Monday, October 10, 2005

We just bought a piece of history...

For those of you who don't know, Piccu and I are brothers and our mother is a lover of Home and Gardening Television(HGTV) and sometimes the Do-It-Yourself Network. So for the last few months mom wanted a canoe to put in our pond. Not to use for anything other than looking at it.

The only problem with this whole idea is that unless you somehow seal up the top of the canoe, eventually the canoe would fill up with water if we had too much rain. And therefore sink.

Last week mom purchased an old canoe she saw at a dude's house. This guy's place is the home of many yard sales and I guess he was selling when mom dropped by.

I hate to ask what she paid for it, but I'm sure it was more than she should have because when my dad and I went to pick it up he was laying the history on us.

The dude and I loaded the canoe in the back of my truck and he was giving myself and dad the run down on the history. He stated that the canoe was over 200 years old and should be in a museum. He told me that by looking in the bottom of it would prove his point. He also mentioned that it had two bullet holes in it that were there when he got it.

Now I don't know if he was using this to convince my mother to buy this thing, but he had no reason to be telling me because the money had already exchanged hands and dad and I were merely the delivery boys. And I know mom didn't care because she wants to use it as a planter box for flowers and what-not.

So dad and I took it back to the house and as I was unloading it dad was commenting on the piece of history we purchased and as I said, I wasn't paying much attention to it.

Then he said I guess 200 years ago was when someone invented plywood and I'd say that those two bullet holes in the fiberglass were miniballs shot from a musket.

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