Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weekly RockStar:SuperNova Analysis

Time for our weekly RockStar:SuperNova ramblings. Last night's show was the "stripped down" show and it wasn't that bad. Zayra went first and sang an original song. She starts out pulling a Bon Jovi, wearing a guitar as a prop, but she does strum it a little later on. I figured out her main problem, she needs to sing in her native Puerto Russian, not English. She didn't do any worse than a Shakira and she just keeps on doing her thing. She can't win, but she is the most original "rocker" on the show.

Magni was next with a Bowie song. He dressed the part and he had a good performance. He sounds better and better each week, very strong competitor.

Patrice followed Magni with Message in a Bottle from the Police. Patrice just has the same old performance every week. She gives me the blahs and she should have been gone weeks ago.

Udo(Lukas) came on and did the song Hero and did a pretty good job, surprisingly good. He's a lefty as well, I knew there was something wrong with him. His eyebrows scare me.

Storm comes on and sings I Will Survive. She takes us to BROADWAY with this performance. After two weeks of subdued, great performances, I knew the over-dramatic, showtunesy Storm would come back. During her performance, the cameras cut to T Lee and he looked appalled and Newsted look disgusted. I did think she finished well and she had a good Madonna suit circa Vogue. The only thing this performance lacked was jazz hands, yeah. She may be in trouble tonight.

Toby takes the stage with Gilby and sings Solsbury Hill, a great song. Toby just underwhelms me. There is not much to say about him, which is not a good thing. He may be the male Patrice. He does score points for banging on the bongos like a chimpanzee.

Ryan hits the stage all smiles and happy and he really looks like he is glad to be performing for a live audience and getting a chance to front this supergroup. Wait a minute, I must have dreamed that part. Actually Ryan hits the stage with his patented look, no, not Blue Steel, his is called P*^#ed. I hate him like poison. He sings In the Air Tonight and after a horrible beginning he reigns it in a bit. The strings were excellent in this arrangement. I finally figured out who he reminds me off with that stupid look on his face, Sack from the Wedding Crashers. No wonder I dislike him so much. One of the guys loves the transformation Ryan has undergone. Transformation? I think I see it too. He has gone from suck to blow. Perv Alert!!! Dave Navarro just sexually harassed the blonde violinist.

My girl Dilana was next and she gets hotter and hotter every week, Perv Alert!!! Anyway, she sings Cat's in the Cradle, you know, that great rock anthem. Who made Brooke say that? Dilana is just good and everyone else should give it up. Each week she is consistently good. I would rather hear her sing this song from now on. She can even conduct the string section. She is the bomb, give this gig to her now. Dig it!

Now for the bottom three tonight. Here are my candidates, Zayra because she is always there. Patrice, that is unless America just forgets she is still in it. I believe that this will be Storm's week to squirm. I also think Toby and Ryan will have been in the bottom at some point and time, but will escape. Tonight I hope they finally send Patrice home, she is just not the girl. I want Zayra to stay because I look forward to seeing what song she will butcher each week. And I can almost guarantee Storm won't go home. Apparently she knows Gilby and Newsted and those two got her on the show without even auditioning, according to some dirt that the rock 'n' roll geek dug up when he went to one of the tapings last week.

Finally finished, maybe they will get rid of three of them tonight and save me a half a page of writing next week.

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Travis said...

Spot on. I disagree with very little you said.

Dilana can continue to talk a big game, but Magni is in it to win it. He may not take it, but he's getting good enough to make her sweat.

Oh, and next time, try waking up before lunch.