Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ryan "The Dark Horse" Star rides off into the sunset. Adios, Muchacho!!

Happy days are here again! Captain Sourpuss, Ryan "The Dark Horse" Star, is gone. I can't actually believe that it has finally happened. After all the talk about how he has improved each week, a fact that I begrudgingly agree with, he gets the boot. I guess the fact that he sucks and that he was the only one of last night's bottom three to have ever been in the bottom three was his downfall. Bratch and I both yelled and cheered for joy as this moron got his eviction notice.

I must say that all the performances last night were just horrible. In fact, I believe that horrible performance by Dilana cost her this competition. That was so bad that I am not sure she can recover from it combined with her megalomaniacal outburst these last few weeks. I think she has moved down and the fact that she was in the bottom three after never having even sniffed the bottom, leads me to believe that she has alienated America.

The biggest surprise of the night was that Magni was clearly the leading vote getter last night. How did this happen? He has been in the bottom three for the last couple of weeks. I just assumed the voters didn't like his look or his accent. I would be happy to see him win this thing. Hell, now that Ryan is gone, I would be happy with anyone at this point, even crappy Storm or Udo(Lukas).

Speaking of Lukas, I thought he did an alright job last night with SuperNova. I couldn't understand a word he said, but when is that important at a live rock 'n' roll show. I even thought he sounded great when he actually sang. If he starts actually singing more and quits using his choked off style of singing, I think he will be alright. But whoever wins this thing, just like we will never see Ryan "on the charts" as he said we will, we won't be hearing about the winner of this contest in the next 5 years. But it does make great bad TV.


Travis said...

You know full and well that if Storm won this thing you'd have a fit, and rightfully so.

Dilana has cost herself. She will not win the competition. She was the leader early because she was clearly better, early. But now everyone (except Storm) is pretty doggone good.

Even if she had a great comeback, at this point she's not going to be so clearly better than everyone else that we forget the last two weeks.

BTW, major kudos for your use of megalomaniacal. That's hard to say, but seems gramatically correct.

Still pick Magni to win it.

Orelinde_03 said...

I think Dilana did do herself a great disservice with her melt-down. From that point on, any thing she did is going tobe picked a part: is she psycho, is she playing the fans, is she that egotistical, does she deserve this chance, etc.

The way I see this going down: next week Storm gets the boot bringing the final four down to: Magni, Dilana, Toby & Lukas. I am still (for a questionable reason, even to myself) pulling for Dilana...but would be just as happy to see Magni get it. No matter who wins, I have tickets to see them play in January, NYC.

However for the final show, polling wise I see it as such: Magni, Toby, Dilana, Lukas.

BRATCH said...

My pick has been Magni from the get go. He hasn't really ever had a bad performance with the exception of the very first one, I think.

He can play the guitar pretty well and while he's not over the top with piercings and skunk striped hair, he has a decent image. And he looks like he's ginuinely having fun.

I also think that with Dilana's track record over the last few weeks, if all of her outbursts and drama hasn't soured the public, I think it may have soured the band.

She hasn't won and isn't even a superstar yet and she already is having issues. I wouldn't want to deal with that.