Monday, August 07, 2006

Some people need votes badly for the upcoming mid-term elections. Just ask U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Harris of Florida.

What won’t politicians do to get someone’s votes? Well, buying a possum and holding it up for all to see with a look on your face that is a cross between horror and delight is definitely something U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Harris of Florida sees as no problem. She purchased a large possum at the Wausau Possum Festival. Click the link for the great picture.

Good Lord, who would even want to touch this disgusting creature? I have a standing restraining order against possums. They can't come within 1000 ft of me or they will be executed. If there is one animal I will make an effort to run over while driving, it’s the possum. It just grosses me out.

What I do not understand is why did she want to purchase what seems like the biggest possum in the whole state of Florida? That thing is huge. I just want to know what she did with this mangy mega rat. I wonder if she let it in her vehicle and took it home or if she let it go when she was just out of lens shot of the photographers.

This whole episode kind of says something about where you are in the preseason polls if you have to scrounge up votes at a possum festival and not only that, but purchase one and act like you enjoy holding it by its tail. What’s next, a trip to the Suwannee County Dead Rat Festival? The Putnam County Cat Weasel Festival? The Flagler County Rabid Rat Dog Jamboree? Hopefully Rep. Harris will lose her race and not have to worry about going to these stupid events to scrape the bottom of the redneck barrel for votes.


BRATCH said...

She's got man hands.

I don't like possums because while most people know that possums will play dead, that's only after they snarl and hiss at you. Possums are mean and only play dead after something starts to get the better of them.

As Samuel L. Jackson would say, a possum is a filthy animal.

Travis said...

But what if a possum had personality? Would he then cease being a filthy animal?

I won't run over anything on purpose, but I wouldn't swerve to miss a possum. I'm with Bratch. Those things are just plain mean.