Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Weekly Rockstar:SuperNova Analysis

We are coming down to the wire with RockStar:SuperNova and last night’s show was probably the best so far. Of course this is because we got rid of the dead weight. It’s time for my world famous RockStar:Analysis.

Udo(Lukas) was first and he was singing Lithium, good gravy, another Nirvana song. Here’s Udo in a nutshell, he has the look, he has the stage presence, but I don’t think I could take his voice for a whole album. I didn’t really like this arrangement of the song and I don’t even really like the original all that much. It was a pretty good performance, probably his best.

Magni is next singing a stupid Live song and I already hate his performance because of that. Magni has everything that Lukas has except Magni has a better voice. He did a good job, so well in fact, Dave channeled a Southern black woman while hooting and hollering. I think T-Lee hates Magni because he always picks at him for something little. One week he doesn’t want him to have a guitar, the next week he wants him to, one week he wants Magni in the crowd, the next week he doesn’t think he went far enough into the crowd. Make up your mind you psycho.

Now we have Captain Sourpuss singing Clocks. I have to admit that I almost enjoyed this performance. I am not sure what I hate more, him or the fact that he might just win this thing. I kept hoping he would fall off the piano, but he held on for the whole ride. Did you see the look Newsted gave the crowd when they booed him? He looked very upset.

Storm is next with Bring Me to Life and I wasn’t sure she could pull it off, and I was half right. I think she was flat for most of it, but like Newsted said, she brought the effort, if not a little Broadway. I love how Storm always wants us to know that every week she is singing the hardest song. I guess she thinks that gives her a built in excuse for why she doesn’t sound good. And why, oh, why would you invite someone you are competing against to sing with you and take a chance that person steals the spotlight from you. The cameras spent a bit of time on Toby and I noticed that I was watching him as much as Storm. She may be in big, big trouble this week.

Toby is back on his own singing Rebel Yell, Billy Idol’s second or third best song. I think he has gotten better and better each of these last few weeks and I hated him 3 or 4 weeks ago. I even think he sounded better with SuperNova than Dilana. Sorry Dilana. I love you. That was a great guitar solo. Perv Alert!! Toby & T-Lee I have a feeling if these two were on the road, you would literally have to lock up your wives and daughters.

Finally we have Dilana and she is singing Mother, Mother. I thought she threw off a Lenny Kravitz vibe, circa Are U Gonna Go My Way. I love the eye makeup, I love the headbanging, I loved it all. It was full of life, anger, and her screaming was great. She has the best voice, the most original. And she can kick, in fact, she almost kicked herself in the head. I would buy this version of the song. In case you can’t tell, I thought this was pretty good. She is a delight.

I have a feeling that all will be in the running for the bottom three tonight. We know that Storm, Ryan and Lukas are going to be in the running, and Bratch and I cheered when we saw Ryan and Lukas in the bottom three after the first 4 mintues of voting. I have a feeling that Magni and Storm will definitely be in the bottom three and it doesn’t matter who the other one is. I think even though Storm hasn’t been bottom three as many times as Magni, I believe that she will go home tonight. But I hope Ryan goes, Lordy mercy do I hope he goes home tonight. Then I might be able to enjoy this show more.

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