Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm not sure Karr did it...

It seems like everyone in the country went to bed and rested a little easier knowing that JonBenet Ramsey's killer was behind bars, but I'm wondering if we've jumped the gun a bit.

For some reason it seems that officials decided to trot John Mark Karr around like he was Lee Harvey Oswald, the only difference is that instead of being shot he was given a microphone. From there, every word that came out of his mouth is contradictory to the evidence that we all know about.

He said he drugged her and the autopsy says no. He said that she died accidentally and there is no way that her death was accidental in the least. He also said he picked her up from school but it was Dec. 26 and school wasn't in session. And this dude's ex-wife says he wasn't in Colorado and has never been there. One news channel tonight, I can't remember which, said that Karr's brother or brother-in-law may have proof of an alibi.

Then we have District Attorney Mary Lacy telling everyone that we shouldn't jump to conclusions. How insane is this getting? If you don't want people jumping to conclusions why are you haven't him paraded around with these Thai policeman looking to get their photo with him?

It's like they are trying to get him convicted in the court of public opinion in the first 24 hours of his arrest and it's totally backfiring.

I'm sure his family and ex-wife are going to catch a lot of flak for defending him, but the fact of matter is, while everyone wants this case to be solved and is hoping that this guy did it, we should simply be hoping that this actually is the person that did this.

I realize that JonBenet's parents have gotten a ton of grief from the public, but tonight I was watching MSNBC's coverage of this and they showed 3 solid minutes of photos of that little girl and none of them ran twice. And almost every one of them was her dressed up or doing something different. That's just messed up. They treated her like a Barbie doll and that's creepy.

I'm not going to go out on a limb and say this guy didn't do it just yet because he is a convicted sex offender and he's got some child pornography charges against him as well. So chances are he needs to be locked up anyway. However, this is turning into a three ring circus and nothing good will come of it. There are several twists and turns before this is all said and done.

For the last 10 years the JonBenet's parents faught to prove their innocence and right now after letting him "confess" on international television everyone is fighting for John Mark Karr's guilt.

And we are only 24 hours into this thing.


Travis said...

We never learn. We "convicted" the Ramseys ten years ago and now we've "convicted" John Mark Karr. The media is as much to blame as anyone.

And I agree that it's creepy to dress your kid up like that. Sticking a dolled up girl in the face of a pedophile (and who knows when a pedophile is around) is like dangling a bag of money in front of Ken Lay.

People probably think it's completely innocent to stick these kids in these silly competitions, but your first job as parent is to protect your child while they're too young to protect themselves. To me, that means minimizing risk whenever it is prudent to do so.

I'm not blaming the Ramseys for what happened at all. I'm just saying, in my opinion, that was poor judgment and not worth the risk.

Piccu said...

On Countdown last night Olbermann had a former FBI profiler on the show and they were discussing the possibility of Karr just wanting to get attention. The profiler said that Karr was showing signs of someone who was after attention and wanted to integrate himself into this case for noteriety.

The more I see of this, the more I am convinced that this guy is just messed up in the head and perhaps has convinced himself he has done this.

As Bratch said, he has already said things that contradict the evidence and if you have an ex-wife albiing for you, you must have been with her. It appears the Ramseys are going to have their hopes dashed and not get the closure they need.

This whole situation is mind boggling. This seems like a great movie, only it is real in so many ways. Hopefully they can put this guy away in a mental hospital and keep him off the streets. Whether he did this or not, it seems he needs to be put away from society.