Friday, August 04, 2006

What's the Best Comic Strip Ever?

This week's Incongruent-Affect Question of the Week is:

What is the greatest comic strip of all time? Comic books, need not apply. These are just funny pages strips.

Some to get you started:
Beetle Bailey
The Wizard of Id
The Lockhorns
Cathy (does ANYONE read that one?)
Hi and Lois
Family Circus


BRATCH said...

This is easy.

Calvin and Hobbes. Discussion over.

Tee Hee.

Travis said...

Calvin and Hobbes was pretty good. But I can do you one better.

The Far Side.

I've never been able to find it again, but there was a great Far Side with a picture of a mosquito blown up like a balloon and his buddy yelling, "Pull out!!! You've hit an artery!!!"

Orelinde_03 said...

I'll go with Garfield.

Piccu said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes, it is my favorite by far.

Peanuts is a classic.

I may be the only one, but I used to love the Family Circus, I don't know why because it is not really funny. It is just amusing.

The Far Side is good too and I believe that their is a book or volume of books you can buy that contains the whole Far Side series, if I am not mistaken. It may cost $5000, but if you love it so much why don't you buy it and then marry it.

Travis said...

Actually, it's about $135 retail. And it would be worth it.

BRATCH said...

Well, look at it this way. You can find Calvin and Hobbes for free at and other places.

It's the best for me.

Travis said...

You know, the question isn't what's the most economically responsible comic strip ever. It's best. For me, Calvin and Hobbes was good. But I thought the Far Side was much more witty and creative.

Plus, how can you pick Calvin and Hobbes when Calvin decorates the back of every redneck vehicle in the South?

BRATCH said...

All that tells me is that he's a pop culture icon. LOL

Piccu said...

What's a brother supposed to do when he has neuro-misotisis?