead style.

When a Stranger Calls: This movie is the classic babysitter home alone with the kids and a psycho is on the loose movie.

The Thing: Another John Carpenter movie starring my favorite Kurt Russell. Supposed to be very good with some highly suspenseful moments.

I’m sure there are some others we are overlooking. We could always get Suspiria and watch that again. Or not.

Travis said...

Anyone seen Session 9?

my_merlin77 said...

It's like you're reading my mind. The fog is a good thought, I too have not seen it and read good things. I have seen When a Stranger Calls in the past month and it was pretty good. I've heard about Henry and think it might be good. I've seen Dawn of the Dead and all in all it's not bad. Here is a thought as well, we'll have Friday night too and I'm not saying all night movie madness but maybe one or two that night. The others you named sound ok and to answer Sivart, I haven't seen this.

Piccu said...

I just assumed that all night movie night was gonna be on Friday night. What were the plans for Friday?

Bratch and I have seen Session 9, it's pretty good very creepy.

I would really like to get movies that everyone has not seen. It may be an impossibility, but we should strive for that. At the very least we should get movies that haven't been seen by more than half the group.

Travis said...

I've been forced to eliminate Session 9 based on language. Namely, over 40 f-bombs in that movie. Too bad.
Why can't people make good, scary movies without filling them with bad language. I can get past some of it, but when you're talking 40+ f-bombs, you're asking a lot.
Shaun of the Dead was great, but it was riddles with f-bombs. I just don't get it. Artistically, I can see it sometimes is "necessary" to get the tension of the moment just right. But usually it's not. It's just in there.
I think I'm leaning toward the BG version of movie night including Halloween, The Fog and Dead Birds.

No one ever mentions Ravenous.

my_merlin77 said...

I hadn't even considered what will be going down on Friday. I didn't bother to ask but I thought about Saturday as movie night. It is a good thought though since you are planning on driving back on Sunday. The plan for saturday is cookout and hanging out on or near the lake. I'm flexible on movie night. The other option is the $20 ice cream sunday that you bring an army of people to eat at this local restuarant in town. I have been telling people Saturday evening but we can do whatever. Whose to say we can't watch a big hunk on Friday and knock out a few on Saturday without make that an all nighter. I am certain when it comes to the all night part it may be us after midnight which ever night.

Here is my suggestion-- the three of us watch the bulk of our movies starting later Friday night and watch a few with the bigger crowd on Saturday night.