Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Weekly RockStar:SuperNova Ramblings

RockStar:SuperNova looks like it is all but over to me. One “rocker” seems to have pulled completely away from the rest of the group and that is of course, Dilana. She looked like a veteran up there singing Won’t Get Fooled Again. She held her own with Gilby and just put on a good show. She also seemed to be the only one who wasn’t afraid to get onstage with one of the band members. The others were all worried about what would happen if they sucked while playing with Gilby. Dilana either knew she would not suck or knew that if she pulled it off, she was a lock for top 2. She pulled it off. Give her the prize.

As for the rest of the so called “rockers,” most of them continued to have no business being on stage. Patrice was just blah as she always is; she just needs to be gone. I’m sure she is alright and I heard she has already had a couple of top ten hits in he 90’s unfortunately, she is not original enough to front this band.

Ryan cam out in a hoodie with a Mohawk pasted on top of it for yet another Rolling Stones song. He sucked as usual. He just always scowls and looks angry. He just seems like he would be a miserable person to be around. And he isn’t that good.

Magni had his little acoustic moment; unfortunately he sang a Live song. He was alright and I think a top 4 lock right now. He impresses more and more each time out.

Josh sang Interstate Love Song and probably crapped his pants when T Lee said he was going to play drums. This dude didn’t want to play with Gilby and be outshined. T Lee is 1000 times the personality. He deserves to go for being a hip hop/R&B singer and wasting everyone’s time.

Jill sang Mother Mother a one hit wonder from who knows when. She at least looked more rockerish. She sang well enough. The bad thing for this sexy little dwarf is that if she has a performance in which she has to really move around, she blows up and can’t catch her breath. She was better this week, but she has a long string of crapulence to uphold.

Storm sang another low key song by one of my favorites, Queen. She just performed and didn’t worry about adding her fake Broadway flair. Unfortunately, the guys in the band want her to rock, but rock without the Broadway. I don’t think she can do it. I do think she is another top 4 qualifier though. And I dislike her so much.

Zayra sang All the Young Dudes, not one of my favorite songs, but she looked insane again with her 10 inch heels and top hat. She always surprises when she appears on screen and always does her own thing. She is the most original and unafraid performer on this show and she should stay just for that reason. Unfortunately she can’t sing a lick. Sometimes that is secondary in rock ‘n’ roll and Zayra is pure rock n’ roll.

Then we have Udo(Lukas) who sang Creep and actually sang some notes for once which made Newsted ecstatic. This dude is weird and I would not want to travel the world with him. He is a top 4 qualifier though. He is good, but like most of these guys, he is not great.

Now we come to Toby singing Burning Down the House. He gets more and more unimpressive every week I see him. He just doesn’t look like a good fit for this band. He may be a sleeper top 4 qualifier though, but he can’t win.

The bottom three for tonight will be just as you saw at the end of last night’s show, Jill, Zayra, and Patrice. They all did decent jobs last night, but no one did worse and they have a history of being in the bottom three. SuperNova should just let all 3 bottom 3 go tonight and make this show a little more interesting because I only see 4 with the goods to win and they are Dilana, Magni, Storm, and Lukas. The rest are just taking up space and time.


Travis said...

I don't know why you can't see that Ryan is good. He didn't know the words, which was annoying, but the guy is really impressive vocally. At least the last two weeks he has been.

Magni did a good job on a song that's hard to sing. You may not like Live, but I do, and he did that song justice.

I thought the Aussie was good too. It was a pretty rocking arrangement and he did it well. He's not as good as Dilana, Magni, or Ryan, but he was good.

Storm stinks. She's just ok vocally even though she's hotter than a party with Paul Shepherd and Clay Gaither.

Patrice, I want to go away. Quickly.

Udo, I want to go away even more quickly because he looks like a heroin addicted leprochaun.

Zayra just stinks. Her accent is so thick she just can't sing around it.

Justin was just alright. Not good, not bad, just alright. And his bobblehead singing was distracting at best.

Jill scares me. Quite a bit. Anyone who covers Mother, Mother that well has deep internal issues. And she's not that good.

Piccu said...

I admit I am super biased against him because that look he has on his head every minute of every day just makes me so angry. I can't watch him without him ruining any kind a good mood I was in.

Ask Bratch, when he comes on I just go nuts. He may be a good singer, but it's not all about singing.

Ryan and Josh are just two I have to have off the show for no other reason than I dislike them so much.

BRATCH said...

The reason Ryan and Josh aren't going to win is because they haven't once done a straight up rockin' out song.

Ryan, Josh and Lukas, to an extent with some songs, want to get up there and sing their inner anguish and vulnerability. You know, like every song Staind ever did after Mudshovel.

I know Piccu is madly in love with Dilana, but I think Magni is in the lead simply because he's the best out of the guys and he seems to be a decent guitar player. The only thing that they've ever said against Magni was when he played the guitar during We Can Be Heroes, or whatever it's called.

And when it comes down to it, I think that some might agree that Dilana seems somewhat subdued after he chicken fits from the earlier weeks. While I do like her, it seems like she's holding back a little bit and can't really let go.

Piccu said...

You hate the chicken dances and wanted her to stop, now you miss them? I think she just does and acts the way the music tells her to. She does not consult the lead singer's handbook like Storm, she just goes out there and rocks. And no matter what you give her to sing, she knocks it out of the park.

According to Dave Navarro on his blog, Dilana claimed to have never heard Won't Get Fooled Again before she downlaoded it after she picked it to sing.

If that is to be believed, not only did she do a great job, she chose that song for one reason and that was to play with Gilby, something the rest of them were scared to do. If you are scared to play with one of the guys whose band you are joining than there is no way you can front a band with all three playing at the same time.

She is doing everything to win and right now is the one who should. She pulls out all the stops and if Gilby and Newsted can keep Tommy from trying to "hit that," I think she can win.

BRATCH said...

I didn't say I wanted the chicken dancing back, I said she looks like she is holding back because she's trying to make sure she doesn't embarass herself.

Like when the wolfman tries to keep from changing in to the monster.

I won't... get... FOOLED?!?!?! *cluck* cluck* *cluck* *cluck*

Dave Navarro– "You had me right up until you wolfed up into the chicken."

Piccu said...

Man, it' a beautiful morning, isn't it? Josh and Jill are both gone. I have not been so happy in a long time as I was when T Lee told those two wannabes that they were gone. The only downside was that Ryan escaped the chopping block.

In fact, as far as I am concerned, those that were in the bottom three as well as Patrice and Zayra should have all been sent home. Then with the rest of the "rockers" that are left, we will have our self a competition.

Orelinde_03 said...

I have a feeling that Zayra is going to be around for some time, just so the guys and America can laugh AT her, not with her. I did not care for her version of 'All The Young Dudes' but I did like the top hat. The gold unitard was a tad frightful though.

I enjoyed Magni's acustic version better than the plugged version. Lukas just makes me want to stomp on him. And for some reason I have the felling that I'm taller than him, and I'm only 5 feet tall.

I was estatic to see Jill get the boot last night.

One has to wonder why Jason had kept pointing out Phil's head-bobble when he was on the show and saying it didn't work. Yet how come it was never mentioned about Ryan's bobbling?

I have a feeling it is going to come down to a stand-off between Dilana and Magni.

Piccu said...

If things stay the way they are now, I believe those two will be the final two also. Lukas and Storm may have something to say about this.