Thursday, August 24, 2006

Patrice is gone, now we have a competition on RockStar:SuperNova.

Patrice is gone and good riddance. She wasn’t really that bad, there were worse singers in the competition, but she just wasn’t memorable. She had a bad case of the ehhhhs. You just didn’t care about her and with her being in the bottom three, four or five times, we could all see that she just couldn't cut it. She should be glad she made it this long because I definitely would have kept Zayra over her.

With Patrice out of the way, the next couple of weeks should be very interesting. I think that all of the rockers that remain have a shot to win this thing. With six left, I still believe that there will be at least a double cut next week to pare things down to a final four, but I am not sure how the finale will work. I think that the “rockers” will each play a song with SuperNova and then the band will decide who will be the lead singer. It is all happening so fast, before you know it, there won’t be a RockStar:SuperNova show to watch. I think I am going to cry.

I am not sure what the voting public is thinking by putting Magni and Toby in the bottom three. I know someone has to be there, but I thought Toby has had a great couple of weeks and should be thought of as a top 4 finisher. Magni, as I have said before, is just plain solid and his version of Fire last night was really good. As I told Bratch, I think America is trying to vote off the “rockers” that talk funny. They got Zayra off, now they are targeting Toby and Magni. If my theory is correct, then next week we will see Toby, Magni, and Dilana in the bottom three.

Speaking of Dilana, she is either very, very stupid or very, very arrogant because the way she was portrayed in the “reality” segments of last night’s shows, she seems like a pain in the a** to live with. I understand that she knows she is the favorite, but to say some of the things she said, she also appears to be a megalomaniac. She should have known better than to rat out her comrades, maybe South Africans have no problem with something like that. I still think she is the best they have to choose from and I think she can lead this band. I just hope her mouth hasn’t written checks her sexy a** can’t cash.


Travis said...

The beginning of the end for her. Here's what we see, a chick who's ripping on her competition. Not smart, but not a death wish.

Here's what Supernova sees: a prima donna lead singer who hasn't spoken to her own mother in years (redflag 1), who thinks she's clearly better than her competition (red flag 2), who is willing to publicly toss her competition under the bus (red flag 3.)

In short, they see a hot female version of Axl Rose. Gilby, how's that story end?

After that stuff, I'd say its getting down between Magni and Ryan. Like it or not Bratch and Piccu, the band likes Ryan. And Magni, as you've all said, is just dead on solid. Toby is good, but he's a bit inconsistent.

Piccu said...

I agree with most of what you said. I do not think that not having spoken to her mom in years is as big a red flag to SuperNova it is to us. I am sure that there are some in the rock business who have strained relationships with their parents. It may be a pink flag.

As for thinking she is clearly better than the competition, I think most of them think that about themselves, they just don't tell their competitiors about it over and over again.

Throwing people under the bus is a problem, but I think she took enough of a beating to realize her mistakes and if you saw her after that whole portion of the show, she looked like she was going to cry. I doubt we will see more video of her ripping her "friends."

I hate Ryan, you all know this, but SuperNova like him. They are wrong, they just don't know it. I think he has a shot, but he is not top 3 in my eyes.

I think this is how it shakes out right now, Dilana is number 1, Lukas is number 2 and Storm and Ryan battle it out for number 3, if we are to believe America's votes.

If America continues to vote that way, then next week the bottom three will be Magni, Toby and Ryan or Storm. Then the band will have a very tough time cutting someone. This will be the hardest cut yet because the also rans are all gone. We are down to the best of the best.

BRATCH said...

Here's a theory. I think they need to post the percentages of the votes.

Up until now we've had some really bad contestants to weed out. Nxow that there are six worthy individuals, what to say that the bottom three and the top three are only separate by just a few votes?

What if there really isn't anyone with what would be considered a majority of the votes?

Then the bottom three is really kind of useless and the band is going to have to stop using the "we have to listen to the people" excuse.

Travis said...

I just can't see why Lukas appeals to people. His voice doesn't seem apt to hold up for a concert tour (again, Axl Rose flashbacks.)

If I ranked them right now I'd have:
1. Magni
2. Dilana
3. Ryan
4. Toby
5. Lukas
6. Storm

I like Bratch's idea, but they never show you all the votes. I don't know why that is.

Piccu said...

They don't show the votes because the network wants the ability to change things that appear to be out of their control. I am not saying that CBS is fixing the voting, but I believe they at least want the option if things are not going the way that would help them get ratings.

If you are following the CBS reality show, Big Brother 7 Allstars, you might know that there are rumors that the producers of the show have fixed some competitions so that the bigger personalities stay in the game. I do not necessarily believe that, and I love a good conspiracy, but I would not put it past any network when cash and compelling and rich television are involved.

My personal rankings are as follows:

1. Dilana
2. Magni
3. Toby
4. Storm
5. Udo(Lukas)
6. The Guy that Makes Me Want to Smash My TV Everytime I See Him.

Orelinde_03 said...

I was very upset by what we got to see of Dilana. I was really pulling for her, and to see her talk smack about her co-habitants was sad.

I think either we did see her true colors, or this was all a part of the reality tv craze...painting a well-liked personality as a super-bitch. I am still rooting for either her or Magni though.

Lukas just needs to get bumped off. He may have the charisma and flash of a rocker, but his personality is that of a bored, wet mop. Ryan is talented yet I don't care for him (personally) and Storm scares me. I would never want to cross her path in a dark ally.

Kudos for Dave though, for cutting Dilana slack and admitting he and T-Lee have made major uh-oh's in their own press junkets and what-not.

Magni, I do not think should be in the bottom 3, but enough with the 'anthem of my generation' sprouting.