Friday, September 01, 2006

Who's Most Super?

What's the greatest Superhero?

Is it Superman with his bevy of alien abilities?

Is it Batman with no super ability at all, just natural strength, martial arts training and intellect?

Is it the more human personality of Spider-Man?

Do you prefer the dichotomy of a hero/villain like the Incredible Hulk?

Or the gender equitable choice of Wonder Woman?

Is it Wolverine? Is it Mr. Fantastic? Iceman? The Human Torch?

Does anyone really like Captain America anymore? I mean he basically fought Communism!

Is it an underappreciated superhero like Thor? Green Arrow? Green Lantern?

Let me hear you True Believers!!


Piccu said...

I have loved Spiderman and The Hulk since my days as a wee lad. Now I find myself more a Wolverine fan.

I never really cared for Superman because he is just too perfect, but Batman is my DC favorite. He is human and definitely has issues.

Then again, what superhero doesn't have issues. Most of them need some heavy duty therapy.

If I had to list them it would be

1. Wolverine-because he just looks so bad-a** and the X movies are fantastic.

2. Spider-Man-for The Electric Company and the cartoons of my youth

3. Batman-one of the few comic books I read as a kid

4. The Hulk-mostly because of the old TV show

5. The Thing-just because he looks cool

Travis said...

I'm a little different in my takes.

1. Spiderman..regular dude. The character of Peter Parker sells Spidey for me. He's really struggling with it. It was the first time we ever thought, maybe being a superhero isn't all its cracked up to be. Plus the great line, "With great power, comes great responsibilty."

2. Iceman...I just think he's cool. No pun intended.

3. Batman...for the reasons the picc listed.

4. Silver Surfer...Obviously I'm a MARVEL guy over D.C.. Silver Surfer was basically a slave of Galactus before turning against him. He's just such an odd character.

5. Superman...he's the original, he's loaded with powers, and he's in more recent years become much more human.

BRATCH said...

I gotta go with Wolverine as well.

Probably Batman, then Spidey. Never have really been a Superman guy.

They could make an X-Men movie annually and rake in the cash. They should probably do a TV show.

Orelinde_03 said...

AquaMan! Aquaman never gets enough credit.

WonderWoman rocks too, with the invisible jet and the lariet.