Monday, August 14, 2006

Pre RockStar:SuperNova ramblings and Stones tickets update.

I don’t have anything to write about and I am sitting here at my desk with nothing to do, at least nothing I want to do so I thought I would give a little preview of tomorrow night’s RockStar:SuperNova show. I know we at the IA cannot get enough of that silly a*^ show.

This week’s episode should make most of you vomit, except for that hippie Travis, as this week is an unplugged show. That means the songs will all be “stripped down.” That is a fancy phrase meaning not rocking. I know some of the song’s that will be played because I watched the reality portion of the show earlier today.

The “rockers” went to Vegas and Toby and Udo(Lukas) passed out drunk before 10:30 PM. That doesn’t bode well for them if Newsted has anything to say about it. Speaking of Vegas, the rock ‘n’ roll geek of the great podcast The Rock ‘N’ Roll Geek Show had some inside info on some of the girls in the group being more debaucherous than the guys. He said word was that three of the girl “rockers” have been inviting guests to their rooms, but not for Scrabble. Did I mention that these guests were also female? Sounds like a ribald group of girl “rockers” that T Lee has to choose from.

After they returned home from Vegas they received their list of songs they can perform. Someone is doing Cat’s in the Cradle and Message in a Bottle. There were a few battles for songs this week. One battle that occurred between quite a few “rockers” was over the song Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. This song had Gilby playing on it and after last week most of the rockers wanted this, or at least wanted it to seem like they did. Storm fought for a second and then dropped out early and Dilana and Toby were left fighting. Dilana then gave it to Toby after he ran naked around the pool. Toby then went in with the band and Gilby and realized he might regret taking this song. He had trouble with the arrangement and the melody and just everything.

The next big battle was over the opportunity to play your own song. Ryan and Zayra fought for this right. I wanted Zayra to win because I wanted to see her perform something of her own to see where see is coming from. Ryan just stinks. He relented and decided to do In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. I am sure he will c*^k that one up completely. Storm took the disco hit I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor and she just couldn’t get an arrangement that she liked for it and looked like she was going to cry. I loved it.

One other thing that should cause some problems between the “rockers” is that Dilana went o T Lee privately, or at least semi-privately, in Vegas and told him he could go ahead and send the rest of the “rockers” home because she could front them and draw a crowd with them. She could have been drunk while saying this, but she is right as far as I am concerned. I am not sure if the other "rockers" saw or know about this, but I bet they will tomorrow night. It should be interesting.

This should be a crappy show song wise, but intriguing nonetheless. By the by, Jasper, I got a couple of tickets to the Stones at Churchill Downs. The seats are located in the first grandstand, section 126, row E. They look like pretty cool seats. I found out that there have been special presales going on for a bit and the $99 and $60 seats are the only ones left. I have a cousin sending out feelers to some big wigs that have ties to Churchill Downs for some free tickets, perhaps better seats, but we will have to see how that goes later this week and beyond. Now all I need is someone to go with me, or better yet take me. Bratch is screwing me by having to work a football game that night being as the 29th of September is a Friday night. You dirty, stupid, stupid man.

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